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216504  Felicity: @Peter Pantsless They taste like a loud, constantly-crapping chicken. [Source: John Keister]

216563  charlemagne: I'd send that one back to the kinder egg people and get your pound back

216568  DarkTeddy: Im 22 and im the right

216511  Felicity: Ghostbusters?

216513  Felicity: Did the cat take the photo of himself?

216575  melted plastic: The black cat has claimed you as its family. Not accepting him might be dangerous to your health.. I too have been claimed by a black cat.. Watch your back.

216516  Felicity: I love it when cats give you the sarcastic cat look

216517  Felicity: @winwolf Did you see that article about the cat who wanted a cheeseburger? Good reporting

216573  shark: I was born and raised in the Soviet Union and I remember that day. No matter what the propaganda says, our television programs were halted with the news and it was depicted as a terrible tragedy. Radio was covering this as well. No celebration, no "ha, stupid Americans", none of that. Simply a call to a moment of silence for the loss of fellow human beings. We even had a special assembly the next

216565  Yam: Id really like this image without the caption. Dont get me wrong, I like the caption too

216564  RiderFan: This is why I give a look of disgust to people who complain about having to wash the dishes when they use a dishwasher.

216537  Not A Bot: Grab a Remora and make yourself at home!

216573  deathawaits: I hated the way the media covered the victims: Christa McAuliffe and 6 anonymous others. Seemed such a disservice to them.

216460  foreversmug: @FabricMan hahaha

216565  kazzy94: Birdwatching for Rednecks?

216526  Annoying Vegan : @Science YAAAAAAAS! It was so much fun! A very surreal experience. I wish we were allowed to take interior photos though.

216545  jazzjunkie: But we've got selfie sticks at home already #126262

216563  Yam: Roommates

216573  Rhombo Dimple: 30 Years ago tomorrow. You posted this today just to make sure that you got ahead of everyone?

216559  Shay: This Spongebob x Trading Places crossover is weird.

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216395 Niels Bohr: Shout shout let it all out.

216356 glenalec: I see a crater with ejecta. Ewwwww.

216475 raditzu: heavy breathing

216326 aoaoaoao: @dangerkeith3000 damn

216436 Cami: @Air Biscuit Things go South long before they melt. If you need to spray and pray on this level you need one of the good guy guns from a John Woo movie.

216537 Not A Bot: Grab a Remora and make yourself at home!

216490 Yurishiro: HEY! How did you know I have "you reading this comic now." tattooed on my face?

216539 jochenau: Oil heaters are RAD. I have no idea why people bother with those stupid space heaters that sear a small patch in front of them and leave everything else freezing.

216346 Robespierre: The Miss-A-Shift-er! It's patented! Order NOW!

216495 sparename: A long time ago, my housemate and I both had similar snoring issues. I was diagnosed with a polyp but had a deviated septum, Ian was diagnosed with a deviated septum and had a polyp.. About to sign the waiver for my operation, the doctor was describing to me the part where he "opens a gap in the membrane, then creates a sinus-drain in the bone..", I said "You're just gonna stick an eighth-inch drill-bit up my nose".., he replied.. "Basically, yes"

