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254038  Mr. Whiskers: Butt Plug. Hardly used.

253997  DrNinjaman: Sally Field's dog

254026  DrNinjaman: Ain't nobody here but us placentas, doctor

254036  DrNinjaman: She wants the D.

254032  Teechur: He's singin' the greens.

254040  Teechur: If you'd like to interact with the hoomanling, you'll have to wait.

254045  Teechur: dooP

254037  Dr. Bathroom: And how!

254044  ChubbyBuddy: or just stay home and read there

254038  VoR: Rub it some more

253996  Greifer: who's a good boy?! how the fuck shall i know?! can't see shit captn!

253904  mission2mars: what is that supposed to mean @Wooden Spoon

253985  Darmstadtium: @barfolomew It was good, but not brilliant, they tried a little too hard with the unexpected-plot-twist-idea in my opinion

254009  barfolomew: I've got shocking news about Flo Rida.

253968  Bohab: Mighty max?

254039  Not A Bot: First dick in a box, now...

254037  Bohab: They used it as hard as they could

253298  Mr Bleak: It's dice all the way down! Then it all goes a bit quantum.

253301  Mr Bleak: Goooood Morning Vietwoof! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the delta to the DMZ! Is that me, or does that sound like an Elvis Presley movie? Viva Da Nang. Oh, viva, Da Nang. Da Nang me, Da Nang me. Why don't they get a rope and hang me? Hey, is it a little too early for being that loud? Hey, too late. It's 0600 What's the "0" stand for? Oh, my God, it's early.

253302  Mr Bleak: How much is the postage on this?

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253899 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)

253842 Spazstatic: @Mad Collager faker

253747 IKEA Lady: Improper handling aid

253831 Mad Collager: @a robot As others have said, protest. It may not seem like much, but it really can make a difference. Also, a fellow protestor told me to write letters to whatever shithead department is doing what angers you most. Not e-mails, but real, paper letters. She said they HAVE to respond to letters, and it slows them down, so they don't have as much time to do their shitty stuff.

253709 FranzTrashka: Needs more coke

253732 raditzu: What the hell do you want a virgin for? Have to teach her everything!

253710 trelyate: well that's one way to prevent theft

253751 redmonkey3: @dangerkeith3000 @DrNinjaman - yes! befuddle much much better... natures own pedo snuff film; great

253826 AlexDeLarge: Longcat's owner

253792 Dick Inspector: Thanks for the dream candy

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 Hosebag: @Peter Pantsless Seriously true, I would pay to see this movie.
 Peter Pantsless: Rad for comments :D
 Jeffrat: How much do you know about the Genital Wars? Nothing? Oh I envy you. -Genital Head, from alternate universe Rick & Morty
 Hosebag: Assault with a friendly weapon
 Dr Awkward: EpisodeVI: The Return of the One-eyed Willy
 ThoughtlessGentleman: isnt that what life is based off of?
 scribbs: Yer killin' me, @Ulillillia @Scoo @tib gubb @Sadbot @Horatio @Horatio @Peach =D
 Ulillillia: Cockfighting
 Scoo: Episode V: The Empire Strokes Back
 tib gubb: Episode IV: A New Nope
 Sadbot: Episode VII: The Clit Awakens
 Horatio: Episode III: Revenge of the Sithilis
 Horatio: @Peach Episode II: Attack of the Bones
 Peach: Genital Wars: Episode I The Phallic Menace
Image 189950   07-08-17   Uploaded by    clayjar
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Image 189949   07-08-17   Uploaded by    lionstrong
 White Male: wow @Ulillillia!
 Ulillillia: I miss BILL DOOR
 cizhiresb: 92.7 is quite old
Image 189948   07-08-17   Uploaded by    Warren G Hardon
 Scoo: DEATH 92.7
 Sadbot: Venison way past it's use by date
 jochenau: Steve finally reached the rainbow's end and was disappointed to find a unicorn skeleton instead of gold.
Image 189947   07-08-17   Uploaded by    sir toke a lot
 SomeCanadian: Trash pandas are not known for their restraint
 scribbs: Same.
Image 189946   07-08-17   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 UnknownSample: it's all about that cut-out, body-con, bedroom eyes game.
 Peter Pantsless: Jeeze, that cat is ripped!
 White Rice: Maru fits in every box, no exceptions.
 Horatio: I. fits.
 jochenau: That's why you're supposed to cut up those plastic rings for the six-packs.
 Butcherboy: Please cat responsibly
Image 189945   07-08-17   Uploaded by    Bagels
 Science: One serving.
 Teechur: Makin' staghetti for dinner tonight.
 SomeCanadian: Doot de doot doot. Just doing normal beetle things. Carry on. Doot doot...
 Scoo: Italian version of Ratatouille looking meh
 Mr. Butt: Finally glad to see those freeloading beetles pitching in, for once.
Image 189944   07-08-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Otterman: He's like a little insane drunken angel.
 scribbs: Baby's first bender.
 Scoo: Root Beer: the morning after
 A duck: Life is hard when you're a kid
Image 189943   07-08-17   Uploaded by    PygmyGremlin
 Gentleman: And the pickle restaurant employee is all like Just take it off, whats the problem and youre like Fuck you, the problem is itll still taste like human! Make me a new one!
 jochenau: That drink isn't nearly large enough to be a McDonald's parody.
 cizhiresb: @cizhiresb i'm pickle riiiiick!
 Ulillillia: McNews of the World
 cizhiresb: I turn myself into a pickle morty!
Image 189942   07-08-17   Uploaded by    nanananana
 Dr Awkward: "You want a piece of me?"
 Urn BooUrn: You're the one buying $250 scotch. They will put whatever dumbass thing you want on the bottle.
Image 189941   07-08-17   Uploaded by    rubix1924
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