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268753  SunWukong: This is shiterogen.

268771  wolfpk: Careful pug pupper, old age is sneaking up on you.

268767  Springbok: dog: *smoulders*

268767  Springbok: me: *is smould*

268777  wolfpk: Even engineers like dick jokes.

268795  hajjpodge: When I was little, our cats would do this all the time with my plastic armymen setups. One in particular, a tuxedo cat named Ms. Kitty would stealthily reach up with her white paw and snatch a soldier, put them in her mouth and run away. When I would catch up with her she would have already tossed him down the long flight of stairs from our second floor apartment down to the landing by the front door. She also played fetch with those soldiers and even her own toys. If I threw something down the steps in front of her, she would run down to get it, bring it back, then she would drop it at my feet. Same cat would also answer the phone when no one was home and meow into it for a couple minutes before walking away.

268793  wolfpk: Someone has gas!

267946  Mr Bleak: @Felicity Well, you have my full permission - but I'll have to stop talking to you if you do to avoid the feds getting interested.

268797  VoR: Bullying is an old sport

268798  bug: ...which is not much of a transformation, really.

267952  Mr Bleak: Cock! I thought that was a plant ...

268798  Felicity: A young Mickey Jones

268748  Felicity: Batdog

268750  Felicity: Foxy cat

268756  Felicity: @Shay But what if it's wrong?

268770  Felicity: Just start slowly walking towards her. If she's like those girls in junior high school, she'll move rather than come into contact with you

268772  Felicity: That baby must be grown up by now

268793  Prostata: for once its not the golden looking the most derpy

268774  Felicity: That was the name of a Leslie Nielsen movie costarring Linda Blair

268777  Felicity: I have lived among the humans

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268477 Felicity: I remember this level of Space Harrier

268610 Felicity: @WannaBee hug

268713 WannaBee: Nice buns, hun.

268497 Scoo: murica.jpg

268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268405 Felicity: Beautiful dress. And with gloves! Rad

268687 raditzu: Party Hard

268710 antipatterns: Other cops include: judges, army guys, teachers, hr people, and your mom and dad

268624 Shay: @Dr. Bathroom Oh damn, I remember watching that abortion special with Charlton Heston on late night TV and gave me the hibbie jibbies.

268707 Side Boob: Can I leave the girl in the shelter, or do I have to adopt them together?

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 Christina: You're a child, that's it.
 a robot: twitter dot jpeg
 trelyate: every politics forum ever
 Peter Pantsless: We're the richest, most advanced society the Universe has ever known. And yet our major decisions come down to childish bickering
 Side Boob: ...and STILL be better than the current Prez!
 Prostata: Hail to the Chief
Image 187269   06-24-17   Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Christina: Nobody likes Chlamydia.
 titular role: I'm going as Nibbles the Fanciful Koala for Yom Kippur this year.
 Nopetology: Nibbleshorn
Image 187268   06-24-17   Uploaded by    butt poop
 Christina: Professional dog walker. He gets to walk a dozen dogs and keep on their own feet.
 rinaldi1337: "I come from a world you dont understand"
 Joseph: All you need now is a sled and some snow.
 apoxia: Daniel Radcliffe in his natural environment.
 Shay: Really trying his damnedest to stop being known as the kid who played Harry Potter.
 Lutha: see all those chicks behind me, buddy? yeah, they're not looking at YOU any more, are they? that's what i thought
 fanny: Daniel Mother-fuckin' RADcliffe
 Darmstadtium: This remake of Lord of the Rings is weird
 Cami: If some of the dog owners knew their Tricky Woo was getting second hand smoke, he'd be toast.
 Coolguy: Volleyball team be like "what's up dog?!"
 A duck: Dog Day Afternoon
 A duck: Hairy Potter's looking a bit rough these days
 Peter Pantsless: Livin' the dream
Image 187267   06-24-17   Uploaded by    miller
 XLY: honesty is the best policy
 dobbiesdoogs: wait, i thought first prize was a cadillac eldorado
 Cami: That loser always gets the good spot!
 Horatio: Failing my way to success
 Scoo: Always Be Losing
Image 187266   06-24-17   Uploaded by    falling
 tib gubb: because seriously, who has time or money to do laundry?
 Zampano: @Knice yeah, it'd definetley be a metal band that draws a lot of influence from 80's punk, but i can totally see it. "Thank you all for coming out tonight, don't forget to pick up a CD and a tshirt, were the WHISKEY SHITS"
 froggyfresh: Rad. Also, you never know, maybe they used to be his RPG dice bags
 Sadbot: @Zampano Pretty close, but in my experience the mix of Pall Malls and BO overpower everything else.
 Knice: @Zampano "Whiskey Shits" is a pretty tight band name, I think.
 Darmstadtium: Santa?
 Zampano: @Sadbot id imagine he has a poor, whiskey fueled attitude, and smells about as bad as his pants do, after having worn them for four days, having muttered the phrase, "well that's probably as good as im gonna wipe, im just gonna keep having whiskey shits anyways", multiple times.
 Warrax: Royal af
 Sadbot: @Zampano I'd estimate about 32 bags pictured, and my local competitive big liquor store sells 1.75L of crown for 40 USD, so at least 1280 USD for these pants and some overly sweet liquor. Also, I used to work at a liquor store and I bet I know exactly what this gentleman smells like and how shitty his attitude is.
 Zampano: I want to know, based on the average price of crown royal, how much a 38 waist pair of those pants cost
 Niels Bohr: Where can I get these?
 Sadbot: Canadians pretend they're nice, but they inflicted their version of whiskey on the world.
 addend: "Thirsty for fun?" You bet!
 Scoo: Reduce, reuse, recycle
Image 187265   06-24-17   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 Christina: This image is made of pixels from all over the internet.
 Mr. Shine: "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle-"*pukes*
Image 187264   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Dank Means
 ChubbyBuddy: 'spirit bomb' is just code for ODing on heroin
 funy speling: Shapoopie
 Shay: @Lutha Hup hup.
 Lutha: goku's power level is kinda low, maybe he should pickitup pickitup pickitup
Image 187263   06-24-17   Uploaded by    eumoria
 apoxia: Freeze them long enough and the apple inside goes completely black and oozes out like a slug when you use it in baking. Tastes great.
 Frum Temps: I love b@n@n@s, but yeah, this is the problem. At least they make good muffins
 boozer: Well that's what you get for copulating with bonaners
 Cami: Days 1-4 it's fried apple. I'm OK with this.
 Cami: @El hefe I find pears to be this way too.
 El hefe: Avacados same thing
 Ulillillia: @Jennerator I prefer banana bread
 Jennerator: Oh right, the word switcherino is the problem =P
 Jennerator: Day 7, apple bread. What's the problem?
 Peter Pantsless: How do they work?
Image 187262   06-24-17   Uploaded by    RogueLeader
 Mr Shifty: She looks fairly armless
 EH: your dali' is sick
 Flarmie: Unrealistic beauty standards (both male and female)
 Jennerator: Moses took acid once
 WTF: Pregnancy announcements keep getting weirder and weirder.
Image 187261   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Christina: Nice day for a car wash in Helsinki.
 Mr Shifty: Summer in Lancashire
 RalphyNoPants: @Lutha, early fall, to be fair.
 Lutha: @Dick Inspector fall, actually
 Dick Inspector: So, summer in Minnesota?
 Peter Pantsless: They show those "polar bear" people on the news every winter and they're nuts if you ask me
Image 187260   06-24-17   Uploaded by    obama
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