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254243  barfolomew: Entry stairs to the head trauma ward

254238  VoR: GOOSE: What do you know about Ginger bread men?

254233  Dr Awkward: @Shay Yeah, that's some kinky shit right there.

254233  Shay: Hold everything! Star Wars...IN CONCERT?!?!

254235  Shay: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" - Woman and Pie

254252  salmiakki: Congrats on the new dog.

254242  Shay: He's mesmerized by the floor pattern up there #254243

254227  sparenamelaptopdied: Low-gravity reiki

254230  sparenamelaptopdied: Adventure Time needs Orangegrab

254154  Joseph: Which one is the woman?

254240  Solemn: And in Track 10 we have the newcomer, Mewsain Bolt...

254219  Mad Collager: My herpetology is not dormant.

254233  Solemn: A cheese hat? Consider me seduced.

254239  Solemn: Yes, I can see that his forehead has evolved during his growth cycle. Soon it will devour all that we know and love while somehow singing 'You've Got a Friend in Me'.

254234  Solemn: @Jack Daniels So by that rationale, does that mean that we're not supposed to care about child gender roles in our normal daily reading? Boo to you, illustrator. Boo to you.

254237  Solemn: The More You Know(TM)

254238  Solemn: I've heard of goose boats before, but that's just ridiculous.

254238  Amy Housewine: Did you know? Cats roll backwards off Canada Geese, because if they rolled forwards it would get annoyed.

254224  Eleftheros: Sir CumFerence is my orgy name

254222  antipatterns: Larson is God.

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254041 Mr Bleak: Since you are what you eat, is a cannibal the victim of crime?

253831 Mad Collager: @a robot As others have said, protest. It may not seem like much, but it really can make a difference. Also, a fellow protestor told me to write letters to whatever shithead department is doing what angers you most. Not e-mails, but real, paper letters. She said they HAVE to respond to letters, and it slows them down, so they don't have as much time to do their shitty stuff.

254138 Knice: @Whatever ME

253899 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)

254048 Teechur: @Mad Collager It's like trying to match paint on a fence or house after a few years.

253961 necronomicon: Also orange water is detrimental to ones health

254110 UltraBeverly: So few chromosomes, so many children.

253849 copunter: I thought this was the El Kabong version of the ole bucket over the door gag

254154 Joseph: Which one is the woman?

254085 Bill Rye: this malicious spider will come for us all!

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 Mr. Shine: "You know, for kids!"
 Christina: @UnknownSample They don't want the straw to be gay.
 UnknownSample: Who gets a bendy straw and leaves it straight!? Monsters..
 Mr Shifty: The single most polluting plastic item ever made.
 tib gubb: gay straws... this explains everything.
 Air Biscuit: *bends straw 361 degrees
Image 190380   07-10-17   Uploaded by    Remp Wulgus
Image 190379 is unbelievably bad (score -14) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Bumbo Lungys. We'll pray for you, Bumbo Lungys.
 duckfarts: i'd buy that for a dollar!
 Shay: Goro working on dat suntan.
 DrinkMixMan: Don't do it son. How's that game going to help your putting?
 Dr Awkward: @bug You too long clearing your throat!
 bug: @Ulillillia dangit
 bug: @Ulillillia dangit
 bug: Bonestorm is my... ahem, dancing name.
 Ulillillia: Dancing name
 Butcherboy: Buy me bonestorm or go to hell!
 piranharama: THRILLHOU
 Air Biscuit: Ninety nine cents!?!
 Scoo: You want excitement? Shove this up your stocking!
 Meow: take it! take it take it take it take it TAKE IT!
Image 190378   07-10-17   Uploaded by    afroking
 Christina: Is it a page from the Necromonicon?
 Spazstatic: Worst font ever.
 Mr Shifty: Don't wash your hair in acid rain water.
 VoR: Seaweed is dirty
Image 190377   07-10-17   Uploaded by    fullofwind
 thrilhouse: #189389 Toth Fairy
 2Berries: My dog ate my kids tooth before she got it under the pillow, so she wrote a letter to the fairy asking for sympathy. First draft was for money, second draft was for sympathy.
 Scoo: Awwwww
 Dr Awkward: This is really a child's plea for universal healthcare.... TOTH stands for "Task-force on Total Health"
Image 190376   07-10-17   Uploaded by    edvard
 duckfarts: @WTF it *could*, but then this would probably be taken in a hospital
 WTF: @duckfarts If it was a Pop Tart, that frosting is like concrete and wouldn't have left the surface of the tart.
 duckfarts: that's a pillsbury toaster strudel, i know them well
 Kim: Murphy stains another pair of pants
 Teechur: @Air Biscuit If he had a dog, he would have an easy solution, too. My dog responds to, "Bella! Clean up!"
 bug: @WaffleIron Plot twist: it got on his pants first, then stamped it onto a pastry.
 Air Biscuit: If you were a cat, this problem would have an easy solution.
 Knice: @Peter Pantsless Hahah, gross.
 Peter Pantsless: Breakfast just isn't the same without it
 WaffleIron: Sure, everyone will believe you.
Image 190375   07-10-17   Uploaded by    Albo Grungus
 Science: @Scoo: Doesn't matter. "Spoon Law" states that any water of any pressure expelled from a faucet, once contacting a spoon, will immediately take on the characteristics of water expelled at full force from that faucet.
 Scoo: Maybe don't turn the fucking water on full blast
 Ulillillia: Measuring spoons plus kitchen sink equals Gilbert Gottfried
Image 190374   07-10-17   Uploaded by    cassette1
 duckfarts: spoiler: the kid is the dad
 Air Biscuit: "I have a recipt thay says otherwise... AND I WANT MY REFUND!"
 Meow: Run kid!
 piranharama: Vote Rad, Bad or Not Dad
Image 190373   07-10-17   Uploaded by    i peed a lil
Image 190372 is unbelievably bad (score -13) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by John Blender. We'll pray for you, John Blender.
 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Is it white and gold or blue and black?
Image 190371   07-10-17   Uploaded by    i peed a lil
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