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228421  Zukero: Autorad for Gandahar!

228460  brian greene: war is never about who wins its about whos left

228473  Zukero: Is that the cockblocker I've been hearing about?

228474  Zukero: Let him win kids. It's for your own good.

228423  kornisjon: That's a very Jim Morrison stare.

228418  Jabberwikket: Hey, do you have a minute to talk about why you should give me treats?

228468  Yurishiro: Instructions unclear: stood with a foot in each and peed on the wall.

228473  Yurishiro: I don't have the energy for this.

228474  Yurishiro: So? Where are you putin the X?

228451  Yurishiro: moar ber

228452  Yurishiro: Don't be ridiculous, I expected a tablet. How could a plasma TV get outta there?!

228460  Yurishiro: Thank you for your service.

228464  Yurishiro: "Shit. I mean-meow?"

228467  Yurishiro: Perfect Xmas

228469  Yurishiro: Credit Kc Green

228472  Yurishiro: Big corporations vs. small entrepreneurs.

228464  charlemagne: then they all point at you and scream like donald sutherland

228468  charlemagne: for that post sex piss

228431  Jabberwikket: And stay off my plain ! Ya damn kids !!! [Shakes paw]

228479  humanfog: Suuure he did.

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228312 Spazstatic: JPP, just plain Pete

228218 El Barto: Sweaty stompers.

228347 dangerkeith3000: This is a cute picture but the next one is the money shot.

228362 sandwiches: @Robespierre im dead

228373 sparename: The perils of motorised Lego

228374 apoxia: White meat only.

228339 Lestrange: @Robespierre Seems fair though.

228313 Donut: Comic Sans doesn't make this quote any lighter.

228348 Darmstadtium: @Hyphae ... and yet we keep coming back... over and over and over and over again...

228321 androbot: me too @Yurishiro

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 Air Biscuit: *shocking may only affect calves
 Felicity: She looks unimpressed
 Dr Awkward: I think they're showing telekinesis, but whatever
 UnknownSample: Pew pew pew
Image 194220   07-29-17   Uploaded by    habbekratz
 addend: Strain your brain.
 Peter Pantsless: Alright, that's really clever. Kid needs to get her acting game on, though
 Spazstatic: Quaid, start the reactor
 hajjpodge: That's basically what childbirth does to a person.
Image 194219   07-29-17   Uploaded by    not i spy
 UnknownSample: My band is called Pools of Blood and our EP is Salty Crevasse
 Theta Zero: Is this where red Koolaid comes from
Image 194218   07-29-17   Uploaded by    Unstableton
 Peter Pantsless: I love giant speakers as much as anybody, but if I REALLY want to pay attention to something, it's gotta be headphones. The kind that goes AROUND your ear
 Shay: Today, this is how hipsters would spend their Saturday nights.
 Warrax: I hope each and every one of you bought a full priced copy on itunes before plugging your headphones in.
 Donut: The continuing struggle to learn the lyrics to Louie Louie.
Image 194217   07-29-17   Uploaded by    icloud
 Science: Apart from the Internet, I'm always sleeping. Or trying to sleep. Or thinking about sleeping.
 mrwiffler: The average purple user.
 Felicity: Does that mean shes on the Internet in that photo?
 Scoo: Lazy. Learn to dreampost!
 Shay: Ditto.
 Peter Pantsless: I took a short break from posting on AG and I didn't know what to do with my waking hours
 Donut: Is that why you dress as Minnie Mouse, prime minister?
 Ulillillia: same
Image 194216   07-29-17   Uploaded by    snipdawg
 Scoo: And if I'm on a nice patio when I have that lunch beer than, yeah, probably not going back to the office
 Donut: People were not punched in the face as much as they should have been in the Fifties.
Image 194215   07-29-17   Uploaded by    Fast Sloth
 Horatio: @jochenau I don't know if you're a GoT fan or not, but I was genuinely confused for a minute last episode because I had dreamt that Samwell had taken the iron throne for himself as he was actually a Targaryan, and the whole mess with Jon being a Snow was a mixup because his dad took the wrong baby back with him, which somehow made him his legitimate child. I was expecting a continuation of that story before I realized how insane that is.
 jochenau: @Horatio It took me a while after waking up to stop being pissed off at the Gambia for not having the internet. I was there to find medicine for a bird my friend randomly picked up, naturally.
 Horatio: Dreams make a lot more sense when you're asleep.
 Shay: This porn is weird.
 Donut: Okay, I can tell what the apple playing the piano is supposed to symbolize, but why is Ronaldinho stomping on the head of Kate Upton while the Sandinista watches from his post in front of the Unknown Soldier? And is that H.R. Puffenstuff at the balcony? Why the fruit? WHY THE FRUIT?
Image 194214   07-29-17   Uploaded by    Chinese Buffet
 Science: @WaffleIron: Your first two words hit on the problem - "private prisons."
 hajjpodge: @Greek Fire Ands therein lies the problem. The state has been abusing the 13th amendment for over a century to keep poor blacks in legalized slavery. It's a form of systemic racism.
 Wet farts: Well that escalated quickly
 WaffleIron: @Teechur : Private prisons in the United states are increasingly using the inmates to perform general labour tasks (such as making clothing for example) while paying the prisoners little in a captive currency (commissary credits). Full disclosure: I've learned at least half of what I know about this from "Orange is the new black"
 El hefe: Never realized wTching tv and working out was part of slavery. And they seem to like to go back
 El Barto: A shirt says it so it must be true.
 Theimposter: Thats some expensive slavery.
 Teechur: What service are they providing that they should be paid for? I'm serious.
 SomeOtherCanadian: i think there is issue with the "duly convicted" part @Greek Fire
 hajjpodge: I mean the shirt isn't wrong but the shirt also does nothing to combat it.
 Greek Fire: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States" -13th Amendment
 Donut: Roses are red, sharp thorns do hurt, keep your goddamn opinions, off of my shirt
 Knice: Take that, US Prison System.
Image 194213   07-29-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Rat-Butt: You look marvelous, baby!
 Rat-Butt: You look marvelous, baby!
 jazzjunkie: Cockatoos are pretty metal already, but this one takes it to a new level
 Felicity: Gothic punk bird. Rad.
Image 194212   07-29-17   Uploaded by    WetWilly
 Rat-Butt: Johnathan! Yes! Yes! Give me MORE!!
 FabricMan: @jazzjunkie Kanada!
 jazzjunkie: Tetsuo!
 El Barto: Johnathan, no! No! I just got the carpet cleaned!
 Dr Awkward: Classic Johnathan.
 Mr. Butt: THE END
 FabricMan: @Sage damnit
 FabricMan: Pizza the Hutt!
 Sage: Pizza the Hut!
Image 194211   07-29-17   Uploaded by    someguynameded
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