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243783  ignatz: Gonna have some weird tan lines..

243787  ignatz: PDA:Public Display od Assgrabbing

242649  Mr Bleak: Gonna need a serious size shower cap.

242652  Mr Bleak: He did something amazing: #242658

243778  jochenau: @Yurishiro As you have willed it, so shall it be!

242670  Mr Bleak: That you can't spell "RAGRET" properly?

243778  Yurishiro: @jochenau Pile o' Pipes would have been funnier

243778  jochenau: "Alright, contestants, each team's received their Pile O' Pipes. You have two hours to construct your Tiny Upcycled Dream Jungle Gyms. Ready...set...GO!"

243777  jochenau: "Alright, contestants, each team's received their Block O' Junk. You have three hours to construct your Tiny Upcycled Dream Houses. Ready...set...GO!"

243765  jochenau: @Sadbot I...I guess that's just how it is on this bitch of an earth?

243737  charlemagne: how the west country was won

243770  jochenau: This makes no sense on so many different levels.

243773  jochenau: Science: Being Misunderstood By People Since 1543

243776  jochenau: Well, it could certainly be both.

243769  charlemagne: better then a bedtime story

243758  Air Biscuit: Another character of csi doggo

243762  Air Biscuit: The spice must half flow.

243761  glenalec: @Ronick - His hand's are bigger than the US President's?

243770  VoR: This is just stupid and I've seen a lot of weird shit on here

243777  ignatz: Renaissance is futile

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243474 raditzu: You've got to love these eyes.

243503 Mad Collager: @VoR I was gonna say that, but you said it much better!

243564 Robespierre: A Murican, one of those "I don't give a shit about your worthless sponge life or your shithole planet" "badasses". Bet he says he's a Christian, too.

243534 Teechur: @fanny @Felicity Ok. Now I'm on my phone. Let's see if it works. I'm still not sure what you mean about the different types of apostrophes.

243484 Ulillillia: If you insist!

243638 XLY: holy shit

243498 trelyate: also what was up with that duck with the inner tube with the little duck head is that thing alive or not?

243485 copunter: i bite long waterdog

243654 Darmstadtium: Is that what 'carnitas' are?

243501 Chest Rockwell: Sad.

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 funny in the wall: @Niels Bohr not to mention that most of the developing countries have been raped by trade with the US in one way or another
 Wooden Spoon: @Niels Bohr: Also, we have not met the environmental standards.
 Niels Bohr: @Mr. Shine because the developing countries we give money to are on a different planet and what they do to their environment doesn't effect us in any way?
 Mr. Shine: We've already met the environmental standards, we're just refusing to be responsible for the huge cash giveaways.
 Prostata: sad but true
Image 183303   06-04-17   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Mr Bleak: "I wandered lonely as a cloud, 'cross a field some twat had ploughed." Now send me the money.
 drtofu: Mo money, mo poems
 enfanta: 'Cause everyone knows that old aphorism "Wealthy as a poet."
 Mr. Shine: Bullsh!t.
Image 183302   06-04-17   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Air Biscuit: Chew chew (rewind noise)
 Urn BooUrn: So that's what they are for!
Image 183301   06-04-17   Uploaded by    lionstrong
 Bob: @Cami when I see dogs in public, I pet them unless their body language indicates that their not into it. If I get bit it's worth it.
 Cami: Other people's dogs are like pregnant womens' bellies: Some people seem to think it's OK to touch without permission.
 Annoying Vegan : I wish more people would think to leave this sign!
 Knice: I would have assumed that; thank you for the sign, though, :-)
Image 183300   06-04-17   Uploaded by    Beerarchy
 Mr Bleak: That's no moon...
 Side Boob: One in the right is in WITSEC for planets
 piranharama: "Enhance... enhance..."
 Teechur: The one on the left must be Alderaan because it looks like it got blown up.
 Aemuli: Dammit moon moon!
 WTF: Better one, or two? One... or two?
Image 183299   06-04-17   Uploaded by    sumo
 Cami: @Nothing Your.....singular tastes.
 Nothing: Finally, a charger that conforms to my interests
 Teechur: As long as it doesn't go all "sparkachu" in that socket.
 Hosebag: Damn it, China.
 Himesama: I NEED this.
Image 183298   06-04-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 enfanta: An equesticle!
 a robot: "Robot Unicorn Attack" is a pretty fun game
 Nopetology: Is your girlfriend a.. whatever the hell this is?
Image 183297   06-04-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 DJSnoopMike: DIRTY ROTTEN STINKIN BASS! anyone else get that song in their head when they saw this?
 Ulillillia: No treble
 RiderFan: So, SUNN O))) is playing on those speakers?
 Aemuli: This is not the greatest song in the world...this is just a tribute
Image 183296   06-04-17   Uploaded by    my wheelhouse
 Robespierre: Selfie schtick
 WaffleIron: This is stupid, I mean, who takes their laptop camping?
 Urn BooUrn:…
 WTF: Everglades national park after global warming.
Image 183295   06-04-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Robespierre: I like those little maps of Vermont in there - they're even granite coloured!
 Paint Chips: the 90s sucked.
 Annoying Vegan : By the time I grab my books/ And I give myself a look/ I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by
 Aemuli: I see you, Waldo's heart
Image 183294   06-04-17   Uploaded by    Vorm Gongo
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