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249597  addend: @Warrax (Jimmy dies.)

249599  addend: (Quits smoking.)

249598  Skinr: I see LuxusLurch is having a nice Memorial Day weekend.

249602  addend: Relax that fist and pet the kitty.

249600  Sadbot: Owls seem cool, where can I get one for my dog?

249596  WannaBee: Looks like a giant unicorn mouse.

249587  a robot: How meta.

249588  a robot: Looks a lot like @carpwoman's kitty! #189916

249603  Knice: Take that, creationists.

249594  a robot: @Sadbot I think every time this picture is posted we have the same conversation about Colfax being a great place to get intoxicated and make bad decisions ;)

249594  Sadbot: @Hyphae Even better, Denver

249610  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

249599  WannaBee: Second hand smoke is ok?

249597  Warrax: Hmm... where was that well again?

249571  some guy : 5 pushups and dicks out!

249594  Hyphae: @Sadbot ? Boulder?

249598  jochenau: Typical, he eats three cheeseburgers then drinks a *diet* pepsi.

249596  Hyphae: We get it, you like to have your photo taken while you consume errant souls for sustenance while they are distracted discussing matters of the night with the aura of the street light

249596  Nope: We get it, the glorious nuclear hellfire will destroy us all

249598  Nope: Uh do you mind? Trying to have a nice day out here.

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249351 Knice: Paging @carpwoman!

249324 Micro Jackson: 6 days old, and already four feet!

249357 Passive: This was a transphobic "fake commercial" for repelling unwanted advances from men using a fake penis

249320 fanny: Who let the dogs out? who? who?

249509 a sedated moose: I hate when there's poop on the toilet.

