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233004  Teechur: @Nope And I defend your right to keep that anthrax paperweight.

233022  Peter Pantsless: @ignatz I always thought the spelling of that word was weird, and the Euro spelling is even weirder

233022  zrj235: I... don't have words. They should have sent a poet.

233020  Nope: Sugar Ray fell on some hard times

233009  Sadbot: @ping thanks for that, much funnier and nobody killed a bunch of kids with a Saturn V recently...or ever

233004  Nope: @Teechur My vial of anthrax makes a nice paperweight. More people have been harmed by McDonald's than MY vial.

233004  Chest Rockwell: Translation: We're all unarmed, come rob us!

233004  Chest Rockwell: @Side Boob That's exactly what I do.

233001  Teechur: Is this what you turn into if you eat one?

233004  Teechur: @Nope Mine only punches holes in paper targets. More people have been harmed by social media than by my firearms.

233018  Dresdenkeogh: Day 3. The others have yet to realize that I am not bread.

233021  Dresdenkeogh: Need condoms? Maybe look somewhere that doesn't contain jerky. This isn't my house this is a store.

233021  grizzly: Whenever I bought condoms, I let the cashier know that they were for my penis.

233008  zrj235: it's missing pumpkin spice

233009  zrj235: from my cold dead holdy hand things

233010  zrj235: haha oh wow i remember this game wow. i wish i didn't but i do.

233012  Chest Rockwell: The people that this message is intended for probably don't use their mirrors.

233009  ping: This reminds me of xkcd's Up Goer Five (

233011  zrj235: anything is a heart if you're brave enough

233015  Peter Pantsless: The kid is a master strategist

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232867 Robespierre: @Kaviri I prefer "sphincter-clenching tension" myself.

232807 Warrax: "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?" "Narcissism."

232814 Bohab: Rock on, fellow bohab

232786 trelyate: neber forget

232832 Felicity: The sign of success is when youre doing so well at real estate you have time to be a comedian *and* a magician

233004 Nope: @Teechur My vial of anthrax makes a nice paperweight. More people have been harmed by McDonald's than MY vial.

232894 Kaviri: She died doing what she loved.

232910 grizzly: But what does mental illness LOOK like?

