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273607  a robot: @Yam Pygmy anteater, or silky anteater. Smallest living species of anteater, found in Mexico, Central and South America. They are goofy looking but cute

25994  jljocque: I want your socks!

273555  toolbag: It's a Ford GT. To buy one, you have to sign a contract stipulating that you will not flip it for an absurd amount of money first thing you do

273612  a robot: The Kerry and Barry show!

273613  a robot: You gotta swim out to that island to find the treasure chest

273619  usernamee: Quaid, Get your ass to mars!

273614  Dr Awkward: Why am I like this, fridge?

273623  wordjones: The 50 foot tall "Corporate Profits" must be offscreen.

273496  Christina: @Sadbot As a downside of living in New York, it's worth it.

273535  sparename: Phase 3:- Prolapse!

273597  sparename: But the more locks you put on your luggage - the more the "security" guys will want to open it.. pull it all apart, stick it all back in the wrong places, then say "Ooooh, it must've happened in the baggage-hall...".. Or is that just me, when travelling to a not-totally internationally recognised Middle-Eastern state, when I am not of the relevant religious persuasion??? AND they had already had my bag in pieces at Heathrow, so I thought it was OK to protect it against the usual baggage-throwers

273612  Eleftheros: Kerry.... I think it's kicking in

273611  Not A Bot: Where is his paintbrush, I wonder?

273576  Air Biscuit: Theyre all good dogs.

273607  logan: Service must be really slow in that Chinese restaurant...

273610  Minnesotan: CDs and DVDs will be joining you magnetic fucks soon enough!

273362  Mr Bleak: I'm pretty sure that guy is still hoping they will reboot Babylon 5 with him as Londo ... Mind you, a B5 reboot could be damn good (without him, natch).

273366  Mr Bleak: @wolfpk I know the feeling! We use the microwave as a Cat Safe so food can cool down before we strip the carcass. Furball can be outside miles away and can still smell me open the cat safe the following day ... Hello. Is that Chicken? It's mine, you realize. Pass it here. Purr, purrrrr, knead, climb, rub, ...

273609  dad: I know they have a different spinal arrangement than me, but seeing pinnipeds sit up like that makes my back hurt.

273607  fanny: is that thing made of felt?

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273447 Micro Jackson: Fresh

273441 Knice: @Annoying Vegan I am going to use this.

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273265 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Beauty of Korth Norea

273505 Dr Awkward: @WannaBee Get an Italian espresso machine. That would stone cold baller.

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273474 trelyate: ojom rof

273224 Kikari: All of you are getting way more coherent sentences than I do when I try this. I get infinite predicate loops.

273352 Sadbot: @SuedeOxford A search string that does not disappoint

273366 Mr Bleak: @wolfpk I know the feeling! We use the microwave as a Cat Safe so food can cool down before we strip the carcass. Furball can be outside miles away and can still smell me open the cat safe the following day ... Hello. Is that Chicken? It's mine, you realize. Pass it here. Purr, purrrrr, knead, climb, rub, ...

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 XLY: @apoxia *Shakes fist "DEVOSSSS!!"
 apoxia: It's not his fault he can't read.
 mariofart: This is why he is afraid to be alone with women besides his wife.
 a robot: @Sadbot *A Bible or a piece of legislation designed to take rights away from marginalized groups of people
 Sadbot: The sign isn't a Bible, so he didn't read it
 funny in the wall: well that's a missed opportunity... should have electrified it. or covered it in dermal poison. we can't have this bigot running the country once the cheeto is impeached
 bug: well, in his defense, it was in quotation marks.
 Butcherboy: It's sooooo smooth
Image 189762   07-07-17   Uploaded by    Fiveninety
 Horatio: Cawthulu
 apoxia: Give up.
 trelyate: gul'thulu
 Annoying Vegan : Why not Zoidburrrgggmmmppphhh
Image 189761   07-07-17   Uploaded by    DJSnoopMike
 Teechur: Maybe that bench is for sitting on while waiting for walking dead. Wait....that means I'm on the wrong side! Or am I.....?
 SpaceCow: "Hey kid, want to sit on me and watch some ducks? I'll give ya' a dollar."
 Mr Shifty: This land is land, this land is your land (but that bench is in my land and not in your land).
 fakeusername: gotta keep that bench from getting out
 Annoying Vegan : You can look, but you can't sit.
Image 189760   07-07-17   Uploaded by    Bu7Z
 apoxia: Their enclosure looks a bit shit. Broken concrete?
 Teechur: Looka me! Imma hooman! Hurr... Lemme take a selfie! Durr... Take a picture of me holding up the leaning tower of Pizza. It is pizza, right? Hurrrrrr!
 Mr Shifty: Sun bears are cute as all get out!
 Ihminen: "We heared you talking shit"
Image 189759   07-07-17   Uploaded by    Skinr
 Peach: @Butcherboy Yeah, I'm not at all into horror movies, but I thought Babadook was pretty good.
 Skaalar: I thought he was LGBTQ friendly or something...
 Butcherboy: That was probably one of the only recent horror movies that I really liked@Peach
 Annoying Vegan : *throws apple*
 Peach: Correction: "My name is Babadook, and I'm here to recruit you."
Image 189758   07-07-17   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 mariofart: The good old days
 Sadbot: Vacationing in Booty Bay
 Annoying Vegan : Screensaver is a sunset
Image 189757   07-07-17   Uploaded by    crazyfingers
 piranharama: Abort Nemo! Abort!!!
 Teechur: @Knice Oh, great, that's gonna spawn soooo many puns.
 Wet farts: Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
 Annoying Vegan : @Knice Salmony puns, so little time
 Knice: Bearly hanging on. *pauses to savor pang of punshame; slams Post button*
Image 189756   07-07-17   Uploaded by    mom
 Teechur: I'm thinking of adding this to my classroom.....
 a robot: Classic Timmy.
Image 189755   07-07-17   Uploaded by    piranharama
 rubix1924: @Mr Shifty Same nine-inch monochrome monitor and Motorola 68000 CPU but in a stylish new case!
 Mr Shifty: Classic Mac.
Image 189754   07-07-17   Uploaded by    shipotle
 sad face: I had one of these that was supposed to be an MP3 to car tape deck converter. It did not work and it broke my car tape deck.
 Scoo: They make a Bluetooth version of this now. I was bummed to see it had a battery that needed to be charged and not that it got power from the spinning tape spindles...
 Teechur: @fanny My colleagues and friends think I'm related to MacGuyver. Naaah. I'm just cheap.
 RiderFan: I use this kind of thing with my phone in my pre 2000's ford.
 trelyate: I have no idea how those work. I assume magic
 fanny: and that is why you are @Teechur ;)
 Teechur: @fanny Fold up a piece of paper and jam it in with the adapter to hold the corner down. Or get an FM transmitter that plugs into the lighter socket.
 Ihminen: @Knice I used the same method when burning CD:s ...Wasn't very fun singing a whole 45 minute album in to it track by track nonstop and the damn thing didn't even work
 Horatio: I had one of these get stuck in my tape deck, and it wouldn't work, so I couldn't listen to cassettes or mp3s.
 fanny: (i plug it into my phone not portable cd player though)
 fanny: confession: i still use this (i drive a 2002 toyota highlander) it clicks loudly unless you reach in the tape deck and hold a corner down.
 Knice: Before this we would take turns holding the CD up to our faces while singing through the hole.
Image 189753   07-07-17   Uploaded by    brown tony
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