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243170  Yurishiro: Well..I guess theoretically jerking them off could make them more relaxed and not thinking about committing acts of terror and I'm all for make love not war but come on! Gross!

243303  wolfpk: Cosplay, squirrel style.

243214  Yurishiro: Pika-gatorade

243302  Yurishiro: @Robespierre Could be wurst.

243302  Robespierre: A sausage's life is INTENSE

243299  Ulillillia: Beauty of Mar-a-Lago

243300  Ulillillia: Date: 2018-04-19

243299  Robespierre: Beauty of Bastardy

243281  SuedeOxford: 2 minutes, holding. 5 minutes, borking. Humans will be on a power play soon.

243300  Robespierre: DATE: I'm outta here

243216  Robespierre: Has medicine gone too far?

243300  Butcherboy: Date: 04/19/2018

243300  Yurishiro: Date: 19/04/2018.

243262  wolfpk: They do make great fire starters, if you can resist eating them. I couldn't resist.

243224  Robespierre: @Sadbot My credo: expensive motor = bad driver

243301  Yurishiro: Anime water: check. Anime cat: check. Anime boobs: work in progress.

243302  Yurishiro: No, not really. Give it a minute.

243303  Yurishiro: Dayum! Fancy hat!

243304  Yurishiro: Bicycowl

243307  Yurishiro: I think I preferred the original Mr. Potato head

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243216 Robespierre: Has medicine gone too far?

243220 funny in the wall: not to be confused with boy butter which is a... well, google it if you like

243143 Colty Brumb: hahahahahahahaha

243169 Felicity: *on the afternoon of

243081 Yurishiro: "I swear, her cans were this big! I am in this erect position since then."

243198 carpwoman: @Springbok - Texas is a different universe.

243140 glenalec: It's 3am and my neighbor is taking photos in my window again.

243213 Yurishiro: I pooped these

243173 Joseph: My life is pretty good after all.

243149 tib gubb: I call this 'the wall of horror'

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 petepuma: John Wick 3 is gonna be amazing
 divad: We've got b, hb and no pencils
 Jaunty Shrimp: A couple of years ago I had a student who used a pencil to stab a girl so hard the tip went through her jeans and broke off in her thigh. That wasn't even the worst/scariest thing he did. *eye twitch*
 Teechur: I totally understand this. I would lend a pencil to a stoodint only to find it at the end of the period at the stoodint's desk, broken in two.
 duckfarts: he likes pens
 WTF: He stands outside wearing sunglasses while holding a cup of money. People put a pencil in the cup and take a quarter in return.
 fanny: maybe they meant No. 2 pencils, because you know those are the only ones that work in the scantrons.
 SomeCanadian: He just spends them on booze anyway.
 Shay: He's thinking about those pencils.
Image 190455   07-10-17   Uploaded by    kensin
 hajjpodge: Man I fucking love this still.
 Robespierre: Lawn jihad.
 DrinkMixMan: Islamic State in Suburbia
 Wet farts: The AK47 is a wonderful lawnmower.
 hajjpodge: @Jennerator That thought ran through my head at lightning speed as I scrolled down, and I saw someone made the comment and I am proud.
 duckfarts: i gotta say, he does a good job
 ChubbyBuddy: its already Ramowdan?
 WaffleIron: You know there's a redneck mowing his lawn with an M4 strapped to his tractor, "just in case the bad guys show up".
Image 190454   07-10-17   Uploaded by    Albo Grungus
 Jennerator: Come back from a business trip with this in your luggage and see how many of your words I believe.
 dobbiesdoogs: don't shush me, i know how to pronounce hotel already
Image 190453   07-10-17   Uploaded by    afroking
 Jabberwikket: Is this gonna be the new planking ?
 duckfarts: @ChubbyBuddy seriously, why would you sit on a toilet
 Felicity: @guest Hey bro, I gotta go / Let me through, I gotta go number two
 raditzu: doomed is the race that needs such signs
 guest: i sit down when i pee / there's nothing that crazy about me / i'm just takin a wiz, mind your own biz, why is everybody always laughing at me
 Fiveninety: @ChubbyBuddy middle left = only vomit all over the walls, not in the toilet; top right = if you are going to pee standing up, aim at the floor.. or at least, that's my interpretation)
 ChubbyBuddy: at least 2 of those are completely unreasonable
Image 190452   07-10-17   Uploaded by    shipotle
 Mr. Shine: Soup's almost ready!
Image 190451   07-10-17   Uploaded by    bobby
 Robespierre: @XLY Yup, that's a Vermeer, alright.
 Robespierre: Give her enough rope...
 Jaunty Shrimp: Get the giraffe look
 XLY: shes missing a pearl earing
 Felicity: Cool shirt pattern
 Sadbot: @Peter Pantsless @fanny all I can say for sure is NOT HOT DOG
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I'm still got some more coding to do, but I'll give you the link to the app when I'm finished
 fanny: is this one of them humans you guys have been talking about lately?
Image 190450   07-10-17   Uploaded by    mark64
Image 190449 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Ment Thorp. You have brought shame on us, Ment Thorp.
 Ronick: Its out'ta this worlllllllddddddd
 Felicity: Aint no party like an outer space party
 Jennerator: At least they have a reason for their health care plan to be 'bend over and get violently probed'
 ChubbyBuddy: i would happily vote for any political party with 'leaving the planet' as a main policy plank.
 Peter Pantsless: It's on the friendly spaceship, natch
Image 190448   07-10-17   Uploaded by    Jason Steak
 Robespierre: Virtual humanoids existing in the real world.
 Scoo: Dat stache, tho
Image 190447   07-10-17   Uploaded by    hexxx
 a robot: @Felicity Vielleicht
 Felicity: Perhaps
 Ulillillia: Legorn
 Dr Awkward: This is fine.
Image 190446   07-10-17   Uploaded by    frenk
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