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272639  Yam: Alright so heres the 411 folks. Say some gangstarr is dissing your fly girl... you just give him one of these!

272640  Yam: @dangerkeith3000 Good to know, Ill check it out... but this one? Baaaad

272617  mom: it's time for web-maniacs, and we're zany to the max...

272646  Off Topic: Piglets downfall was caused by Pooh discovering honey baked ham.

272627  dangerkeith3000: Super RAD

272631  dangerkeith3000: @a robot and here I thought it was genitalia.

272633  dangerkeith3000: I hope she took the baby out of it!

272592  Passive: Can we stop posting this stupid picture? Its bringing out the worst in people

272637  dangerkeith3000: Oh deer!

272594  Passive: Albreadtross

272604  Passive: Dumbshit, just give him the black pencil

272644  KnowLifer: bite the belt that holds you

272608  Passive: A Snack On Titan?

272640  dangerkeith3000: I just went to this guy's website and a lot of his comic are really effed up. In a good way. No Harry Crumb of course, but this comic here isn't that representative of his work that I've seen.

272654  Jalamunch Totorito: Just give him your lunch! Have you no heart?!

272621  charlemagne: I've made a huge mistake

272635  charlemagne: they do this with puffer fish to get high

272638  charlemagne: siri open the front door. siri, please let me back in. siri I'm sorry, open the front door

272641  dangerkeith3000: Nice...

272643  FormerLurker: They seem nice.

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272539 Kaviri: Firepower.

272425 Nope: @lecj07 thank you for your service

272295 DrinkMixMan: Thanks, these injured animals really brightened my day!

272475 Uncle Phil: I guess a steak is a salad too. Cows are made of plants.

272261 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob *Nobody* expects The Spanish Mikado!

272372 Side Boob: Always carry a spare.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny You'll do fine! If you have any trouble, reply here and I'll trouble-shoot. I just hope I see the reply in time to do you good!

272463 copunter: vvv (they're supposedly the red flowers, I guess)

272540 a sedated moose: @Science isn't that the critter what makes the shit-coffee?

272554 Kaviri: It's your old pal. Ricky Rat!

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 Beeble: Everyone has that friend that guides them through their first acid trip.
 SpaceCow: This is what happens when you legalize dolphin marriage. All the Seaworlds will be closed due to weddings.
 ch: hey buddies hey buddies you stay right here gonna get you some liv-a-snaps ok
 Skaalar: Dolphin wizard casts Aquatic Blessing.
 El Barto: @Otterman HAHAHA! YES! You rad, Otterman. You rad.
 Science: You're under arrest for transporting young gulls across a sedate lion for immoral porpoises.
 CoffeeAndCigs: Dolphins are more of a Radagast thing than a Gandalf thing...
 BavidDowie: Jonah's less well-known brother, Joash, who was swallowed by two separate dolphins.
 SomeCanadian: And Jesus said 'Blessed be the dolphins, for they shall praise us for the fish upon their departure.' Adams 4:2
 Otterman: Cure light wounds
Image 187942   06-28-17   Uploaded by    Red
 Peter Pantsless: hahahaha, fuck you, discount Sputnik!
 Terrh: Woah! I had this book once...Completely forgotten about it..
 Science: @SomeCanadian: I always have to tell my dog to put that thing away.
 Thurb Grunombies: You don't often see satellites with double hung windows.
 SomeCanadian: Did they have to put a red one in the picture? :/
 San DoDo: and robots, don't forget the robots
 Ihminen: You know... for duck huntin'
Image 187941   06-28-17   Uploaded by    BoiledEggs
 piranharama: The lizard actually looks a little sad...
 SpaceCow: Sarcasm also doesn't exist either yet I somehow use it.
 Thurb Grunombies: Oh. Well then I'm done.
 SomeCanadian: @Side Boob Not for the authors of NatGeo.
 duchaschmeremol: electricity is just a big scam invented by environmentalists who want to get my ass on one of those expensive bikes
 Knice: Contractions do'nt exist.
 Side Boob: It's rare, but it exists :v
Image 187940   06-28-17   Uploaded by    Joetato
 piranharama: @Ihminen I was thinking about Dino Riders this morning. They were apparently working on a live action, but last news was 2015
 Skaalar: Secret Dino Wars is my Alt Punk Fushion band. Check us out at a local coffee shop near you.
 grimes: I want one.
 Otterman: Kick ass! Throw down, dinosaurs of the land and sea!
 El Barto: @karmakat I'm more afraid of the driver than the vehicle. She looks battle ready with that helmet...or battle crazed...if I wanna live I won't waste time on semantics. I'm just gunna run my slow ass outta here.
 karmakat: he PUTS FEAR INTO THE ROAD!
 Ihminen: Dino Riders live action adaptation looking ok i guess
Image 187939   06-28-17   Uploaded by    avemaria
 Warrax: Metaphor for privilege. You must own scissors to get scissors.
 Air Biscuit: @WaffleIron or use your chompers
 WaffleIron: Get out of your house and ask your neighbour. Or use a knife, or nail cutters, or just smash it with a rock. Prove you're the peak of human evolution.
Image 187938   06-28-17   Uploaded by    ruiner
 humanfog: Just think, when this ad came out, it was a lie--the graphics of the ad could not be displayed on a computer screen. Now were seeing the ad itself on a computer screen!
Image 187937   06-28-17   Uploaded by    edvard
 El Barto: @Side Boob One day you won't need to speak it. All will silently know. Like so many farts before. The knowledge is so pungent I can taste it. And it tastes like curried egg. I think I'm gunna barf.
 San DoDo: Too many..
 Side Boob: I've always said fart-based teaching methods were superior.
 WaffleIron: 62.
 El Barto: How do we improve maths results in primary schools?
Image 187936   06-28-17   Uploaded by    elmstreet
 mrwiffler: OK, I'll be He-Moth.
 kensin: I love metal forest scenes
Image 187935   06-28-17   Uploaded by    abrahamx
 sparename: "I call Shogun!"..... (gave up trying to identify MLP.. even though Daughter and Step-Daughter have had them for years, I still didn't realise there were quite so many"
 generic: This is what Bronies actually believe. (I hope)
Image 187934   06-28-17   Uploaded by    Sparkplug
 tib gubb: hipster snack
 Peach: I'm concerned that this may not be ironic.
 grizzly: I'm a bit hungover this morning, and this looks great.
 Salvador Molly: Is there another Bloody Mary on top of the bloody Mary?
 Air Biscuit: "Oww, my eye!"
 funny in the wall: I'll have the lot@Otterman
 Otterman: @SomeCanadian It's only wafer thin
 SomeCanadian: What, no mint?
 Knice: I give that a zero percent chance of not getting spilled.
 duckfarts: I'm not that hungry, I'll just have a drink
Image 187933   06-28-17   Uploaded by    tomatosaws
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