249319 Felicity: Christina Superstar?

249492 savvoy: From the days before cars had seatbelts

249431 WTF: It's not text, there are no black bars nor is it crude or overly sexual... I'm cool with it reappearing.

249477 El hefe: How i think it will go.....reality

249333 Jaunty Shrimp: You can take your hand out of my cold, dead gun.

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 White Rice: @Science but it's the internet, this is where we're supposed to overreact to things. In all seriousness, I've seen more than a few examples of this kind of stuff ultimately leading to bigger problems than "an item was left at the front office to be picked up between classes" all because someone (teacher, manager, whatever) decided their absolute authority was more important than basic decency. Now, if there was a history of parents/guardians just crashing into the classroom mid lesson & infuriating everything over something unimportant, that I could understand, but I have trouble imagining that happening often enough to warrant a sign (though without additional context that could be the case, and every parent of a student of that school has no tact, but I don't know)
 Science: @White Rice: I highly doubt a parent bringing potentially life-saving drugs would be turned away. I think you might be overreacting a bit to an Internet photo taken out of context.
 White Rice: @Science that's partially why I included that they (the kid in question) discovered the error early, then attempted to rectify the issue to the best of their ability (make a call to get the missing item before it's needed, like a responsible person would) only to have little miss/mister "my class, my rules" decide that solving a problem isn't good enough & they have to live with a fixable mistake that they've already gone through the process of fixing, only to be denied at the last minute "because I say so". Other hypothetical: kid forgot their epinephrine shot (falls under "etc") and sign writer gives zero fucks (oh, you might die? Gods plan.)
 Science: @White Rice: A quick GIS shows this is from the Catholic High School for Boys. A high schooler should know by now not to forget their lunch or homework. This isn't life or death - whatever happened to learning from your mistakes?
 Science: @savvoy: Parental involvement is NOT covering because the kid forgot something at home.
 Side Boob: Send the parents and child to the Gulag. It's the only way to be sure!
 redmonkey3: @White Rice - Five Stars!
 savvoy: As a teacher, this sign conflicts me. While I deeply approve the sentiment, I also appreciate any shred of parental involvement.
 Wooden Spoon: @White Rice: as the child of divorced parents I'd like to add that when I forgot something at home as a kid I might not be going back to that same home at night to get it. If my parents had a chance they'd drop it for me at school.
 Prostata: its true
 addend: (Abandons son.)
 White Rice: @ThoughtlessGentleman all the rage, right here. Dark side: embraced.
 WaffleIron: I shall teach my future child to tear the sign down. That's problem solving waffleiron-style. Or set it on fire, if I recall high school correctly.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @White Rice yesss, yesss!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Strive for perfection early or america cants nots the mosts.
 White Rice: Unless this sign is at a high school or college it's absolute bullshit. Hell, even then it's bullshit. Kid left something at home that they'd need later in the day, contacted someone who could get it to them (read: solved the problem) then gets shot down because of some self-important fuckwad wants to feel important. Seriously, fuck the sign writer.
 A duck: Your son will learn to problem-solve not having his lunch by stealing that of another student.
 Ulillillia: Never drop off for you or your son ever again.
 UltraBeverly: Why aren't you a work, what kind of example are you setting for your son?
 Dresdenkeogh: If it's for your daughter feel free to stop in to perpetuate the illusion of female dependence on males.
 Nope: Rocking back and forth and crying is my problem solving!
Image 188824   07-02-17   Uploaded by    lizzz
 Side Boob: She couldn't find a salad :(
 ch: Hey, when I'm on the go and I'm tucking into a dinner of delicious tomatoes you know what really hits the spot? An additional dinner of delicious apples. They're always right there at arm's reach so c'mon!
 steve: But in a good way
 Springbok: Her skin looks like it's made of slightly sweaty clay
 A duck: Her nose is shaped like a chicken's foot
 Nopetology: Tomatoes for scale
Image 188823   07-02-17   Uploaded by    norgu5
 WTF: After the abysmal flop of their single "Terrible Intestinal Cramping", McDonald's hung them out to dry.
 Ronick: They anit got no legs
 ColdHotCool: 1988 makes me smile in and of itself
 Shay: I'm frightened to see where the Smile Makers are 30 years later in 2018...
 Scoo: "Oh, you know, just hanging out"
 funny in the wall: this is only ok if they were later ground to hamburger
Image 188822   07-02-17   Uploaded by    betamax
 DrinkMixMan: Wow, that big one on the left must hold a lot!
 Spazstatic: Where is the 128GB micro SD card? 512 should be coming around before much longer...
 Hosebag: @A duck My very first job was aligning heads on 8 inch drives, age 15.
 sparename: I used to worry about Differential Manchester encoding
 A duck: I kinda miss those bigass 5.25" floppy drives. 360 whole kilobytes of storage on a double density disk! Wasn't around for the 8" disks, though.
 Warrax: I store all my important data on a ruler. It has all the numbers.
 ignatz: My first computer had a hard square drive..
 Nopetology: SD card for scale
Image 188821   07-02-17   Uploaded by    trepanation
 Rat-Butt: Ben tried BASE jumping for the first time...
 Rat-Butt: Ben tried BASE jumping for the first time...
 ch: oh jeez i did a bad didn't i
 Big Bong Theory: William Hartnell, noooo
 Kim: Come to Philly for the crack.
 bug: This statue impersonator is fucking GOOD
 WaffleIron: First he invented electricity, then he invented the electric boogaloo
 Scoo: DONK
 Nopetology: Bent Franklin
Image 188820   07-02-17   Uploaded by    weed poop
 ch: He's no Neon Noodle, that's for sure
 Sandor: Duck Twacy will save us!
 Scoo: Fuckin' hipsters
Image 188819   07-02-17   Uploaded by    Rachelina
 Staida: Do not ask, we do not speak of what happened to red fish.
 Spazstatic: @WaffleIron due to budget cuts
 wolfpk: One fish, two fish, red fish, dead fish. That's from an old Mad, I think it was the name of Al Gores next book.
 savvoy: Use this one weird trick when you can't get the license from the author's estate.
 Hosebag: One bitch, two bitch. Dead bitch, blue bitch. (no longer in print)
 WaffleIron: *Abridged version
 Scoo: No Red Fish? At Target?
Image 188818   07-02-17   Uploaded by    crunchymush
 Science: Gnarly
 grid: Sun Ra wanted to create his own planet, so he became one
 Gomi Day: man, kool keith is letting himself go.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Iss thisss electric antoine? Notorious ugg hater.
Image 188817   07-02-17   Uploaded by    forkbear
 Wooden Spoon: I went to college with a kid we named "Drunk Angry Ted". Ted did this twice freshman year, once with his own room and once with the room doors down.
 dangerous dave: Isn't this a scene from Trainspotting 2?
 Hokie333: *Munsters theme music*
 annterland: What up, Koolaid?
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Hahahaaa!!! Yesss! This so reminds me of a friend who in a drunken rage punched through a fence and then peacefully fell asleep in the yard.
 Air Biscuit: Poor form: im sorry youre just not cut out to be a coolaid man. We cant hire you.
 Nopetology: Drink enough Jack and you won't need an axe..
Image 188816   07-02-17   Uploaded by    twenty4
 jonz: @Air Biscuit Came here to post that?
 Air Biscuit: Theyll all fits in this sits.
Image 188815   07-02-17   Uploaded by    sumo
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