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216190  Science: Slams "Enemy" button repeatedly

216347  Yurishiro: Yup, that's the government M.O.

216348  Yurishiro: He's such a cool head he's used as a refrigerator.

216203  Science: @Nope: Can't deny me, bitch. I always win in the end.

216349  Yurishiro: Times were ruff in 2010 B.C.

216215  Science: Slugs? He created slugs?

216224  Science: Private Johnson lost his penis in a tragic backblast accident today...

216357  realjon: Omg where did you find this?? I have an uncle I NEED to get this for.

216232  Science: I say we start a war on May the 5th. Maybe call it Cinco de Quatro?

216268  Science: Connie Chung rubs this in his face every year.

216270  Science: @wolfpk: Wrong part though

216274  Science: @trelyate: I don't know - I'm sure there will be plenty of guys in masks groping mustachioed fellows.

216288  Science: @Air Biscuit: 15-20 pounds

216321  Mad Collager: At least one vehicle using this road was very effishient.

216357  Tacorleone: Goat at home, hold the phone

216304  Science: What kind of chip you got in there - a Dorito?

216308  Science: @Nope: But not doorknobs. They were invented in 1878. Therefore, the parents couldn't figure out how to get into the room and had to break the door down.

216313  Science: IS that like a boy band?

216322  Prostata: Jaws, Lester the Molester, Slow Larry, and The Slug.

216345  Science: @WTF: Morticia, actually.

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216231 binglesnort: "Lisa's casting spells at an eighth grade level, you've sinned against nature"

216237 wolfpk: Trying not to puke!

216190 Science: Slams "Enemy" button repeatedly

216299 zrj235: if you eat a little baking soda or antacid when you take amphetamines, it can make them absorb better

216273 Teechur: @fanny @boozer Oh, yeah, they do! My 16 y-o daughter finds hers every now and then and plays all kinds of music on it for a couple of weeks. Then it gets "lost" again.

216098 addend: "The good news is that we didn't find any polyps..."

216191 Rev80: Finally, a public park with spooning practice equipment

216143 wolfpk: Now that's what I call a salad! Where do you get it?

