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253689  WannaBee: If it's Episode 1, 2, or 3 I understand.

253665  Korrok: Fuck off! I do what I want.

253689  Sandor: Doesn't know what to do with lightsaber

253698  AFanOfSprite: When you set out to cause anarchy and chaos but instead make the world a better place.

253685  Yam: me rn

253687  Yam: whoa she shrink

253690  Knice: Um ... okay? *confusedly jams Uno deck up ass*

253687  Knice: Red Shirt Dude fucked the angle up. 6/10

253686  Knice: That'll teach her.

253507  Austin: For "2". Just like that velveeta and shells meal that I made for me and a... friend

253686  Sadbot: Not wrong, Seinfeld is just bougie It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. No comedy but class-conscious comedy

253689  Not A Bot: Joke accounts are a joke.

253677  Knice: In the right now, I will badvote this.

253680  Sadbot: It's a po' boy!

253680  Knice: The ol' spicy nip-nop

253682  Sadbot: Oh, hi @the snark

253682  Knice: wat

253669  grizzly: @Ironass ha!sick burn!

253633  Gomi Day: hauling ass with a bed full of casiotones

253678  Scoo: Classic Butthole

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253636 smusher: Three men and no baby

253494 Robespierre: Sorry, Billy Bob, but I'm expensive this weekend.

253386 Ironass: Do you think he likes skulls?

253470 DrinkMixMan: Can we stop doing this?

253573 Dr Awkward: @Springbok I teach college juniors, but she's a tiny gymnast

253407 Bluetocracy: The murder scene is horrible. There is frosting and sprinkles everywhere!

253571 dangerkeith3000: Trump of North Korea

253431 redmonkey3: @Bluetocracy - i does; naughty monkey

253446 SurfNTurf: @dangerkeith3000 huh?...

253388 Bill Rye: @Nope maybe that's what's causing the anxiety

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 duckfarts: yelling does dry out your throat...
 Peter Pantsless: @wolfpk *hic* move overrrr kit-*hic* kitty *hic*
 wolfpk: Sit here if you love to drink
Image 184133   06-08-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Mr. Butt: instruction unclear, dick stuck in anemone
 RiderFan: Another fun fact: Simba and Nala were brother and sister.
 Kim: Also: Nemo means nobody in Latin. They think they're so smart. Finding Nobody.
 DrinkMixMan: Get lost
 duckfarts: jared no
 Bast Relief: This is why I have trouble with anthropomorphism.
Image 184132   06-08-17   Uploaded by    windows96
 lumporungus: This invariably happens before the ambulance gets there so I'd say he got his wish.
 DrinkMixMan: Meaning you want incontinent old men to buy your cars?
 duckfarts: hey buddy, i don't even need to step on the gas
 enfanta: Are these like thigh gaps for cars?
 Catcat: @WaffleIron I don't even know that that is. I am a cat, tho.
 WaffleIron: Straight door gaps are only a thing I care about when I'm outside the car. Inside the car I can't see the door gaps.
Image 184131   06-08-17   Uploaded by    winwolf
 DrinkMixMan: All the Rain Brings and More
 Air Biscuit: After the rain.
 piranharama: Do you even lift?
 Nope: Oh hi there
Image 184130   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Messed Up Dog
 SS Keith: Salame
 DrinkMixMan: Puppet looks violated
 Dan Tagonistic: I'm fine however
 Dan Tagonistic: RIP Andrew "Bodger and Badger" Cunningham
 jazzjunkie: He seems nice
 duckfarts: swipe left, burn phone
 Bast Relief: Hmm. He left this one off his dating profile. Should I just block his number and stand him up, or should I tell him I'm no longer interested?
 Cami: Slowly back out of the room, close the door, then run.
 Catcat: And this is how 4chan is born
 wolfpk: O an pretty sure this is a violation of your probation.
Image 184129   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Dan Tagonistic
 Air Biscuit: Hambvulgari: a fragrance for men.
 enfanta: Lars was so gullible. We got tired of the snipe hunts, though, and then one night one of us came up with a bug that lives on hams... We had to stop with the signs after his sister threatened to cut off our balls. You don't mess with Astrid.
 Ulillillia: Robble Robble
 WaffleIron: The field where... oh fuck it.
Image 184128   06-08-17   Uploaded by    xylophone
 Life Whacker: Theyre trying to escape. This is Attack of the Killer B-a-n-a-n-a-s
 DrinkMixMan: "Sir, this is supposed to be the lane for 15 items or less." "But I only have one item."
 White Rice: @Derp Herpigan oh, I've seen evidence of those people before, and while odd, they really shouldn't elicit that much horror from a random cashier. Now, the jerk with the tiny car overflowing with garbage, he would elicit that look from any sane individual, but this fruit purchaser really shouldn't (unless they're either wearing a creepy gorilla suite, or are wearing garments made from at least as many peels as these bunches would produce...or just a single peels worth)
 Air Biscuit: Knock knock.
 Cami: Not in shot: 20 boxes of condoms.
 Cami: The look of horror is the realization that the photographer was licking their lips while taking his picture.
 tib gubb: best if you don't ask questions... (slips him five $100 bills)
 Derp Herpigan: @White Rice It's the shock value from realizing that those odd people you hear about in math textbooks do in fact exist in real life, and that he now regrets sleeping through the class in which these people are mentioned.
 White Rice: I never could figure out why he looks so shocked by all the yellow fruit up there, it's not like it suddenly materialized before his very eyes. Someone had to walk a basket/cart full of them to the line, take the bunches out, and place them up there. If the cashier somehow didn't notice all that activity I'd have to suggest some new glasses (although the store colors make me think Walmart, and maybe that's pertinent?)
 ch: surprise motherfucker: BANAS
 Ulillillia: When purple users come to your checkout lane
 Peter Pantsless: It was after the third such trip to the store that Donkey Kong decided to do something about those damn Kremlings
Image 184127   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Bitcoin Burglar
 Kim: Too many apples.
 duckfarts: Ping Pong Club, a goddamn amazing manga and anime, it's also insane
 Ulillillia: Hey hey hey!
 Teechur: Dang it, Bobby-san!
Image 184126   06-08-17   Uploaded by    In The Pocket
 sparename: A Troglodyte Mrs Potato Head
 spydermon: The Residents, on Roaming (but what's up with the nine legs?)
 rockkstar: *Walking Eye*, Hank
 Skaalar: "I love killing guys when I'm wearing a suit, makes me feel like James Bond or something."
 duckfarts: just saw #184129
 Catcat: @WaffleIron due to Canadian defense procurement shenanigans, their infantry got to ride around in unarmored jeeps (forget what brand). The motto of recce troops was "Recon By Death:" if the recce goes over the hill and you soon see a plume of smoke rising from there, well, then you have found the enemy.
 Catcat: @Mexico a giant walking nose sniffs somewhere nearby
 ch: hey i'm thinking, "free eye"
 Mexico: All I see out here are a bunch of jerks!
 WaffleIron: Send the most defenceless and vulnerable part out to do reconnaissance.
Image 184125   06-08-17   Uploaded by    westerner
 flushpuppy: Well to hell with those classists, then. If you cant handle me at my poorest you dont deserve me at my richest
 trelyate: at first I thought he was referring to The Learning Channel and the show Scrubs
 Ulillillia: Is their policy on airing vapid reality shows still the same?
 Mr. Whiskers: Oh I get it
 Mr. Whiskers: Wasn't that Destiny's Child
 Horatio: Go chase a waterfall, Paul.
Image 184124   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
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