232812 Kaviri: Vomit on my sweater already.

232928 Amy Housewine: @redmonkey3…

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 Peach: Giant house cats: Floofy blessing or the end of humanity?
 Robespierre: I'd forgotten just how small my apartment was when I was in college.
 kornisjon: It's a bit irresponsible to keep such a large cat in a residential area.
 Amy Housewine: Alice The Cat nibbled on the 'Eat Me' cake.
 apoxia: Cats, always hogging the best spots
 VoR: The tiger that came to tea and a sleep over
 tib gubb: they says i large, but if i so large, then why do i fits?
Image 187136   06-24-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Air Biscuit: Saw some kids trying to push a shopping cart through the drive through and pretend it was a car. Mcdonalds still wouldent let them order.
 Joseph: @Nopetology I was in line behind a girl on a pony once at Mcdonalds drive thru.
 Nopetology: Talking about all this has made me curious- it's been awhile. What is the current state of things? I'm going to visit that particular Wendy's drive-thru again sometime very soon. This time I'll probably be riding my recumbent trike- bikes are so obsolete.. If they give me a hard time, I'll happily call in the internet version of an air strike. I might even come back a few hours later and find an unconventional way to express my displeasure.. Or maybe they'll pass the test and I won't have to continue being such a bitter bastard about ancient history. I was really hungry that night, but grudges should maybe have a statute of limitations..
 Nopetology: And the incident in question happened maybe 12 years ago. Maybe they've fixed the problem. It almost doesn't matter in my case- I still don't go to Wendy's nearly as much as I used to before they turned me away.
 Nopetology: I really like Wendy's. Not quite as good as Burger King, but way better than McDonalds. I don't want to throw shade on their whole operation, but banning bikes in the after hours drive-thru lanes was a deeply shitty thing to do.
 Nopetology: FYI for Wendy's people- if I'd been a bit younger and still in my 'peak anarchy' phase, I probably would have come back a few hours later and found an unconventional way to express my displeasure. Maybe several ways. Hungry people can be kinda cranky..
 Nopetology: Made me madder than hell that my local Wendy's wouldn't take drive-thru orders from people on bikes. Nobody was allowed to go into the restaurant after a certain time, but the drive-thru was open much later. They said they couldn't take orders from bike people because it was a "safety issue". After midnight, when there wasn't a car in sight- certainly no cars in the drive-thru lane..
 Himesama: Gurl bye.
 tib gubb: "I'm gonna need you to be my eyes"
Image 187135   06-24-17   Uploaded by    alborland
 Mr. Shine: Torn between two lovers?
Image 187134   06-24-17   Uploaded by    PissedOff
 Hokie333: There's a restroom in this thing, right?
 Dan Tagonistic: The Funky Spaceship
 Robespierre: Is that a circular Twister mat? That could be enough to give anybody Boogie Fever.
 Cami: @Hosebag I don't know where it is but blame its absence on Remy Shand.
 mrwiffler: They're all going to die.
 Hosebag: I always wondered what happened to Motown. I think it is currently passing the orbit of Pluto.
 Thurb Grunombies: "It's out of this world!"
 Prostata: Get UP! Git ON UP!
 VoR: In space no one can here your Motown
 tib gubb: old school might and magic setting: high fantasy with the tech coming through the closer you got to the end... good stuff.
 Amy Housewine: Most accurate illustation of The Friendly Spaceship yet.
 Cami: Because is this not why man reaches for the stars?
Image 187133   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Stephen Milkmus
 Felicity: Luchadorable
Image 187132   06-24-17   Uploaded by    NO JOKES
 Robespierre: Yup; that's 3-D alright.
 Thurb Grunombies: I made nope!
 XLY: Nailed it
 drtofu: Run!
 ignatz: It's below the build plate so I'm calling fake..
 apoxia: ERROR, ERROR!
 sparename: WreckerBot
 Cami: Look! It made a mess!
 tib gubb: I WARNED YOU
 SpamSpamSpamSpam: In addition to reaching for his waistband, the deceased brandished a baguette which contained traces of spicy mustard.
Image 187131   06-24-17   Uploaded by    huskyboy
 LurkedMoar: Alluringly @DarkTeddy
 Wooden Spoon: Never give a child something you can't afford to lose.
 Mr. Shine: *whistles, snaps*
 tib gubb: then why don't you get in there and go get it you big sissy?
 DarkTeddy: How do u fuck a lure
Image 187130   06-24-17   Uploaded by    NotHuman
 RiderFan: @WaffleIron Oh, I shall. I shall until my throat is sore.
 Jabberwikket: "We've been through this bullshit before with you. Algebra is not middle eastern cultural appropriation' and protesting is not a sport. If you don't take some PE credits, you don't graduate!"
 WaffleIron: @RiderFan : DO NOT speak ill of yoga pants!
 RiderFan: I agree! Jazzercise and Aerobics are far too underutilized these days as gyms all across the US are polluted by yoga pants.
 Peach: *takes up yoga*
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Downward facing lucifer, sun lucifer i see his point now.
 Mr. Shine: You can't accidentally worship something. For sincere worship, intent is required.
 Wooden Spoon: "Poses are dedicated to demon worship..." is that related to the theory that a cat licking its balls with its leg in the air is forming a pentagram?
 WaffleIron: There is definitely more spiritual parts to yoga than lululemons and some shitty music, and those spiritual parts are not judeo-christian, so by stricter interpretations of your desert trilogy, yeah... the sign makes its point. Not saying this guy and I would be friends or anything though, he can go eat a dick.
Image 187129   06-24-17   Uploaded by    alex
 Felicity: Mustached Chevy Chase
 DarkTeddy: Fuck
 WaffleIron: It's friday night here and I'm looking at a post about a guy whining about being alone on a friday night that's been jpegged to hell. I however doubt that I will die alone.
Image 187128   06-24-17   Uploaded by    god666
 WaffleIron: Already salted!
Image 187127   06-24-17   Uploaded by    Salvador Molly
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