216141 Rev80: Don't use that hydrant.. It's full of Super Mario Brothers Rule34 images..

216140 Robespierre: Hell of a posse you got there.

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 Robespierre: Meanwhile, at an unnamed country club in New Jersey...
 VoR: I lick it. I lick it a lot.
 Air Biscuit: Gecko-bear
 tib gubb: the ladies love this
 KrazyKat: Tongue to dongle ratio off the chart!
 WTF: @grizzly Just moments before it climbs up a table leg and wrap around the food on a plate.
 jochenau: mleeeeeeeeeeeeeem
 grizzly: This is cartoon-level comedic.
Image 197279   08-14-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 tib gubb: unsolicited wiener pic... you're lucky it's so damn cute
Image 197278   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Cami
 FireBreathingMarmot: he's gonna be so happy when he finds out about holsters
 karmakat: GOING NUMBER 2...must HURT!
 VoR: The implication being it went off once.
 Science: Anyone who tucks a firearm down their pants deserves to have their genitals shot off.
 tib gubb: keeping it classy
 Sadbot: Tactical butthole
 Meow: It's just a lighter. Goes off when he farts. Great party trick
 ignatz: Open Scary
 Ihminen: I wonder if the safety is also off
Image 197277   08-14-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 a robot: @grizzly Not Subway sandwiches though.
 Scoo: Would you eat me? I'd eat me
 grizzly: If you were made of sub sandwiches, would you eat yourself? I know I would!
 tib gubb: just me and my meat man...
 Robespierre: Muffal-WHAT?-ta.
 El Barto: Is it cannibalism if you eat yourself?
Image 197276   08-14-17   Uploaded by    White Male
 WaffleIron: You cna check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!
 wolfpk: The res button is further to the right The green button is the "get the shit beat out of you by guards" button.
 tib gubb: maybe it will be good... maybe it will be bad... but we'll never know... because you're going to guard it!!!
 Robespierre: The bright, shiny button ... the tempting, candy-coloured button...
Image 197275   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Chile Quornwrap
 2Berries: Upload/username combo
 Sadbot: Well, yeah, your minotaur only eats women. See how the men do if you throw some sirens or succubi in there.
 El Barto: All I want is 10 minutes to be set aside in the curriculum to teach tact and decency. Please? We beg of you. 5 minutes? It's so easy! What do you mean "pack my things"?
 tib gubb: i hope he gets beat up by a girl.
 El Barto: Why does your maze have so many glory holes?...Why did you invite your mother and I here, son? What the hell is wrong with you?
 Felicity: Does it have a Mega-David-Bowie?
 SomeCanadian: New regulations require mega-labyrinths to be gender-neutral and handicapped accessible
 WTF: Maybe your Mega-Labyrinth is shit... just saying.
Image 197274   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 FireBreathingMarmot: coronarydiseasables
 VoR: Brewdog?
 tib gubb: what, no hot sauce?
 Meow: Eww, an IPA? That's not a good pairing with -any- of those things
 Skaalar: More like the lunchable of someone who won't make it to the toilet.
 Scoo: Lotta carbs there, eh
Image 197273   08-14-17   Uploaded by    wwwdotcom
 FireBreathingMarmot: "love thy neighbor" (flips page)... can't find the references for exemptions
 Hokie333: Machinae Supremacy is Rad, tho
 Sadbot: @Ihminen If and when other types of supremacists start marching around with guns in US cities, we'll deal with it, but right now we seem to be facing a specific flavor
 Ihminen: @Meow Yah shitty people exist and they probaply should be slapped I get that
 Meow: @Ihminen maybe wait a day or two before spouting the "All lives matter" bs
 Ihminen: any kind of supremacy really
 fanny: sad that this needs to exist... :(
 Side Boob: "IT!" What do I win?
Image 197272   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Dr Awkward: How does anyone with a neck beard feel superior to anyone else?
 VoR: So google "Adam hills new rune"... we got to fuck with them
 VoR: Almost made it. .. hang on I just need to google summit
 VoR: Alright. Im gonna read it...scores out of 10
 Side Boob: @Meow And your continuous justification for violence makes me weep for humanity. Good luck in all you do. I can only hope that one day these posts are used as evidence of premeditation in your trial.
 Meow: @Side Boob I don't see any more need to argue about this with you. Your continuous advocacy for nonviolence is dripping with hypocrisy since the moment you mentioned your gun
 Side Boob: @Meow No argument so you attack the poster! Why? Because it's my protected right to do so. Why does it make you afraid?
 a robot: I'm gonna radvote this image with a ten-foot pole and then tiptoe quietly along
 agentpaint: Wow @Meow
 ThoughtlessGentleman: this is the best i now know i should have went. hey trip advisor lemme know the next time theres a nazzzzeeee punchin tuh happening.
 Meow: @Side Boob I think the better question is, do you feel threatened? Why are you carrying a gun and trumpeting nonviolence at the same time?
 Side Boob: @Meow "Peaceful Resistance" worked for Ghandi. He brought down an empire without bloodshed.
 Side Boob: @Meow I'm legally armed right now. Am I threatening anyone?
