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262291  shadebane: autorad for RE

262291  Disclosure: Totally not dead bodies.

262291  danny: Listen to the voice in your head. Everything is fine. You left no forensic evidence that you did anything here. Just leave calmly and quietly...

262291  Magic Bullets: This is fine.

262276  Teechur: @rip odb They won't bring in any ticks or fleas, either.

262279  Teechur: You axolotl questions

262281  Teechur: @Zarathustra *are on stripclub

262267  wolfpk: Corgis: What are you planning on doing with that!

262269  wolfpk: Apartments overlooking the river.

262289  robocop: Or he wants to suffocate you. One or the other.

262281  Zarathustra: Did u see*

262270  wolfpk: Aww, poor puppy! Your still a good boy!

262285  Knice: Not all heroes wear capes.

262271  Side Boob: @Knice At least you aren't the type of person that would snapchat it with 'bruh' as the caption.

262273  Side Boob: Poor pupper :(

262241  SuedeOxford: I like ricehorn

262256  BavidDowie: he ded

262260  a robot: If that's the case, you're doing it wrong

262284  toad: Genius. Lets the mother / father sit the child down whilst they do their business. You don't want the child sitting on / touching the dirty floor.

262269  Teechur: Unfetter a Bork Yahoo

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The top ten most commented-on images today:

262160 Felicity: @Prostata It's like Kinski from Nightbreed

261978 Amy Housewine: No I'm fairly sure 'aligator' means 'crocodile'.

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262084 Felicity: @VeeKay Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

261976 antipatterns: isn't even better than Polar fercrissakes

262086 Felicity: @DrNinjaman I want to kiss something that will turn ME into a beautiful princess!

261949 Felicity: Pigloaf

262089 Felicity: Aooooo! Don't forget to send away for your three dee glasses kids!

262107 Felicity: No heartbeat, you fork

262235 UltraBeverly: I'm just glad it has a USB connection?!?

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 Hosebag: @Peter Pantsless Seriously true, I would pay to see this movie.
 Peter Pantsless: Rad for comments :D
 Jeffrat: How much do you know about the Genital Wars? Nothing? Oh I envy you. -Genital Head, from alternate universe Rick & Morty
 Hosebag: Assault with a friendly weapon
 caitelyn: EpisodeVI: The Return of the One-eyed Willy
 ThoughtlessGentleman: isnt that what life is based off of?
 scribbs: Yer killin' me, @Ulillillia @Scoo @tib gubb @Sadbot @Horatio @Horatio @Peach =D
 Ulillillia: Cockfighting
 Scoo: Episode V: The Empire Strokes Back
 tib gubb: Episode IV: A New Nope
 Sadbot: Episode VII: The Clit Awakens
 Horatio: Episode III: Revenge of the Sithilis
 Horatio: @Peach Episode II: Attack of the Bones
 Peach: Genital Wars: Episode I The Phallic Menace
Image 189950   07-08-17   Uploaded by    clayjar
You can be the first to comment. Make up a name and slam the Post button!
Image 189949   07-08-17   Uploaded by    lionstrong
 White Male: wow @Ulillillia!
 Ulillillia: I miss BILL DOOR
 cizhiresb: 92.7 is quite old
Image 189948   07-08-17   Uploaded by    Warren G Hardon
 Scoo: DEATH 92.7
 Sadbot: Venison way past it's use by date
 jochenau: Steve finally reached the rainbow's end and was disappointed to find a unicorn skeleton instead of gold.
Image 189947   07-08-17   Uploaded by    sir toke a lot
 SomeCanadian: Trash pandas are not known for their restraint
 scribbs: Same.
Image 189946   07-08-17   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 UnknownSample: it's all about that cut-out, body-con, bedroom eyes game.
 Peter Pantsless: Jeeze, that cat is ripped!
 White Rice: Maru fits in every box, no exceptions.
 Horatio: I. fits.
 jochenau: That's why you're supposed to cut up those plastic rings for the six-packs.
 Butcherboy: Please cat responsibly
Image 189945   07-08-17   Uploaded by    Bagels
 Science: One serving.
 Teechur: Makin' staghetti for dinner tonight.
 SomeCanadian: Doot de doot doot. Just doing normal beetle things. Carry on. Doot doot...
 Scoo: Italian version of Ratatouille looking meh
 Mr. Butt: Finally glad to see those freeloading beetles pitching in, for once.
Image 189944   07-08-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Otterman: He's like a little insane drunken angel.
 scribbs: Baby's first bender.
 Scoo: Root Beer: the morning after
 A duck: Life is hard when you're a kid
Image 189943   07-08-17   Uploaded by    PygmyGremlin
 Gentleman: And the pickle restaurant employee is all like Just take it off, whats the problem and youre like Fuck you, the problem is itll still taste like human! Make me a new one!
 jochenau: That drink isn't nearly large enough to be a McDonald's parody.
 cizhiresb: @cizhiresb i'm pickle riiiiick!
 Ulillillia: McNews of the World
 cizhiresb: I turn myself into a pickle morty!
Image 189942   07-08-17   Uploaded by    nanananana
 luxbu: "You want a piece of me?"
 Urn BooUrn: You're the one buying $250 scotch. They will put whatever dumbass thing you want on the bottle.
Image 189941   07-08-17   Uploaded by    rubix1924
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