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221684  trelyate: RIP, Florida Man.

221689  sparename: Was going to ask what this would be in Teraquads aboard Voyager but Urban Dic tells me:- "Teraquad a synonym for 4 Terabytes commonly used by uneducated people who watch the show "Star Trek" far too often. Commonly used by people named James."

221693  boozer: Am I the only one that thinks that they should keep the chemical cleaning sponge and dish cleaning sponge further apart?

221673  Dan Tagonistic: I think I had this

221693  inthrees: *This bear will get really anal if you act like a child and don't wash your dish.*

221684  Minnesotan: nailed it

221674  karmakat: WHO turned off the light?

221677  karmakat: I am SO HUNGRY I WILL EAT THIS TABLE!

221683  ThoughtlessGentleman: its that trustworthy magical rhinoceros ive been hearing about!!!

221679  karmakat: who farted?

221680  karmakat: aw, so tiny.

221682  karmakat: to avoid spillage huh?

221690  yawgmoth: Straight to the brain

221615  Felicity: Alcohol Improv

221622  Felicity: @No Ragrets @Uncle Phil I hate those new headlights that are as bright on the normal setting as high-beams, so then you flash your high-beams at the person, and then they turn on their high-beams and its twice as bad

221684  Theta Zero: "What are you gonna do, eat me?"

221624  Felicity: Weng Weng, in disguise, going undercover

221690  communist: i'm totally craving skulldrinking a beer right now.

221643  Felicity: Nice copperplate lettering at least

221645  Felicity: Mirror [hits Enter key]

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221607 Cami: Acquisition Catalogue.

221638 Winterneuro: @Haute and sweaty hmmm. I do know the name, so no bet! :-)

221470 copunter: and that, friends, is the story of capitalism

221610 Yurishiro: @Derp Herpigan ...yes I totally missed...

221576 Mr. Shine: @Colty Brumb Do they count the time spent unwrapping the little b@st@rds?

221535 wolfpk: Is this guy and uber patriot, or did he just get really drunk?

221511 Science: Awesome mom!

221582 ignatz: You're either with us, or against us (GW Bush)

221622 Felicity: @No Ragrets @Uncle Phil I hate those new headlights that are as bright on the normal setting as high-beams, so then you flash your high-beams at the person, and then they turn on their high-beams and its twice as bad

221517 wolfpk: Practical, but creepy

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Image 187611 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by greg. Boo, greg.
 WaffleIron: Spite rad!
Image 187610   06-26-17   Uploaded by    dirtstick
 zodiacflash: Far out, man. I went there a few times and actually got one of those postcards as a kid.
 Shay: Must be one of Miami's local pest animals.
Image 187609   06-26-17   Uploaded by    wolfpupy
 BoiledEggs: Goon culture strikes again.........
 Ulillillia: MLP more badass than I thought.
 fanny: i really like the way roof rat sounds.
 Robespierre: No Trash Pandas? What the hell kind of locality do you live in, anyway?
 a robot: Your girlfriend turned to a life of crime? How sad.
 Sadbot: I'm cool with all of these except the MLM marmots. To hell with pyramid schemes
Image 187608   06-26-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 VoR: Spice. In water. More. More. More.
 Robespierre: Water Bear prey won't stick to most Water Bear dentalwork.
 Derp Herpigan: [Continuing to laugh microscopically]
 Urn BooUrn: Damn it feels good to be a Water Bear.
 kinggheedra: Ive seen this picture enough times that this guy looks congenial. I'd share a plate of wings with him.
 WTF: "I and my brethren live in your eyebrows and feast on your dead skin cells!!!"
 dangerkeith3000: "I'm the 0.001% of germs your soap can't kill! Muahahaha!"
 Sadbot: Rawr, I'm a water bear
Image 187607   06-26-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 jochenau: You throw a birthday party for Stewball. It costs $6.0m.
 Aufziehvogel: I think this is the movie "Ladyhawke" btw
 Aufziehvogel: Rutger Hauer, great actor.
 WTF: Is your girlfriend into medieval cosplay?
 dangerkeith3000: The Falconer
 Aemuli: The really impressive part is when the falcon wields the claymore!
Image 187606   06-26-17   Uploaded by    drilldo
 jazzjunkie: I imagine these as pincers, clacking open and closed like mantis mandibles
 necronomicon: @Dan Tagonistic at first I thought my wardrobe was a plumb-bot, but then I was like nope, changatron!
 Peter Pantsless: "I welcome your poo with open arms."
 jochenau: I'm trying to figure out what's going on at the bottom left of the picture and failing.
 Dan Tagonistic: [Transformers noise]
 AstoriaBum: @Joseph It's not the size of the poo, it's the discomfort of having your butt and thighs spilling over the usual-sized seat. By the way, this is all conjecture on my part. It's amazing what you can bring yourself to visualize.
 Robespierre: @Aemuli Contrary to popular belief, humans don't need, nor do they deserve, humane treatment.
 Flirb Dampumple: @Hosebag That would be like scraping the protective layer of plaque off my chompers
 Hosebag: @Knice You mean you clean them? You can't clean it, it will lose all it's character.
 Hosebag: This is one of the toilets from the Russian carrier CutsNutsOff.
 antipatterns: the answer is never shit in public ever
 Joseph: @AstoriaBum I don't get that. Isn't their Pooh le more or less the same size as anyone else? Why would they need a wider toilet?
 Sadbot: A variable sweep toilet allows one to fly to their target very fast but then open up for a low speed bombing run.
 Aemuli: @Knice Don't worry, this is actually a very well designed buttmeat harvester. The solution in the bowl helps to self-sanitize as well. Not super humane, but all design involves trade-offs.
 White Rice: @Knice I don't think this is for an alternate to lifting the seat, but as accommodation for more...substantial users. I could be completely wrong (and I hope I am, because I question the structural stability of those floating arms under heavy strain) but there's always the potential. I do have to agree that it'd be a nightmare to clean with how it looks to be constructed.
 AstoriaBum: @Knice I think this might be designed to accommodate larger folks who overspread a regular seat.
 Knice: An impossible-to-clean toilet seat. Great. This is so stupid it's angering me. Fucknoids that don't lift the seat aren't going to open it, either. And thanks for the bonus opportunity to rip chunks of buttmeat off my ass.
Image 187605   06-26-17   Uploaded by    Wort Mumpus
 Air Biscuit: "Crazy humans, why did you invent that weird toilet seat?"
 Christina: All is right, sir.
Image 187604   06-26-17   Uploaded by    god666
 Shay: If you're gonna go full on with the Batman costume, then don't half-ass the Catwoman costume, lady.
 Robespierre: It's come down to this, has it? I would imagine that Stately Wayne Manor is now a 1BR apt w 1-1/12ba.
 WotGives: Val Kilmer?
 Ihminen: Batmobile now with bat-targa roof
 a robot: How come Batman doesn't dance anymore?
 dangerkeith3000: They are cruising to find that guy with the bat signal beard.
 raditzu: Fatman
 Christina: So, this is the new Batmobile.
Image 187603   06-26-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Lizard
 Shay: Zombie Leona Helmsley is coming after...YOU!!!!!
 DrinkMixMan: Assembled from pieces of various dead bones
 Ulillillia: Rated NC-17
 kinggheedra: I wish all stories could have a wishbone retelling.
 Peter Pantsless: That's the name of my needlessly sexy Halloween costume
Image 187602   06-26-17   Uploaded by    soccer
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