 Side Boob: @Meow "They" or "One guy that the police have in custody"?
 Meow: @Side Boob And declaring non violent intentions while armed is a farce. This entire protest was a clear act of aggression. We can not stand by with "peaceful resistance" when our lives are threatened
 Meow: @Side Boob Non-violent? They ran down anti-supremacist protesters with a car.
 Side Boob: @Meow If legally armed Nazi assholes are staging a legal non-violent protest, it's proof that the system works and we should all rejoice. Yes, it's distasteful. Yes, it's a shame there are still bigoted people. But thinking that you are justified in responding violently is a much, much bigger problem.
 Meow: @Side Boob that was no "what if". They literally had a militia with semi automatic weapons.
 mrwiffler: Fanatic meets fanatic. Fanaticism ensues.
 Borkf: @Meow - @Side Boob gets it. I'm not saying we should let them get away with it. I'm not saying there shouldn't be consequences. Get in their faces and shout them down, but as soon as you break out the violence, you're the bully. All you'll do is reinforce their argument and strengthen their resolve. As @funnyinthewall points out, Trump is empowering them by pointing out the "violence on all sides". If they start bring guns, the government will step in, but that'll be classed as terrorism and won't get them anywhere.
 funny in the wall: @Sadbot i think that for a lot of these rank and file nazis it's a bad case of being woefully ignorant, legitimized by the idiot in office supporting alt-right, and throwing a hissy fit over a perceived loss of power. violence against them just legitimizes it further. as much as i would like to release some sort of virus that would wipe them all out, more will take their place, and i'm sure a lot of them can change their minds. after all, germany came around.
 Side Boob: "Nazis use violence against people that aren't like them" "How reprehensible! We should beat him!"
 Side Boob: @Meow No, I said what I meant. But go ahead and continue using "What if's" to justify violence on your part.
 Science: You know, if the Internet failed tomorrow, we'd lose 99% of these douchebags and everyone would be happier. The asshats would have a much harder time finding each other, and the general Internet asshole would shut up for fear of being punched in the mouth because he/she could no longer be anonymous.
 tib gubb: @Meow I agree, but things being what they are in civil society, you can only do so much damage before the serious military steps in to prevent economic collapse
 tib gubb: since when are nazis being the ones practicing passive resistance?
 jochenau: @Meow Alternatively, history is full of atrocities committed in the name of a Cause and some of us have concluded that Heaven is not reached by a staircase of corpses.
 Sadbot: @Meow @funny in the wall Seriously. These people cry if their president is black, or if a movie has women in it, or if you call them Nazis when they're goosestepping around in SS cosplay. Their narrative is already about being the victim, they're martyrs to some no matter what, may as well put the fear of consequences into them.
 Meow: @funny-in-the-wall I'm past giving a fuck about how his base reacts. The longer we tiptoe around American terrorist organizations like the neo nazis and KKK, the louder they get.
 funny in the wall: @Meow I'm all for punching entitled pieces of shit but you have to be careful to not martyr this asshole. even right now our "president" is talking about the VA incident being caused by "hatred on all sides" and his base is gobbling it up
 Meow: @SideBoob is the rest of that quote "then watch out for the white supremacist militia because they brought semiautomatics."?
 Sadbot: @Meow Passive resistance, historically, seems only to work on people who don't have genocidal goals and can feel ashamed of their actions. So, the imperial
 Side Boob: @Meow There's a difference between "throwing off the shackles of tyranny" and "one asshole in the street", but if the only tool you have is a hammer...
 Meow: "turn the other cheek" "the meek will inherit the earth." "Don't stoop down to their level." yada yada yada. The high road is for those privileged enough to take it. The rest of us will just have to get our hands dirty
 Meow: @Borkf that's just something oppressors say to keep their opponents in check. Violence is a key component to revolution. Punching a Nazi is always a good thing
 Sadbot: I'm not advocating violence, but a good punch that won't break your wrist is lining up the bones in your hand with the bones in your forearm, putting your weight into it from the hip, and visualizing that your fist needs to be on the other side of your target's head as fast as possible, obstacles incidental. Just FYI
 Borkf: While it's tough not to smily at a Nazi getting punched, violence isn't the answer.
 Not A Bot: I'm not actualy apposed to mix raced relationships but...
Image 197271   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Robespierre: @SomeCanadian Dia-BOOP-tus.
 SomeCanadian: I'm Wilford Brimley and I have diabetes.
 addend: Hmph, still can't read.
Image 197270   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Bagels
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