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258756  Peter Pantsless: @Solemn their website is super weird too

258760  BavidDowie: Lady on the Tramp

258650  Shay: @dangerkeith3000 Constipation.

258756  Solemn: Seriously, though, Taco Bell's Twitter has some spicy comebacks. I'd compare it with their hot sauce, but I'd never be able to say 'Taco Bell hot sauce' with a straight face.

258749  Mad Collager: Frankly, the same photo could've had both captions.

258749  lecj07: First panel: Khajit needs sweet roll. Second panel: khajit did nothing! Khajit is innocent of this crime!

258754  Mad Collager: What? No fried egg?

258766  Mister Beef: Overcompensating, clearly!

258756  Solemn: SMACKDOWN

258537  Side Boob: Babby's first 'monster' truck. So fierce!

258753  Side Boob: Needs to be on a "Vigo the Carpathian" painting

258733  WTF: RIP Ozzy... He's not dead, I just hope he can take a break from all that shuffling around he does all day.

258745  WTF: Is it a law or something that says all bars have to have these stupid-ass signs?

258731  VeeKay: Champagne supernova! No, wait, that's a damn song. Duh.

258754  Solemn: Totally did not-zi that symbol on the medals.

258740  VeeKay: She's wearing Ede and Ravenscroft.

258750  Solemn: @Frum Temps @fanny *Definitely* too late.

258751  Solemn: Clever girl...

258748  Solemn: FENNEC

258744  Passive: *leans back in rocking chair* I haven't laughed at a good poop joke in years!

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258568 VoR: Super glue

258590 Science: @Sadbot: Well, considering the gunman is often killed, motivations remain a mystery. Also, the news media doesn't make headlines out of motivations because they usually aren't exciting and take time away from more sensational news items.

258679 Robespierre: This charcuterie is enormous

258520 Science: Holy hell, I just realized that these are Inferno shells from Necromunda...

258450 Bohab: @Scoo oh man, I wish

258546 Mr. Butt: @Passive Fucking racist.

258616 trelyate: Chuck Tingle titles getting lazy

258618 a robot: @VeeKay Nah that was my first thought too, like "back in the day when teen idols were in their 30s," but I realized that trend has never really gone away. Like the grown-ass adults on 90210 and in boy bands and stuff.

258524 Shay: Is this the elusive turducken people talk about?

258337 Science: You are required to maneuver straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two meters wide. It's a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port.

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 Christina: In Latin: "Necandus necavit necaturum".
 White Rice: @Cami yeah, mobile has some of the worse, "I wish we were back to pop-ups" ads imaginable. You either get directed to some BS, auto reloading "congratulations (google/apple/whatever) user, you win an iPhone 37" site you can't leave without closing the window, or the straight up browser/app market/store hijacking that you described. They're incredibly annoying.
 well duh: *and so can the switcher-fucking-renos when you're simply trying to explain something. If the powers that be on sites like this would sometimes vet their ad sources better, I wouldn't have to keep JavaScript disabled 99 percent of the time, either. Rant over.
 well duh: @Cami go into your app settings, and disable Google Play Store. If you need to download an app or update one, enable it, do your business, and disable it again. I'm not against banner ads (even though they severely slow down page loading), but insatiable urge to visit ads (sometimes malicious) can fuck off. Keeping Play Store disabled will at least stop most of them.
 Cami: Sometimes when I use friendly spaceship Google play opens up to offer me a gambling game of some sort. I've never encountered that before. I'm impressed and annoyed at the same time. Is that called innoyed of anpressed?
 Cami: Wives are not to be trifled with.
 Kim: How you doin'?
 bug: Hello, Hollywood? Forget about James Bond and Jason Bourne... I have a better idea...
 addend: Sooo... refund?
 Derp Herpigan: Twist: hitman was her first ex.
Image 187301   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Warren G Hardon
 a robot: True fact: Chuck E. Cheese's full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese. Do with this information whatever you wish.
 werterland: @Ulillillia In Soviet Russia, cheese chucks you.
 Ulillillia: Russian Chuck E. Cheese
Image 187300   06-24-17   Uploaded by    spydermon
 JacksThirdEye: Meanwhile, in Japan...
 Amy Housewine: This is my thinkin' hat.
Image 187299   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Booty Kicker
 melted plastic: I could use a tall glass right about now.
 fridaynight: She's just mad no one would pay that much to get into her brassiere
 Flarmie: Punch the keys for god's sake!
 Dr Awkward: Is this how you request that the Kool-Aid man to bust through you wall?
 bug: The controls for the newest Street Fighter game were simplified quite a bit.
 Derp Herpigan: Instructions unclear, broke fingers.
Image 187298   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Chaplin
 Bluetocracy: Sorry, I fell asleep while ruminating on the universe
 Peter Pantsless: Frog and Toad are friends
 Scoo: I know it was a wild night if my Rubik's cubes are strewn about *un*-solved
 Yam: I solved this by spending my wild saturday nights cleaning
 Annoying Vegan : Moss lives here
Image 187297   06-24-17   Uploaded by    berlin
 m o l e m a n: Uh huh @divad!!!
 divad: @apoxia no
 apoxia: Can I live here?
Image 187296   06-24-17   Uploaded by    MC Delta T
 Fancy Clown: Heheheh
 ch: Jeez no thanks I'll have a Giant King Don instead
 Chest Rockwell: Gonna sing her a song
 Ulillillia: Going downtown, gonna see my gal
 agger gater: You touch my tra la la
 Mexico: I want those in my mouth right now.
 Scoo: my dancin' name!
Image 187295   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Gallifrasian
 divad: wait.. I think I can hear a horse in there
 piranharama: Omnomnomnom!
 Amy Housewine: Instructions were unclear.
 ch: This is a visual reminder to not lick the sides of dumpsters no matter how tempting
 illBilliam: Yep, looks like we'll have to amputate *whhhiiiirrrrrrr*
 apoxia: I hate it when this happens
 Bluetocracy: Your tale has not weathered enough crap to elicit response from us... but catching your hair in a trash bin? that's just stupid.
 Peter Pantsless: username/upload combo!
Image 187294   06-24-17   Uploaded by    electrode
 tib gubb: it's the toilet of life, really
 divad: mgmt great band but awful toilet cleaners
 Dr Awkward: @apoxia my thoughts exactly.
 Cami: I worked in a place with a stall like this. Remove the door and it's just a urinal(for most).
 apoxia: Who are these "they" people they refer to. Do they mean themselves?
 windows96: I wonder what happens if you pee there
 Scoo: Their music's decent, but their plumbing sucks
Image 187293   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Largehand
 Christina: Rad black cat!
 White Rice: That's a nice looking kitty. A nice looking kitty with the murder eyes going on. I'm ready, this isn't my first rodeo.
 Bluetocracy: you still owe me $74, chum. After that, we're square
 Scoo: Soon, the butt will wiggle. Then... pow!
 WaffleIron: I;m thinking about thos murders
Image 187292   06-24-17   Uploaded by    edvard
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