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233521  SpaceCow: Of course if it's English, there's also meat in your pudding.

233517  DrNinjaman: #233369 left the faucet on

233507  PenguinBartender: @tib gubb *headsplode*

233512  Teechur: @dangerkeith3000 Well, Yoda rode Luke pretty hard there, too.

233520  Shay: Stand still laddie.

233509  karmakat: sure can't blame de dog there...

233513  Teechur: This Jurassic Park reboot is weird.

233511  karmakat: YAH PERVERT WEIRDO!

233520  DrNinjaman: Needs a reindeer nose & antlers

233528  Peter Pantsless: Where will you be?

233517  karmakat: did the fishers came back yet?

233520  karmakat: that poor person will need worse than brain bleach at this point...

233460  DrNinjaman: This is more of a braising cut

233490  Not A Bot: do people actually use right shift?

233506  Warrax: @Mr. Shine The Peach has it.

233398  Chile Quornwrap: @Felicity looool

233517  Yurishiro: "All aboard the friendly spaceship!"

233517  Yurishiro: Internet dock is pretty busy today

233494  dangerkeith3000: I had a roommate and if he drank one of my beers he'd leave one or two dollars in the fridge.

233504  dangerkeith3000: Maybe she has a cyst.

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233335 Mr. Shine: Now look at your man, now back to me.

233364 a robot: @jochenau *chef kiss* Flawless!

233327 Mr. Shine: @fanny Urine IS sterile when fresh, after all.

233372 Side Boob: @Sadbot While I agree that some people are indeed weird, I think you are painting with an overly large brush. Maybe you just need to get out more. vOv

233451 raditzu: green is the new... black?

233418 Kaviri: *his

233302 tib gubb: what is this, a meme for a... right. carry on.

