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273356  Not A Bot: I wonder if he gives out free samples.

273329  wolfpk: Because it is a pancake.

273335  wolfpk: Fancy condoms.

273352  Prostata: because it is

273365  Prostata: i bet it smells great in there...

273352  wolfpk: #273355

273375  Prostata: ouch

273366  wolfpk: You just picked up some chicken. Don't bother, I'll get some myself. (If I come home with fried chicken, I must either have it in my hands, or make sure the window is rolled up in my car and quickly shut the door. I sware my damn cat can sense the chicken in my car from a mile away!)

273368  Social Vegan: Nice wheels, broku.

273361  dangerkeith3000: Gross.

273367  dangerkeith3000: Woodland critter Chrismas.

273367  wolfpk: Cubber

273364  toolbag: Is that the Trunchbull?

273372  dangerkeith3000: He's a butthole surfer!

273365  White Rice: @WTF now now, those are the "in public" suits. They should be clean/devoid of any of the...residue the "in private" suits might have on them.

273366  hajjpodge: "I have adopted you, human. No need to thank me."

273373  Mad Collager: You're projecting again, Honey.

273369  FabricMan: Here I go again on my own!

273353  Mad Collager: Finally, a staffer who won't be slow to help just because you speak Spanish!

273368  fullofwind: And I ran, I ran so far away....

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273043 Littlecraftywolf: it looks like hes got a tattoo on his neck that says "Ricky"

273017 grizzly: @drtofu E=mc2

273346 Christina: Thank you, captain obvious.

272991 E. HONDA: "The Irritating Gentleman" -- Berthold Woltze, 1874

272975 WannaBee: This episode was brought to you by the letters F and U and the number 12.

272993 wolfpk: A light snack for Joey Chestnut!

273224 BumScag: In the beginning of the work we do involves cleaning up to skitwish and I will see you briefly in the mail today and tomorrow morning in spokane county sheriff's department and the stars are going to have to take a sick day

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

273215 Sadbot: @Air Biscuit I've only had it by asking for it, it's never on the menu

273123 DrNinjaman: Gesundheit!

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 WTF: After the abysmal flop of their single "Terrible Intestinal Cramping", McDonald's hung them out to dry.
 Ronick: They anit got no legs
 ColdHotCool: 1988 makes me smile in and of itself
 Shay: I'm frightened to see where the Smile Makers are 30 years later in 2018...
 Scoo: "Oh, you know, just hanging out"
 funny in the wall: this is only ok if they were later ground to hamburger
Image 188822   07-02-17   Uploaded by    betamax
 DrinkMixMan: Wow, that big one on the left must hold a lot!
 Spazstatic: Where is the 128GB micro SD card? 512 should be coming around before much longer...
 Hosebag: @A duck My very first job was aligning heads on 8 inch drives, age 15.
 sparename: I used to worry about Differential Manchester encoding
 A duck: I kinda miss those bigass 5.25" floppy drives. 360 whole kilobytes of storage on a double density disk! Wasn't around for the 8" disks, though.
 Warrax: I store all my important data on a ruler. It has all the numbers.
 NotHuman: My first computer had a hard square drive..
 Nopetology: SD card for scale
Image 188821   07-02-17   Uploaded by    trepanation
 Rat-Butt: Ben tried BASE jumping for the first time...
 Rat-Butt: Ben tried BASE jumping for the first time...
 ch: oh jeez i did a bad didn't i
 Big Bong Theory: William Hartnell, noooo
 Kim: Come to Philly for the crack.
 bug: This statue impersonator is fucking GOOD
 WaffleIron: First he invented electricity, then he invented the electric boogaloo
 Scoo: DONK
 Nopetology: Bent Franklin
Image 188820   07-02-17   Uploaded by    weed poop
 ch: He's no Neon Noodle, that's for sure
 Sandor: Duck Twacy will save us!
 Scoo: Fuckin' hipsters
Image 188819   07-02-17   Uploaded by    Rachelina
 Staida: Do not ask, we do not speak of what happened to red fish.
 Spazstatic: @WaffleIron due to budget cuts
 wolfpk: One fish, two fish, red fish, dead fish. That's from an old Mad, I think it was the name of Al Gores next book.
 savvoy: Use this one weird trick when you can't get the license from the author's estate.
 Hosebag: One bitch, two bitch. Dead bitch, blue bitch. (no longer in print)
 WaffleIron: *Abridged version
 Scoo: No Red Fish? At Target?
Image 188818   07-02-17   Uploaded by    crunchymush
 Science: Gnarly
 grid: Sun Ra wanted to create his own planet, so he became one
 Gomi Day: man, kool keith is letting himself go.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Iss thisss electric antoine? Notorious ugg hater.
Image 188817   07-02-17   Uploaded by    forkbear
 Wooden Spoon: I went to college with a kid we named "Drunk Angry Ted". Ted did this twice freshman year, once with his own room and once with the room doors down.
 dangerous dave: Isn't this a scene from Trainspotting 2?
 Hokie333: *Munsters theme music*
 annterland: What up, Koolaid?
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Hahahaaa!!! Yesss! This so reminds me of a friend who in a drunken rage punched through a fence and then peacefully fell asleep in the yard.
 Air Biscuit: Poor form: im sorry youre just not cut out to be a coolaid man. We cant hire you.
 Nopetology: Drink enough Jack and you won't need an axe..
Image 188816   07-02-17   Uploaded by    twenty4
 jonz: @Air Biscuit Came here to post that?
 Air Biscuit: Theyll all fits in this sits.
Image 188815   07-02-17   Uploaded by    sumo
 Rat-Butt: That's racist ... or specieist, whatever
 Bob: Lobsters go home
 a robot: Prostitution is only legal in certain counties in Nevada though. Gambling too.
 Ihminen: something something patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for legal lobsters...
 addend: You can get crabs easy, though.
 whaleshark: @Hosebag Lobstitution
 Hosebag: What about lobster prostitution?
 Remp Wulgus: Someone evidently did something that ruined it for everyone
 WaffleIron: Technically crayfish, but yeah. Wow.
 fakeusername: good? it's a desert!
 Skaalar: How can you trust something that has its bones on the outside!?
Image 188814   07-02-17   Uploaded by    CrookedCop
 tib gubb: good old ohio
 Gonzo: Uggs are fine. At least theyre not Crocs
 dangerous dave: You can't walk on down to / Electric Avenue, wearing Uggs.
 WaffleIron: They're underrepresented in pornography, suggesting that they aren't as fashionable as people think.
 AstoriaBum: Electric Antoine has spoken.
 Air Biscuit: In nevada.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: And if i wore nothing but uggs? I do mean absolutely nothing.
 Warrax: I've never worn them, but this makes me want to.
Image 188813   07-02-17   Uploaded by    Oh Don Piano
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