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249388  Peter Pantsless: Just need a little hair of the dog

249389  Felicity: Attack of the Kirby Dots!

249395  Dr Awkward: Dr. Baby, PhD

249396  Dr Awkward: Y he so smol?

249393  illBilliam: Eyewitnesses claim that a canine, possibly a coyote, was in the driver's seat.

249401  sparename: "Show Daddy EXACTLY where you found it.."

249388  sparename: Go home dog, you're blurred

249388  square44: isn't it illegal to chase cars under the influence?

249390  square44: yep. that's a coupon, alright.

249383  a robot: Well he's a monkey, so he probably picks it in the wild.

249381  sparename: @Yam As an example - Eric Prydz - Call On Me, sounds terrible enough when played on radio with analogue compression for broadcast but when digitised as well is just nasty.. I never liked the song but just like being reminded of the video..

249382  Mr. Whiskers: You cant say "doot" if theres no skeleton. Thats just science.

249390  Not A Bot: FINISH HER!

249384  barfolomew: They don't make "skin" crayons anymore, for exactly this reason.

249367  Air Biscuit: These 3d glasses are off somehow...

249389  sparename: Yes, the nanobots have increased the size of my red blood cells too.

249336  wolfpk: Connection to #249357

249361  wolfpk: *Temp workers

249387  sparenamelaptopdied: I hate to think what's at the other side..

249374  Zaxxoff: you think that's stealthy? wait till you find the hand dryer!

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249189 lebron: wow @jochenau!!!

249324 Micro Jackson: 6 days old, and already four feet!

249228 VeeKay: @GoGo Robotto Objection!

249243 Side Boob: Hey! It's that one guy from 'Bosom Buddies' on TV

249319 Telkwa: Katie Carrie.

249142 dangerkeith3000: @funny in the wall I order potatoes/hashbrowns for breakfast just to give me an excuse to eat ketchup.

249333 dobbiesdoogs: @Amy Housewine more like pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

249187 Passive: Mrs. Jones, are you trying to seduce me?

249351 Telkwa: Too late for magikarp.

249182 tib gubb: it's in your butt boi

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 SpaceCow: The Werepire with the Uniragon tattoo?
 Dr. Bathroom: Next book is "The Dragon with the Vampire Tattoo"
 Felicity: What the heck is going on with that vampires face?
 Zukero: In this instance, I strongly believe that best-selling author means that the author sold herself well.
 San DoDo: Pounded in the vampire by the socioeconomic implications of the Euro
 SunWukong: Fifty shades of Da Vinci.
 Peach: I can.
Image 192362   07-20-17   Uploaded by    burritos
 Rev80: Are those Birdinstocks?
 Dresdenkeogh: Duck Martin
 Darmstadtium: Bird Person: The Early Years
 firesoup: Honk, damn you.
 NoOneImportant: Thank god he's not wearing socks with those sandals.
 Spazstatic: I like that the bottom picture is actually a different picture, not just a clip of the first one zoomed in
 karmakat: he has SOFT FEET
 Knice: Quackenstocks.
 Zukero: German duck.
Image 192361   07-20-17   Uploaded by    Crim Tender
 redmonkey3: @ignatz - nice, not smart enough to even fake having a fave chair designer
 ignatz: @redmonkey3 def my favourite chair designer
 redmonkey3: @ignatz - famous / important / artsy chair ?
 Zukero: Balance of whites has never been more important.
 Butcherboy: In the white room with black curtains at the station?
 ignatz: when you have a hans wegner wishbone chair who needs art?
Image 192360   07-20-17   Uploaded by    spydermon
 Urn BooUrn: Fuck you, get your own couch.
 Volwen: Who are you and why are you in my house
 Zukero: He shares it with the popcorn
 Amy Housewine: You're gonna say ouch! If you don't share your couch!
 Mr. Butt: Did the Overwatch devs design piggy's wife?
 Peach: Don't be a slouch! Share you couch!
 Donut: Don't you tell me what to do! Get your own couch! I worked HARD for mine!
 ignatz: share your sticky couch!
Image 192359   07-20-17   Uploaded by    avemaria
 Rev80: Also, those Pop-Tarts need even more JPG compression..
 Rev80: Photoshopped.. I can tell by the pixels..
 redmonkey3: @Volwen - FUCK YEAH! / can't be worse than smores flave
 grizzly: I'm so bored, I'm drinking bleach.
 Felicity: @ignatz Something my body needs anyway!
 Volwen: Great with a tall glass of ammonia!
 Peach: Guys I don't think this is actually a flavor. This is some sort of ruse.
 sparename: "Screw the 'Detox Diet', this REALLY cleans you out!!"
 Knice: Photoshop is my passion.
 Derp Herpigan: But hey, calcium.
 ignatz: No added anti-aliasing
Image 192358   07-20-17   Uploaded by    pig 3
 Felicity: REBOOT
 Zukero: Can your Mac do this?
 SpaceCow: The city made of left over pixels.
 Donut: Then little Ivor threw a stone and in five brief minutes, the whole city collapsed into jagged glass slivers and fragments upon the frightened citygoers, once again proving the old adage correct.
Image 192357   07-20-17   Uploaded by    carlin
 tib gubb: @Ronick the legal video is just interviews of the aftermath
 Ronick: I didn't know it was legal to release a video of a man getting shot and killed
 John Blender: Those algorithms need a little tweaking.
 Zukero: It ain't good, but it ain't bad.
 Slug Wind: hahahahaha
 Donut: It would have been better if the next related link was Grand Theft Auto 5.
Image 192356   07-20-17   Uploaded by    phonk
 redmonkey3: I look wayyy rougher than this - must need to drink moar water; or something
 WotGives: @Meow The word your looking for is drowning
 Teechur: I'm right-handed.
 Zukero: I drink water with slightly less photoshop.
 Amy Housewine: Water is for wimps.
 SpaceCow: Oh Buzzfeed, you're so topical.
 WTF: I live in the US. My water is light yellow with sediment on the bottom.
 Meow: I'm from Russia. The water drinks me
 CrookedCop: I don't drink water like that. I must have a drinking problem.
Image 192355   07-20-17   Uploaded by    tina
 kornisjon: Paul is so kawaii.
 redmonkey3: @Donut - imprisoned and tried: got off on technicality
 wootman: I always though the Japanese version was called Beat Your Meat-les
 Felicity: Justin Bieber, Mary-Lou Retton, Alan Cumming, and John Belushi
 Zukero: Meat the bottles.
 trelyate: I didn't know Alfred E Neuman was a Beatle.
 Donut: I hope whomever was in charge of airbrushing these pictures was imprisoned for war crimes.
 Snow Plow: Cursed image. Rad.
 Mr. Butt: The VTOL
 Sadbot: Combine to form Sgt. Pepper!
 Peach: Sgt. Kawaii's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Image 192354   07-20-17   Uploaded by    KnifeySpooney
 redmonkey3: @Greek Fire - we shall see the truth of this prophecy VERY soon
 Father Goose: Not even oxygen. That's America come 2020!
 Greek Fire: Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
 steve: and a sunset/sunrise.....and a tree...
 tib gubb: and electricity... and this chair...
 Donut: ...okay, maybe a cheeseburger too. Freedom AND a cheeseburger. But no pickles on there. I prefer my freedom pickleless like my cheeseburger.
 Zukero: I see many things that aren't freedom here.
Image 192353   07-20-17   Uploaded by    male anon
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