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257542  a robot: If I see you wearing this to the pool I'm calling the cops on you

257535  Skinr: Also, my ranking has finally dropped to blue due to my being unable to upload images. I asked the m.o.d. about it, and got no answer.

257536  Warrax: Just call Beetlejuice already.

257538  Mad Collager: There was no information about the pilot, but the guys leaping from the truck made it.

257535  Skinr: SAD if true.

257540  Skinr: Gotta start 'em early, I guess.

257503  Spazstatic: I want this.

257488  Mad Collager: Don't EVER compare me to a cinnamon roll again!!

257492  Mad Collager: Some friends just recycle the same songs over and over.

257533  Annoying Vegan : Wow, me too!

257496  Mad Collager: I'm not sure he has to worry about fisteen if his ban-an-a is constantly in trojan sauce.

257538  Annoying Vegan : I hope everyone survived :(

257497  Mad Collager: She's nice, but her buns are sticky.

257541  NoRagrets: The blood from your wounds will put out the fire

257503  Mad Collager: This is what unbridled fashion looks like.

257539  charlemagne: no, that's not my card either

257507  Mad Collager: This can sometimes happen when you google "askew".

257536  Yam: Saw this on one of those shitty sites yesterday. Cue the bad creepy pastas

257541  Greifer: roll goddammit!

257515  Springbok: Dickbutt

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The top ten most commented-on images today:

257223 drtofu: Spelled generics wrong

257247 necronomicon: I dont believe in Mitt Romney

257414 Mad Collager: @Whatever They could wear special jerseys!

257233 Robespierre: Lab-volution in action

257264 Teechur: Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads. Fish heads fish heads eat them up. Yum! You can take a fish head to the movies. You don't have to pay to

257243 Side Boob: Arc flash is a hell of a thing

257486 Jabberwikket: These raviolis look wiggly

257232 Scoo: Nice abs

257301 Munkybut: That dude is 11 feet tall

257476 a robot: @Shay Was that a reference to…? This is the second time in like a week I've seen an Airheads reference here, I guess I'll have to watch it again :D

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 Not A Bot: The UN has declared his beard a protected habitat.
Image 197264   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Wet farts
 kornisjon: Elephants are lovely. And so are those kind people :)
 SomeCanadian: This is from last winter where there was a record low temperature in India. Women went and knitted sweaters for the elephants :)
 KrazyKat: Biggest yarn bomb ever.
 ASTER: He he, they don't mind.
Image 197263   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 LancesLeftNut: Dude, I think some of those chicks are dudes, dude.
 Teechur: The cast of GoT in the off-season.
 Dick Inspector: Who wore it better?
 SomeCanadian: You do you.
Image 197262   08-14-17   Uploaded by    ratwa
 Fancy Clown: @SpaceCow it's the latter, definitely
 SpaceCow: "Or an I hallucinating from hypothermia again?"
Image 197261   08-14-17   Uploaded by    static xyz
 Skaalar: Wow, they still have a fan? Unexpected!
 Scoo: Yo dawg
 sparename: Selfie Squared or just Schizoid?
 Borkf: Go fuck yourselfie.
Image 197260   08-14-17   Uploaded by    salmiakki
 Borkf: It's at times like this I'm happy my dog only weighs 10kg.
 jochenau: This is when they learned that glasses of orange juice should be kept in dog-free zones.
 Science: Yep, I know this pain. Every thunderstorm, our 70 pound dog would try to sit on my or my wife's head.
 Sadbot: Herding breeds love to help!
Image 197259   08-14-17   Uploaded by    effzeeceekay
 skylark: What the hell just happened here?
 uncannie: Classic Geneva 9-point, 10-point, and 24-point, before they switched to the terrible TrueType version
 SomeCanadian: I'm more interested in the unspeakable items.
 tib gubb: is your computer a smartass?
 Scoo: "Eat up Martha"?
Image 197258   08-14-17   Uploaded by    norgu5
 Annoying Vegan : Only suffering mans use comic sans
 Knice: They are hard to draw.
Image 197257   08-14-17   Uploaded by    effzeeceekay
 Jabberwikket: Take that, flat-earthers!!!
 sparename: Moses Basket-Case
 tib gubb: ocean's broke
 fakeusername: wow the hollow earth is kinda cramped
 Scoo: @PenguinBartender and Michael Bay
 PenguinBartender: *Sigh.* Someone call Hans Zimmer.
Image 197256   08-14-17   Uploaded by    PlzPlzMe
 nlx27: i chipped my tooth tryin to drink from a faucet too eagerly
 franktank: I loved that movie - it starred Ray Milland.
 Lantry: I'm already a hurtful, self-destructive failure; alcohol just makes it more fun.
 Skaalar: @Knice *rubs chin scar and grimaces*
 Borkf: @DrinkMixMan I'd never considered that, but it's pretty obvious now I think about it.
 DrinkMixMan: Redundant when you consider that Jekyll and Hyde was already an extended metaphor for alcoholism.
 sparename: Dr Jekyll suffers from UDIs - Unidentified Drinking Injuries
 Sadbot: That's why you sit down in the shower when wasted. Or take a bath.
 Science: Sounds like Tod is writing from experience.
 Scoo: "Dad, this is an intervention: we bought you a rubber shower mat, we love you, please use it!"
 Knice: *unthinkingly runs tongue over chipped tooth*
Image 197255   08-14-17   Uploaded by    Lumb Blombus
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