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248535  charlemagne: no added salt. unless you count your tears

248533  Christina: @TurkeyVulture You test for midichlorians.

248538  Yurishiro: I do this when I'm bored at restaurants

248539  Yurishiro: But is she annoying? *WINK*

248536  WannaBee: I'll name him Sid.

248530  Side Boob: It's you! You're the good boy!

248449  glenalec: Luckily I wear daipers!

248488  Dresdenkeogh: Needs a tattoo

248528  funny in the wall: The fuck is this?

248497  glenalec: Kitty's got.. blue eyes. Like a blue blue day.

248532  DrinkMixMan: Like he said, he's not a bloody taxi service. Yet.

248536  DrinkMixMan: aarf lmao

168413  Felicity: Alternatively, avoid making coffee so hot that it causes severe burns

248508  glenalec: Jerkin 9 to 5. What a way to make a living!

248364  Dresdenkeogh: @Peter Pantsless I'm just really happy people got it.

248536  WTF: @dobbiesdoogs "Whoo... foul stench."

248531  Jabberwikket: Move along! Nothing to see! Definitely no floating going on down here!

248521  Not A Bot: Car is not a girl. 3/10.

248529  carpwoman: Idiot is right.

248536  dobbiesdoogs: an interstellar hit-dog, compliments of xur

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248338 Robespierre: @Side Boob If there were a Confederate flag visible there would be even more whingeing in here.

248508 glenalec: Jerkin 9 to 5. What a way to make a living!

248355 addend: (Puts it in reverse.)

248316 Yurishiro: @Christina I believe watermelons are smaller.

248291 Kaviri: Eloise at the Plaza.

248396 Dreforian: Little in the middle but she got much back

248458 Shay: Instructions not clear, so *HONK HONK*

248339 Robespierre: Something something Jimmy Carter

248385 nightmarez: You get em @Yam

248470 Greifer: i take eight!

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 SpaceCow: "Conversely, when Nintendo releases another Sonic the Pinball Condom dispenser, they make too many which depresses the market and causes them to get bought out by Atari-Vision."
 Uncle Phil: Technically, they produce 0, and that's not enough to meet any demand.
 Aemuli: Interestingly it doesn't change the meaning at all, because all the companies are the same shit with a different label, like cigarette brands. Amiga Scorpio Marlboro edition, doesn't matter.
 taxKilla: Good to see the care put into education materials clearly justifies the price of text books these days. And get off my lawn!
 Meow: Now they wont buy back the textbook. Was it worth it?
 itskando: Nintendo Steamstation 360
Image 181094   05-25-17   Uploaded by    entropy
 Felicity: Similarly, blank CDs are now more expensive than blank DVDs
 Zampano: This is why America is obese. Kind of like you can buy two McDonald's Apple pies for $1, or one for $1. A double cheeseburger is $1. Salad $5
 Wet farts: I never understood how or why people drink so much soda. But I do fix these machines for a living sooo yea. Keep using and breaking them so I have a job.
 dangerous dave: @Scoo Not on this model: They were full capacity.
 Scoo: @dangerous dave Yeah, but those pack-in cartridges only print about 50 pages before running out
 dangerous dave: My Samsung color laser printer was $249, new in box. The four toner cartridges are $79 each. ...Go on, I'll wait.
 Scoo: Double Big Gulp: free!
 SomeCanadian: Don't think about the economics of this. You might tear space-time.
 BavidDowie: Welp, see you later!
 Sandor: Discount diabetes
Image 181093   05-25-17   Uploaded by    Booty Kicker
 Shay: This is one of those times where you should just GTFO and ask questions later.
 zodiacflash: Sweet contemporary floor lamp, though.
 dangerous dave: Moon! Zero-two! (...Or, wait: Is this Space 1999? I used to live that show.)
 jayjay: This new Thundercats movie looks GREAT!
 zodiacflash: 3 minus 1.
 Ulillillia: Enjoy life in 1999, it's pretty much downhill after 2000.
 sparename: I got 1999 problems...
 Horatio: This is why you don't fart in your containment suit.
 eider: Everything looks fine in here, over.
Image 181092   05-25-17   Uploaded by    foreversmug
 Felicity: New compact eXistenZ
 Ulillillia: I got worms
 SomeCanadian: Morty baubles?
 Dr Awkward: "Accessorize your Parasite!" (TM)
Image 181091   05-25-17   Uploaded by    bubbles
 ping: Emo of Borg.
 Peach: No one smiles in the future.
 itskando: Return of The Pest
 Demon Universe: "We are here to pump you up, human meat bags."
Image 181090   05-25-17   Uploaded by    original og
 Uncle Larry: The rainbow camouflage is FAB-U-LOUS!
 sparename: When SG-1 returned to the Nox World, Lya had really let herself go
 Cami: Your Polish plait is really out of control.
 itskando: Day 36: I don't even know what I am anymore. I think Stockholm syndrome is beginning to take root.
 Cami: With a derby hat your Itt costume will be complete.
Image 181089   05-25-17   Uploaded by    Morn Bumbies
Image 181088 is unbelievably bad (score -12) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Rembo Prundus. We'll pray for you, Rembo Prundus.
 celtic: Where's its feathers?
 piranharama: Is this from Dinomation?
Image 181087   05-25-17   Uploaded by    elahabdh
 Soy Peso: Menage a cinco. Yeah, buddy.
 Aemuli: Oh don't lie, he's totally into it.
 Cami: He has no head!
 itskando: Maaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Image 181086   05-25-17   Uploaded by    highdra
 dangerous dave: Yeah, I'd still hit that.
 Teechur: I'm worried about the ghost bewb in the oven.
 grizzly: That tuppaware sitting on the edge of the counter is triggering me.
 itskando: @itskando seriously though, looks like a bewb with a sizable areola on the oven viewing screen
 Demon Universe: Daughter!?
 itskando: Ha. Can't say brazzrs
 itskando: Is that an oven or grindr?
 WTF: Is your girlfriend a vegan wog?
 tritium: com
 Beef Supreme: Meet her and other singles like her on
Image 181085   05-25-17   Uploaded by    pisspig
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