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243439  ignatz: Flat Earth society

243431  Yurishiro: @glenalec That's the worst part of shelters. Fearful animals who take no interest in visitors and show no activity or vitality are never taken home even though they feel even worse than the others. It's just a sad reality though, I'm not judging your friend. Taking care of an abandoned friend is an awesome thing to do for yourself, the animal and the world.

243443  Darmstadtium: The Ghost of Corporate Future

243411  Sadbot: You expect to court gamer women with that pathetic Gamerscore?! Try joining the 15k club and try again, scrub!

243422  Sadbot: It's only art if it's Sonic and Goku doing it

243437  Yurishiro: Yeah, or maybe you're trying to cover the fact that YOU ARE THE HORSE!!*pulls away mask to uncover a horse head*

243437  Sadbot: Me: "Horses in the 20th and 21 century are just for mega-pervs with misplaced affection issues" Normies: "You think about shit too much" This woman:

243441  Yurishiro: smol futbols

243419  brian greene: home to the church of mcdonalds?

243442  Yurishiro: That's Jean-Claude Van Damme!!

243395  some guy : But do young metro trust em?

64010  wolfpk: Winner?

243437  glenalec: It will be a centaur. I believe you get extra money from the Government for that.

243431  glenalec: A friend of mine, when her last cat had to be put down (cancer), went to the shelter and just wandered around until one of the cats took an interest in her, then adopted that one. I believe owner and human are both most happy.

243436  glenalec: Timely.

243447  Vorm Gongo: That looks like neither London nor France.

243447  rip odb: Women's clothing getting way too sheer.

243435  VoR: One time I put my hand in there and it never came back. It just kept going...

243436  VoR: Ooooooohh I get it now.

243435  Yurishiro: The REAL Bermuda triangle

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243198 Robespierre: @carpwoman Doug Sahm once sang "You just cain't live in Texas / If you don't gotta lotta soul", but I don't know if that's even remotely applicable anymore. And you'll get double-posted if you back out of an image you've just commented on with the backup button instead of navigating by clicking on the mascot.

243334 bug: Ah, the old Spicy Nachos, I see.

243340 Xeno: An AT-MT?

243322 Shay: Ah lean left, lean left, lean leeefffffftttt.

243238 sparename: Where's Cleveland?

243213 Yurishiro: I pooped these

243216 Robespierre: Has medicine gone too far?

243220 funny in the wall: not to be confused with boy butter which is a... well, google it if you like

243411 Sadbot: You expect to court gamer women with that pathetic Gamerscore?! Try joining the 15k club and try again, scrub!

243341 DrinkMixMan: Well, there's your problem.

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 bobby: Damn static
 Side Boob: She's protecting herself from the bees
 Supermansbrother: This IS my face.
 sparename: I believe in the Westworld
Image 188129   06-29-17   Uploaded by    EndlessVanity
 bug: I'll take the white one please. ...yes, in a waffle cone. Thank you.
 SomeCanadian: "Which one do I get?!?"
Image 188128   06-29-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 addend: # Heeere I come to save the dayyy. #
 SomeCanadian: Wheee!
 dobbiesdoogs: sproing!
Image 188127   06-29-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 140bpm: Golden Lab Showers
 Volwen: What a pleasing array of gray tones.
 El Barto: No no, I said there's a golden LABRADOR at the end of every rainbow.
 Amy Housewine: Doggo's Happiness Field.
Image 188126   06-29-17   Uploaded by    a robot
 Skaalar: Trash Dolphin can be happy, why can't I?
 Air Biscuit: Derelict.
 piranharama: Porpoisehorn
Image 188125   06-29-17   Uploaded by    ppr4
 a robot: @SomeCanadian That comparison is offensive to blobfish
 WTF: "It's breathtaking! And by that I mean I'd be afraid it'd steal my breath while I was sleeping."
 SomeCanadian: Leave Ted Cruz alone.
 Amy Housewine: BLORB
Image 188124   06-29-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Mad Collager: @sparename Is that why she's your ex-missus?
 Dick Inspector: Is the motto "lambe mihi podicem," by any chance?
 El Barto: @Mad Collager Far out dude, that suuuuucks! Thank goodness for this spaceship. Sweet respite.
 El Barto: @Science Jeeeeezus! What the heck?! That's insanity!
 sparename: @Mad Collager To paraphrase my ex-missus "If it takes more than 5 minutes to explain - it's not worth knowing"
 Mad Collager: @El Barto Another problem in this country is the recent rise of ignorance as a virtue. Too many think that knowledge and expertise have no value, and too many of them, as Side Boob noted, are getting too much attention due to the Internet. Added to that, it is getting harder to tell fact from fiction, or even outright lies. Everything looks the same on the Internet. All you have to do is make a slick, professional-looking website, and you instantly appear to be credible, no matter what tripe you post. This is why I, and roughly half the people in this country, are scared shitless. Maybe I should change my user name to Paul Shitless.
 Science: @El Barto: The US education system is tied to standardized testing, so instead of students getting an all around education, they are taught what is on the tests. In addition, school administrators use students as bargaining chips in budget sessions as a way of propping up their salaries. It's a mess.
 WTF: Go back to Latiania... or is it Latinstan? I forget... but it's north of the US right?
 Side Boob: @El Barto There were always poorly educated (or just stupid) people. In the past, their "area of influence" was a much smaller circle. Social media has given them the ability to widen their circle.
 El Barto: @Sage I sincerely don't say this with any prejudice or malice or sarcasm, I just want to understand - how can such a large number of americans have such poor knowledge? Is it just a case of american media being more prolific in other english speaking nations so stereotypes have been wildly inflated? Is it just a trope? Is it because your population is so huge that proportionally speaking, the trend is on par with other countries? Or is it poor execution of equal education or access to quality education? I assume there's a bunch of factors but don't actually know which do in fact apply. I truly do not ask in a judgemental way. I just want to know more and it's a hazy subject.
 WaffleIron: I can't tell if they're idiots or they're just trolling each other.
 Sage: I think "Stupid" is our official language int the U.S.
Image 188123   06-29-17   Uploaded by    Oober
 Hungy Dingus: @Air Biscuit hahahahah...
 Zampano: You never forget your keys again cause they're permanently attached to $5-$40 worth of narcotics
 Air Biscuit: "Having a key chain with a coke spoon and a roach clip is having class"
 Mr Shifty: The 70's were great!
 tib gubb: you might be a stoner if...
Image 188122   06-29-17   Uploaded by    mackdaddy
 Felicity: They all seem to have good hair...the dad at the end just buzzed it really short.
 bug: Got some bad news about your hair, son...
 Air Biscuit: Theyre still writing comments.
Image 188121   06-29-17   Uploaded by    DeeeeeeeezNutz
 piranharama: Not CGI. Only high quality weed my friend
 hajjpodge: Not enough CGI in the world to save that man's face.
Image 188120   06-29-17   Uploaded by    wolfskin
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