233370 Kaviri: Thank you for contacting bad dragon support center, how can I help you today?

233349 Whatever: Pretty old data if The Colbert Report is listed.

233376 Science: I wanna Oompa those Loompas

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 well duh: No Cheetos for you. There's only one cable. Can I leave you a pair of cutters and film it?
 redmonkey3: @SpaceCow - not trying to win Them over; trying to impress neeed for cheetos onto machine stocker
 Warrax: Support this man's assisted suicide.
 Sadbot: With disruptive ideas like those, you truly are @dangerous dave
 antipatterns: A young rebel at work. Hopefully he found a Suicidal Tendencies cassette somewhere.
 dangerous dave: @Sadbot Or perhaps a bigger Store where the Cheetos would come in a bigger bag and cost about 5% as much money?
 Sadbot: If only there were some sort of store on the corner that also sold Cheetos. We could call it a "cornerstore". It could also sell fake roses in a glass vial.
 SpaceCow: Because nothing wins over your coworkers/classmates by screwing with the vending machine.
Image 191983   07-18-17   Uploaded by    The Turks
 Cami: I just don't get this pampering. Our family dogs ran free lived on nothing but bear meat and rice....and they had to get their own bear meat!
 RainbowTornado: Drew?
 SpaceCow: "We're just out for a stroll. Er."
 Volwen: They see me rollin'. They hatin'.
Image 191982   07-18-17   Uploaded by    champeen
 carpwoman: @dangerkeith3000 - So sorry. Sheesh.
 Cami: @piranharama Most places.
 Jabberwikket: Oh quit bitching, its not like Michael Bay or a murderous robot hosting Bay's consciousness is doing an [air quotes] American reboot [air quotes] starring David hasselhoff with a surprising amount of sand and water based aliens
 piranharama: Wait, women can become doctors now???
 Beef Supreme: Will she keep a hot, young female companion around? It's tradition, after all.
 a robot: I'm not even a fan of Doctor Who, but I have enjoyed the internet's reaction to this news. Also, I like to take every mention of Doctor Who to remind everyone that Matt Smith looks like a fucking Muppet.
 Felicity: Intriguing if it gets into trans-related issues
 Felicity: @Jeffrat As were the Sixth and Ninth
 Weedheart: Pic-ception
 antipatterns: I might watch this show for the first time because of this.
 Jeffrat: @dangerkeith3000 oh please, how could anyone be better looking than William Hartnell? Talk sense!
 dangerkeith3000: Hottest Doctor so far (in my opinion)
 dangerkeith3000: Actually its DOCTOR Who. Not "Dr. Who", idiot.
 Jeffrat: @San DoDo Dr. Thufir Hawat?
 Fancy Clown: I really don't get why any of this is a big deal. Why couldn't it be a woman? Who really cares that much?
 San DoDo: Dr. Hwat
 redmonkey3: Lonnng overdue... BBC being dragged kicking and screaming into 1970s
 Yam: I mean, Sydney Newman told the BBC to cast a woman as the doctor 30 years ago.
 mrwiffler: Dr Why. (joking...I love the idea of a female Dr Who)
 Jeffrat: Damn, I miss him.
 VoR: Actually about time.
 Jeffrat: Remember the first Dr. He was such an asshole.
Image 191981   07-18-17   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 Cami: @Sadbot I was just thinking that I'd try burning him out.
 Jeffrat: @Felicity I'd settle for Stings speedo!
 KrazyKat: Insecurities aside, this reminds me of a bar in phila that hung their dartboard on the inside of the door. Enter at your own risk on tournement nites.
 Felicity: @Jeffrat I wish we had the Barons antigravity suspensors
 Wooden Spoon: So... you're saying you own valuable guns and I should wait until I see you leave before burglarizing you?
 Jeffrat: @dangerous dave trust me most if 'em have guts that protrude too much to hide behind that either.
 dangerous dave: ...hide *behind* crap like this. (Rats.)
 dangerous dave: Isn't *it* ironic....
 dangerous dave: Isn't ironic how the macho tough-guys of the USA are the ones so terrified of brown people that they have to hide between crap like this?
 Sadbot: I'm probably misquoting some Sun Tzu, but you don't win by attacking where your enemy is strong. Everyone sleeps, everyone poops, most people have brake lines, guns don't make you invincible.
 Jeffrat: I love how we live in a society where we basically have the little pull out chest plugs from Dune. Really says a lot about the folks who feel they need 'em.
 Eleftheros: Unless you count protecting my insecurities
Image 191980   07-18-17   Uploaded by    flying sheep
 San DoDo: @Knice it's aiming for it's 9th, and final, grand title
 sparename: Fletching the p.ussy
 Prostata: I'm helping!
 scribbs: @Knice Like the hospital! And the graveyard.
 Knice: That kitty's going places.
Image 191979   07-18-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Shay: This is what happens when they legalize weed in Russia.
 ignatz: The picture that keeps on giving..
 Bob: I love Russia.
 fanny: the "That's Wacky" segment in Highlights magazine has changed a lot since i was a kid
 grizzly: Looks like a normal day to me.
Image 191978   07-18-17   Uploaded by    snipdawg
 jazzjunkie: Gotta SING
 FabricMan: "Ahm-a FIRIN' mah LAZR!"
 dangerkeith3000: nsfw!
 Sadbot: BIRD UP!!!
 fanny: meeeeeeeAAAAAAAAkkkkkkk!
 Knice: This made me instinctively flinch back. It did me right well a thrabbing.
Image 191977   07-18-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 piranharama: @jazzjunkie @hat thrab Thanks, but sad news :(
 hat thrab: @piranharama @jazzjunkie Yeah, Myostery. Nothing up for sale right now though :(
 jazzjunkie: @piranharama Seems to be "MYOSTERY" on Etsy.
 piranharama: @hat thrab Please, where is this from? I need to buy one!
Image 191976   07-18-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Felicity: I wasss onccce a man
 San DoDo: She's looking, but does she see?
 Mr. Shine: Hey! My EYES are up heeeeeerrrrreeeee!
 Thurb Grunombies: Eye- eye- eye!
 dangerkeith3000: OMG!
 Knice: Eye'm scared.
Image 191975   07-18-17   Uploaded by    poetrysucks
 redmonkey3: Gorilla hands upside your butt!
 dangerous dave: Unrealistic: Grandma thinks all the Indians should go back to ... well, somewhere. She's not sure.
 VoR: Food is a science
 Christina: Gorilla hands!? That disrespectful!
Image 191974   07-18-17   Uploaded by    jayjay
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