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257760  jazzjunkie: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

257915  tib gubb: "mittens, is it the nip, or are you seeing what i'm seeing?"

257885  Felicity: First, assume a spherical dog

257923  waterudoin: Amazon stop

257897  Felicity: And crawling on the planet's face

257913  tib gubb: that's not a human male's sex drive works

257825  werterland: This alligator is on a strict son-only diet. Please, no daughters.

257922  scribbs: Music on the go! Compact too!

257922  Watch Out: Apple to apple, WTF!

257908  jochenau: @well duh Well maybe those weird bluetooth earpieces count as being tiny cellphones? I do kind of wish we'd ended up with the tiny phones like in Zoolander though.

257911  jochenau: @a robot I didn't feel like squinting at pixels to figure out what was going on here but I saw your comment and now I am SAD.

257911  Solemn: People. The Spaceship is for fun, funny pictures, and a good time. You want creepy and sick, kindly take your trash back to Red.dit or Tum.blr and KEEP it there.

257921  catheter: Good pupperoni. The first NY police dog part confuses me though...

257910  Hyphae: @dangerkeith3000 "Big Fish" Aka- the long awaited remake of "Gladiator"

257911  Solemn: @a robot The product of a sick, twisted mind whose owner deserves to be dunked in an acid bath.

257912  Hyphae: Here we see Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson using deep method acting techniques to prepare for his upcoming role in "Junior Jr: Look Who's Junior Two!", the long awaited sequel to "Junior"

257912  Peter Pantsless: Chip off the ol' rock

257911  mexican: This is a pedophile's room.

257903  addend: Mmm... large knobs, gliding clockwise and back in my firm but gentle hold.

257775  robford: @Mr. Butt Dang

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257787 some guy : This image is upside-down.

257772 DrNinjaman: There's a survey on the back. If you fill it out you get $10 your next dress rental

257626 smusher: We all do the dew down here. You'll do the dew too.

257724 addend: Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri? Asking for a friend.

257634 barfolomew: "Name us after friends and we will swallow their souls!"

257825 werterland: This alligator is on a strict son-only diet. Please, no daughters.

257686 tib gubb: heck yes

257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

257855 UltraBeverly: Aw, I remember the Insane Clown Posse bus parked in front right before it was torn down. Sniff...

257622 UltraBeverly: @dangerkeith3000 New Coke is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!

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 drhilljack: They could have bonded over their mutual love of ascots
 seahawks: Daaaaaaaaamn...
 apoxia: "I see you're trying to write a letter. Do you want me to fuck that up for you?"
 nlx27: RIP clippy. Taken away from us way too early
 Serafina: I'm dying!!! bahhahhaha. My childhood.
 Yam: "Old Man Clippy" to you!
 Mr. Butt: The ladies call me PegMan, for reasons I really shouldn't have to explain.
 BoiledEggs: Worst. Episode. Ever.
 Warrax: That's not where I thought that was going.
 Nope: Now do...Tom of Finland meets Pegman
Image 194842   08-01-17   Uploaded by    genius
 glowstick: People forget that at one time Dubya was a female ghost
 Science: @dangerkeith3000: It's easier to get everyone in a room and sitting for a photo when they are dead.
 westerner: back in the day people liked to pose for pictures with recently dead relatives. google it.
Image 194841   08-01-17   Uploaded by    pewdiepie
Image 194840 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by waffles. We'll pray for you, waffles.
 Wooden Spoon: Not seen due to low resolution... each butt has a hamster living in it.
 raditzu: ...wooden tit?
 Prostata: But they all got cancer 'cause the whole town was made of assbestos. The end.
 fanny: looks ok to me
 El Barto: Assboats better not fart or they might sink.
 Volwen: Worldhorn
 wolfpk: Dark Helmet: "I knew it, I am surrounded by assholes."
 Teechur: Ahhh... the agrarian city of Assville, where you can be sure to smell the fresh dairy air.
Image 194839   08-01-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 youshall: Its too hot today
 Pront Remp: @Robespierre friendlyspaceship.jpg!
 twitter: They're going cloaca crazy down at the old mill pond.
 Not A Bot: Cats of the Meownd Table
 Side Boob: The persistence of Quack?
 Annoying Vegan : Dali ducks
Image 194838   08-01-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 apoxia: Head or feet first?
 Dr Awkward: @Jennerator You will be missed. RIP
 NotHuman: I fucking HATE shit demons!
 Fancy Clown: I'm not falling for that one again
Image 194837   08-01-17   Uploaded by    psyops
 apoxia: Obviously
 dobbiesdoogs: "maybe it was one of the other don't cares" "THERE ARE NO OTHER DON'T CARES"
 tib gubb: way ahead of you there chief
 Warrax: Aliens. Only explanation.
 Jennerator: "Thanks, hilarious word switcherino" - every non-purple person
 Jennerator: Don T Whack offcircles
 Ulillillia: about apostrophes
 Dr Awkward: Long hair?
Image 194836   08-01-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 deadwombat: That's what he said.
 Jennerator: Wilford Brimley finally gallops back
 Warrax: Does that mean that I'll have to pay if I eat all this junk and don't get diabetes?
 Dr Awkward: After all, they're big enough to serve a fellow diabetic
Image 194835   08-01-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Lizard
 McBomalds: @dangerkeith3000 Lol
 ShamWOW: And it's covered in cock. I put cock on everything.
 Warrax: I have a friend who'd like to meet you. He's a knight!
 Scoo: Introducing Free Diabetes!
 Dr Awkward: Good to hear about your large, portly donkey
 Minnesotan: me too but you don't see me bragging about it
Image 194834   08-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 skylark: That Rod, he's a star, an American hero. Having him here with me in the Rhomboid Office is a beautiful thing, absolutely beautiful.
 Prostata: worst episode EVAR
 White Rice: @Yam @Ulillillia I find it odd that you both made the same joke, just one with a full description of the episode, while the other only referencing the ultimate action the child took (well, save for jack-in-the-boxing that one guy) yet there's as much of a difference in your +s as there is. It's perplexing.
 Jennerator: Rod Serling thought he knew how to scare people, then he got Trumped
 Yam: Trump is like that episode where the little kid has the power to make anything he thinks come true and he just fucking terrorizes his town and family.
 Ulillillia: He keeps sending staffers into the cornfield
Image 194833   08-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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