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216568  DarkTeddy: Im 22 and im the right

216511  Felicity: Ghostbusters?

216513  Felicity: Did the cat take the photo of himself?

216575  melted plastic: The black cat has claimed you as its family. Not accepting him might be dangerous to your health.. I too have been claimed by a black cat.. Watch your back.

216516  Felicity: I love it when cats give you the sarcastic cat look

216517  Felicity: @winwolf Did you see that article about the cat who wanted a cheeseburger? Good reporting

216573  shark: I was born and raised in the Soviet Union and I remember that day. No matter what the propaganda says, our television programs were halted with the news and it was depicted as a terrible tragedy. Radio was covering this as well. No celebration, no "ha, stupid Americans", none of that. Simply a call to a moment of silence for the loss of fellow human beings. We even had a special assembly the next

216565  Yam: Id really like this image without the caption. Dont get me wrong, I like the caption too

216564  RiderFan: This is why I give a look of disgust to people who complain about having to wash the dishes when they use a dishwasher.

216537  Not A Bot: Grab a Remora and make yourself at home!

216573  deathawaits: I hated the way the media covered the victims: Christa McAuliffe and 6 anonymous others. Seemed such a disservice to them.

216460  foreversmug: @FabricMan hahaha

216565  kazzy94: Birdwatching for Rednecks?

216526  Annoying Vegan : @Science YAAAAAAAS! It was so much fun! A very surreal experience. I wish we were allowed to take interior photos though.

216545  jazzjunkie: But we've got selfie sticks at home already #126262

216563  Yam: Roommates

216573  Rhombo Dimple: 30 Years ago tomorrow. You posted this today just to make sure that you got ahead of everyone?

216559  Shay: This Spongebob x Trading Places crossover is weird.

216558  Derp Herpigan: @Spray Tan the ass your man could smell like!

216554  Benana: oh damn! Burn!

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216537 Not A Bot: Grab a Remora and make yourself at home!

216475 raditzu: heavy breathing

216539 jochenau: Oil heaters are RAD. I have no idea why people bother with those stupid space heaters that sear a small patch in front of them and leave everything else freezing.

216326 aoaoaoao: @dangerkeith3000 damn

216299 zrj235: if you eat a little baking soda or antacid when you take amphetamines, it can make them absorb better

216479 Yurishiro: Gay androids only.

216346 Robespierre: The Miss-A-Shift-er! It's patented! Order NOW!

216436 Cami: @Air Biscuit Things go South long before they melt. If you need to spray and pray on this level you need one of the good guy guns from a John Woo movie.

216356 glenalec: I see a crater with ejecta. Ewwwww.

