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233366  sparename: There he is, Spizz

233267  jazzjunkie: There's a truck like that in my town, except it's all about China's mistreatment of Tibet.

233381  barfolomew: Wacky warehouse=the Bastille.

233383  sparename: Head off down the highway..?

233269  jazzjunkie: The pollsters here are really friendly.

233376  dangerkeith3000: That suit looks like it's so fun to be in.

233373  mexican: @trelyate Can you actually do that? Seems like cheating to me.

233377  FabricMan: A lot of medieval artists would literally paint themselves (or their patrons) into the nativity to show their piety

233378  Peter Pantsless: Backdoor friends are best

233380  Ulillillia: Classic.

233379  Ulillillia: If you know what I mean.

233362  Hokie333: 40 pounds of shit in a 40-pound bag

233370  Ulillillia: Now I gotta cut loose, footloose

233314  jazzjunkie: #233332 throws the best fiestas

233377  Ulillillia: It's Always Sunny in the Maternity Ward

233378  Ulillillia: This is golden

233367  jazzjunkie: Many thanks for the assistance, #233332

233359  White Rice: @Sage @tib gubb @Spazstatic I appreciate these references to true classics. Also, Jackie smells different.

233377  Scoo: And you got a croissant on yo/ head

233378  Scoo: tl;dr: "Trump" "Putin", "penetration"

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233197 ping: @Greifer It's only a flesh wound. I'll walk it off.

233267 jazzjunkie: There's a truck like that in my town, except it's all about China's mistreatment of Tibet.

233237 Himesama: I really hate this.

233167 glenalec: vv ASCII, do you speak it? Aggrogator! :-P

233217 VeeKay: Tom of Finland Police.

233169 vape station: my sides hurt @FabricMan

233349 jazzjunkie: @Teechur Area Man would be outraged!

233157 BavidDowie: Finder's keepers

233185 Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233166 Mr. Whiskers: Hep the titis

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 Felicity: And then she walked into my office. She had legs that went all the way up, but arms that stopped short
 Horatio: Mysteries to solve: 1. The Case of the Missing Tree Stars 2. The Quick-Growing Sky Ball 3. Chicken or Egg
 Hokie333: "Nah, sorry, You're on yer own. I only hunt Jakes."
 Bolt Vanderhuge: i think a prehistoric private eye might be the most anachronistic concept I've ever heard of.
 Sadbot: At least you have dinosaurs, I just have weasels ripping my flesh!
 Ihminen: Same
Image 195413   08-04-17   Uploaded by    a robot
 Mr Bleak: This little song, it ain't so sad. The cutest little song you ever had. Those of you who will not sing. You must be playin' with your own ching-a-ling
 Cami: Chingling or Ching-a-ling? The difference is a big one.
 Sadbot: Just don't neglect my Psyduck
 Mr. Butt: Yes.
Image 195412   08-04-17   Uploaded by    SpamSpamSpamSpam
 PushyWebsite: Get ye to the window sill!
 Spazstatic: Moon Sugar
 Jabberwikket: Mint whiskey gummis, my favorite !
 a robot: @Supermansbrother Still looks cool though
 Supermansbrother: Green sea glass is mostly Rolling Rock bottles abandoned in the sea.
Image 195411   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 jazzjunkie: MASCOTS ARE NICE
 Teechur: A bicycle built for Doot.
 jochenau: This is DOOT
 a robot: "The Adventures of Mascot and Mr. Skeltal" is a cartoon show, or at least a webseries, that needs to happen!
 Ihminen: Rad to the bone
Image 195410   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 E. HONDA: seems to require some interpretation
 Air Biscuit: Unidentified flying religion
 Teechur: Gold Circle, like Zayre's, Best Products, and Uncle Bill's, went out of business decades ago.
 Nope: That a mirror chair?
 jochenau: As we all know, gold circles means telepathy exists, while silver circles mean vaccines cause autism, and blue squares indicate that your local government representatives are aliens.
 Bolt Vanderhuge: thanks, friendly spaceship user @NanananananananaCATMAN!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: just peyote things
 Mexico: That's just God messing with you, dude.
Image 195409   08-04-17   Uploaded by    NanananananananaCATMAN
 dobbiesdoogs: cut'plah!
 Bolt Vanderhuge: quick, someone sneak attack him and totally take him out, proving that they are a physical threat to not be taken lightly!!!
 a robot: How much more 90s could this be? None. None more 90s.
 Jeffrat: Poor grouchy mike dorn, shoulda been a dock not a warf...
Image 195408   08-04-17   Uploaded by    turtled
COMMENT HERE. Make up a fake name or leave it blank.
Image 195407   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Grandmaster Fat
 Mr Bleak: There is no Yogi, only Zuul
 Wooden Spoon: Is this one of those Australian Drop-Bears I've heard so much about?
 Bu7Z: Don't jump lil fella!
 San DoDo: Lost
 Dr Awkward: @SomeCanadian Oh goddamn it, you just beat me to it!
 Dr Awkward: The bear Moscow deserves, not the bear Moscow needs.
 SomeCanadian: Not the hero we want- or really the hero we deserve. He's just a wild bear.
Image 195406   08-04-17   Uploaded by    KrazyKat
 Wooden Spoon: Test driving a Tesla in Ludicrous Mode
 redmonkey3: @SomeCanadian - this is why i don't watch the news
 WTF: These new Memorex commericals are extreme.
 SomeCanadian: You gotta take a break from the news sometimes
Image 195405   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Spazstatic: Hurgklugrlgle
 SomeCanadian: Much better if you think the small dog is throwing up the fluid.
 a robot: I've posted this image and I've seen it at least three or four more times here, but I will radvote it each time because it's never gonna stop being hilarious
Image 195404   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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