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263149  Robespierre: Dunt uze dot tone wis mee, hyoomin - it hertz mye eerz

263150  Robespierre: Pouncing detected

263157  Robespierre: Couture by Farm 'n' Fleet

263159  Robespierre: Thank you for coming to Lowes / Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show

263247  werterland: Yeah, ratings buttons are messed up lol. I accidentally hit BAD, and in a moment of panic I hit RAD, and it changed the score both times and both buttons are grayed out.

263259  tacticaljay: This is awesome! Wheres this at?

263171  Robespierre: Now, get it tattooed on your forehead

263192  Robespierre: Hormel's Finest

263197  Robespierre: @Annoying Vegan @Mexico May I come onboard?

263202  Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

263208  Robespierre: Annoyance ears

263215  Robespierre: @Knice In my opinion, the extra fucked-up-ness arose straight from two sources: The Internet, and the bottomless gullibility of the Murican Hate Bloc

263216  Robespierre: @Knice What show? I'm totally out of touch with allegedly humourous TV shows from the past two or three decades.

263245  FabricMan: The garden hose mists couscous on the flowerbed. Your shower head has a rigatoni setting. You power wash the siding with tagliatelle. And there's a scandal in your city when the police use taglierini on peaceful protesters.

263229  Robespierre: "A knockwurst to go, please"

263234  Robespierre: Now, select all images with da Moom

263238  Robespierre: Pitifulness of North Korea

263239  Robespierre: Toil and trouble

263236  Passive: I think I'll draw some cat nipples. -Artist

263239  Passive: That's me. You know, I was somebody once. It all happened so long time ago...

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263215 Robespierre: @Knice In my opinion, the extra fucked-up-ness arose straight from two sources: The Internet, and the bottomless gullibility of the Murican Hate Bloc

263192 Robespierre: Hormel's Finest

262891 Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

262885 Prostata: I want to believe

263229 Robespierre: "A knockwurst to go, please"

263162 Spazstatic: @Whatever oooh, good point.

263011 Fiveninety: you don't know me

263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

262892 Felicity: The Arch Non Deluxe

263070 wolfpk: *and blows

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 E. HONDA: must be a controlled burn
 tib gubb: but look i have an iphone!
 Shay: That's a fair assessment. Plus that shit is on fire yo.
 ch: "Scrappy Doo has been found dead in Miami"
 Robologna: I mean, sure.
Image 182869   06-02-17   Uploaded by    McMuff
 piranharama: A whole new world indeed
 Teechur: OMG I just napped like that for 2 hours! My knees are killing me!
Image 182868   06-02-17   Uploaded by    Defiance
 funny in the wall: that's actually very true fortunately or unfortunately
 WTF: "You gotta do what you gotta do."
 Dreforian: I'm not paid to comment either, but here we are.
Image 182867   06-02-17   Uploaded by    Mumbo Dingus
 piranharama: This is a pretty boss cemetery. Looks like Mt Fuji, can someone confirm/correct?
 scribbs: Rad.
Image 182866   06-02-17   Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
 RainbowTornado: One time I was passing a business this elder gentlemen I knew owned. I informed him that there was a kitten meowing under his hood. He took it home, named him Zeke, and theyre best friends to this day. Truth.
 mwoody: @Annoying Vegan Yeah, I can't imagine the cat enjoyed it.
 Ulillillia: @Mr. Whiskers If only she just figuratively ran over her cat this week.
 Annoying Vegan : @Mr. Whiskers That would be the worst feeling. :(
 Mr. Whiskers: My neighbor literally just ran over her cat this week.
 Chest Rockwell: Tapping the hood might scuff the paint. Instead, sound the horn for 1-3 minutes to warn any animals that you are about to fire up the engine.
 piranharama: @White Rice Good point actually. I'm reminded of a workmate who took his cat to the vet, and the cat got away in between car and vet, and he lost it. Couldn't find it at all. Until it hopped safely out of the engine bay AFTER he drove home.
 White Rice: @piranharama this is the obviously visible option, but with many vehicles it's really easy for small animals to get into the engine itself, and that's where the danger is. I remember replacing the intake manifold on my old crown Vic, and there was a literal rats nest under it, fully inside the engine compartment. I could easily imagine a small/medium sized cat getting up in there to get out of the rain/snow (or even heat, as it is shaded, yet enclosed). Nothing wrong with giving the hood a tap of you're not sure.
 Horatio: There are moving parts they can get jammed in. My friend accidentally turned a stray into a bobtail once.
 piranharama: They usually bug out when you start the engine, right?
 Shay: Damn the queue is running slow.
Image 182865   06-02-17   Uploaded by    carlin
 Borkf: Someones a chaser. :-)
 Shay: Who's a big boy???
Image 182864   06-02-17   Uploaded by    butt poop
 Whatoatmeal: Looks kinda like my dog.
 Dick Inspector: This is a mess.
 Teechur: Looks like something I cleaned out of the sink trap.
 Horatio: I'm pretty sure this counts as animal abuse.
 Horatio: I'm pretty sure this counts as animal abuse.
 Dan Tagonistic: It's a dog!
Image 182863   06-02-17   Uploaded by    mission2mars
 Nopetology: This is just lazy. If you're going to go this far, then do it properly. The truck in the painting needs to have another truck painted on it, et cetera..
 LurkedMoar: Yo dawg...
 Teechur: Truckception. Guy probably has his ass tattooed on his own ass.
Image 182862   06-02-17   Uploaded by    Prumbo
 Theimposter: Pretty sure thats a bonobo. They do a -different- kind of assault.
 Nopetology: Ten seconds after this pic was taken, the chimp probably ripped out the guy's jugular with his chompers.
 Hosebag: Oh my god I'm seeing double.
 mwoody: me or my son, talk, ever, etc.
 scribbs: "Hover Hand with Chimp" photograph, 1992.
 KrazyKat: His girlfriend is NOT a horse.
Image 182861   06-02-17   Uploaded by    petunias
 Whatoatmeal: Frank is not impressed, dog.
Image 182860   06-02-17   Uploaded by    nuke em
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