216490 Yurishiro: HEY! How did you know I have "you reading this comic now." tattooed on my face?

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 Science: Yeah, this chart is a bit disingenuous. Serial killers in Mexico, China, Russia, and Brazil tend to just get jobs with the local security apparatus to satisfy their urges.
 Theimposter: Reporting and definition. Drug gangbangers can get up to three and make the list, but thats not exacy the same.
 Christina: @Jeffrat What this graphic shows is either that the definition of serial killing in the US is far more enclosing than anywhere else or that serial killing is a far more relevant phenomenon of the US culture than anywhere else. Anyway, just throwing in some more data, people are still more likely to get murdered in, say, South Africa, even if the killers there are less likely to be "serial".
 Christina: @Jeffrat I don't know what the Holmes criteria are, nor does anyone in my country.
 Christina: @Mr Shifty They just don't classify those as "murders", but as resisting arrest.
 Jeffrat: @Amy Housewine Lies, damned lies, and statistics. It's more about hating on graphs than nationalism.
 Jeffrat: @Christina I don't think Brazil follows the Holmes criteria. I also know that South American police forces also track narco-killings independently of serial cases and are more prone to Peewee Gaskins style inflation.
 piranharama: Everyone's doing their part. Making America great again :)
 Mr Shifty: @Christina Do the Brazilian Police even hand over the statistics on their murders?
 Amy Housewine: I'm not saying that the figures on this aretrue or there aren't other factors or whatever else, but I am really (reeeeeally) spectacularly amused to see people attempt to play "Yeah but population adjustment! Yoo Ess Ay! Yoo Ess Ay!" when China is ten places lower.
 Christina: @Jeffrat It must be the definition of serial killing. Murder rates in Brazil is 5 times those of the US, with far less serial killers. It seems fishy.
 Christina: That's because easy access to automatic weapons. In Brazil there are far more killers, but it's hard to get serial if have to pull the trigger every once.
 Mad Collager: @Side Boob Hey! What've you got against chunky peanut butter, huh?
 Mr Shifty: To be fair the States has a population of 400 million in contrast to a population of 50 or so million in England. So when it's adjusted to match population levels... oh.
 funny in the wall: China and India would beg to differ @Felicity
 funny in the wall: I blame "freedom" @Side Boob
 Dr Awkward: @hajjpodge Don't worry, we'll always have obesity.
 NoRagrets: I'm surprised Australia is that high. Figured the animals would steal kills.
 Felicity: It looks bad at first, but adjusted for population, its really only about ten times as much
 Aemuli: In all fairness, most of the serial killers in other countries were royalty and just did their killing in other countries
 Rev80: Coincidentally, the U.S. also leads the world in Cereal Killers..
 Side Boob: I blame guns, violent video games, gangsta rap, and chunky peanut butter.
 Jeffrat: And then you read the crime statistics and realize that everyone else is just underreporting, and that the graph is not population adjusted.
 hajjpodge: Finally, we're #1 in something again.
 fanny: @SomeCanadian LOL! great minds!
 fanny: USA! USA! USA!
 SomeCanadian: USA! USA!
Image 189146   07-04-17   Uploaded by    ppr4
 Jennerator: "I'd like you to meet my family - Progeria, Mini Me, and Young Busey"
 Rat-Butt: There is something wrong with these ppl...
 Zukero: The mother might be prettier that way though...
 Zukero: Contender for the title of worst faceswap of the year.
 SomeCanadian: They just moved across the street from the Uncanny Valley.
Image 189145   07-04-17   Uploaded by    ani625
 Science: You don't frost anything when hot, dum-dum.
 DrinkMixMan: Don't care, still want to eat them
 Spazstatic: @ping my wife tells me there are huge difference between baking with hard (cold) butter, soft (luke warm) butter, and melted butter.
 Jennerator: I miss regretsy
 Rat-Butt: Want to know how to fix that? By them at the store already made! Damn, ppl make things more difficult than they have to be
 ping: I feel your pain. I've never made a batch of cookies without them spreading like lava. That said, there's no excuse for getting your icing that bad.
Image 189144   07-04-17   Uploaded by    redrex
 Science: So you love the musician? @Mr. Butt: What is funny is that the "devil horns" are really used to ward off the evil eye. Also, for a laugh, look up Ronnie James Dio in his early crooner days.
 Mr. Butt: Now you have to pay Gene Simmons, dummy.
Image 189143   07-04-17   Uploaded by    queezy farm
 tib gubb: show's over, folks
 Rat-Butt: Fantasy Fest in Key West always brings out the drag queens...
 Butcherboy: This is devine
 Zukero: 2Burlesque4U
 vikinglord: Death by SNU-SNU!
 Rev80: Proms have apparently become way, way cooler since I was in school..
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Oh thank jah my fairy godprincess is still alive.
Image 189142   07-04-17   Uploaded by    lionstrong
Image 189141   07-04-17   Uploaded by    frenk
 apoxia: Can't rad this enough.
 Entertainmentalist: I'm not sure what an Energy Dome does for a car.
 bug: I'm surprised it doesn't say DEMO
 SomeCanadian: @Prostata I'm 40% potato.
 Air Biscuit: Judging by the car, this guy must be mr. Kamikaze.
 Rev80: He's a 2+2=4 on the floor man
 mrwiffler: @Prostata We are Devo.
 Rev80: I guess you could say the car is his main whip-it???
 Prostata: someone devolved that car pretty hard in the back quarter panel
 Prostata: Are we not men?
Image 189140   07-04-17   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 Mr Bleak: @scribbs And a bigger one when the bull shows up.
 RainbowTornado: Plot twist: it's actually a cow dressed as a man dressed as a cow
 Aufziehvogel: WOODLAND PARK ZOO
 RainbowTornado: Plot twist: it's actually a cow dressed as a man dressed as a cow
 tib gubb: fuckin' furries, man
 Kim: That's the attitude I like in my cattle.
 Donut: Unfortunately for Bob, it was mating season...
 SomeCanadian: When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University!
 Air Biscuit: Ace ventura?
 Rev80: "Don't you even think of blowing that cow-call, Carl!"
 scribbs: He's in for a surprise when he gets hooked up to the milking machine.
Image 189139   07-04-17   Uploaded by    nathan
 Aufziehvogel: "It is hard work --- But I will learn!"
 Dan Tagonistic: That's a funny looking penis
 Rat-Butt: Talk about think with your little head.
 SomeCanadian: QUAID! Start the reactor!
 Aemuli: It is hard work - but I will learn
 Rev80: "Open Your Mind! Open your Miiiiiiiinddd!"
 scribbs: "Mom, we're late for my play date."
 wolfpk: You have another head growing on your stomach. You might want to have that looked at.
Image 189138   07-04-17   Uploaded by    joxxuh
 Weedheart: @Mr Shifty Lolol
 Niels Bohr: Mustard and dread are the best diner condiments.
 addend: Mustard.
 Mr Shifty: Oh Obvious Plant! You so funny!
 fanny: @Rat-Butt I feel like I have to.....for America :)
 Donut: You may substitute the feeling of dread for Mountain Dew.
 Rat-Butt: @fanny @wolfpk well, get him a keg and celebrate with. He will love it and he will have a new goal to work towards to becoming sober again. It is truly life's journy
 fanny: @wolfpk I'm going to a party where my friend is recently sober. boooooo.
 wolfpk: That's what the beer if for. This year, you better get a keg.
 FabricMan: @WaffleIron That's the fourth item
 WaffleIron: Oh crap! Forgot the beer!
Image 189137   07-04-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
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