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 Suburbanmom: Alright, let me start by saying...I am a food grizzly bear...And I am totally one of those suburban moms who eats all organic and basically deprive my kids of junk food...But mother fucker would I slam this bitch back!
 Suburbanmom: Alright, let me start by saying...I am a food grizzly bear...And I am totally one of those suburban moms who eats all organic and basically deprive my kids of junk food...But mother fucker would I slam this bitch back!
 Peter Pantsless: @a robot I don't think there's a single situation I can't relate to the Simpsons in some way
 a robot: @Demon Universe I mean quoting the Simpsons has sort of become a second language for me, so I understand :D
 a robot: @Scoo I have no strong opinions one way or another. It's not something I would usually order at a restaurant so I don't actually know which one I would say. Perhaps a garbled version that incorporates both?
 Warrax: $8? Is it a half gallon?
 Demon Universe: I really hate my phone. It's terrible.
 Demon Universe: @a robot And glad to do it. Mr. Burns is one of my favorite, almost every episode he is a part of is gold. Last Exit to Springfield is probably the best with him off the top of my head, but there are so many. And for the record, probably about 50% of my mannerisms come from the Simpsons.
 Demon Universe: @a robot And glad to do it. Mr. Burns is one of my favorite, almost every episode he is a part of is gold. Last Exit to Springfield is probably the best with him off the top of my head, but there are so many. And for the record, probably about 50% of my mannerisms come from the Simpsons.
 Scoo: @a robot Just out of curiosity, and without any CMB-esque take on it, do you call it "ice tea" or "iced tea"? I've noticed people tend to feel strongly one way or the other.
 a robot: @Demon Universe Your use of "soured cream" made me laugh: My best friend and I do that all the time in honor of when Mr. Burns called ice cream "iced cream." So now it's things like "gingered ale" and "Walled Mart" and yes, "soured cream."
 Prostata: make a RUN to the bathroom
 Dr Awkward: @Dr. Bathroom It seems your services may be in demand soon.
 Dr. Bathroom: Blizzard going in, mudslide going out.
 Demon Universe: @Amy Housewine Yup. Nothing less fatty compared to grease blobs than soured cream. My grandpappy used to eat a bushel everyday, and now look at him. Dead as can be. But that doesn't stop him from eating a taco blizzard every night.
 sparename: Garbage in, garbage out, minimal processing required, my kinda food..
 fakeusername: does it come with a straw?
 Amy Housewine: @Demon Universe Ah. Well, that's alright then. I'll allow it.
 Demon Universe: @Amy Housewine soured cream, soured cream.
 Amy Housewine: Are those white blobs (on the inside of the cup) congealed grease?
 Ronick: @Felicity all ofs
 Felicity: One of the ingredients is just Black
 Knice: Taco Blizzard is my signature Luchador maneuver.
 WaffleIron: I'd eat it.
Image 180512   05-22-17   Uploaded by    conner
 Felicity: Sir, are you aware you are a sandwich?
 Quackzy: He's got a PhD in FLAVORRRRR
 bug: Cause of death: Taco Blizzard.
 Demon Universe: "My professional opionion is this sandwich is a shawarma, and not a gyro at all."
 WTF: "I claim this low energy sandwich nutritious!"
 Felicity: One barg please, hold the slorb
 Amy Housewine: It has passed away. Let us commence the feast.
 fanny: "I'm sorry ma'am I can't hear a heartbeat. Your gyro is dead"
Image 180511   05-22-17   Uploaded by    CrookedCop
 Robespierre: How much ya wanna bet she's the bass player?
 funny in the wall: i too was "cool" in middle school
 tritium: This is the kid on the right's closest approach yet to sex.
 Felicity: Cool gloves
 Amy Housewine: "I tells yuh, that thur fish ah cauwt wus thiiiiiis big"
 WaffleIron: Grunge is coming, and it's gonna be rad.
Image 180510   05-22-17   Uploaded by    DOW
 Suburbanmom: Oh screw off Fifi...
 Science: @RiderFan: It won't insta-kill your dog, but it isn't good for it. It's like caffeine won't kill you, but if you take enough of it, you can overdose and die.
 RiderFan: Never bothered my old dog. He ate chocolate on a regular basis and was never sickened by it.
 SomeCanadian: Rad for BoJack
 ch: It can literally kill her
Image 180509   05-22-17   Uploaded by    mom
 WaffleIron: Have not the bovine, human.
Image 180508   05-22-17   Uploaded by    runny999
 Suburbanmom: Man oh man were you cool on my street and a probable future superstar if you had this toy!
 fanny: @Jaunty Shrimp lol my brothers and i would fast forward the VHS tape when that song came on!
 Jaunty Shrimp: @fanny *sings Cheer Up Charlie*
 Hyphae: I had one of these!!!
 fanny: I'll never be this happy :(
 Derp Herpigan: *pushes green play button* "AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH MY BRAIN!!!!!!"
 Amy Housewine: This is the one that asked that cat if it knew that it was a cat.
 WaffleIron: These smug tape decks just keep on coming.
Image 180507   05-22-17   Uploaded by    confession
 Dreforian: Who needs ears when chicks clearly dig my beautiful hare?
 Hosebag: That's a baby brainslug in his head?
 XLY: Proud Papa
 fanny: @Nope i'm looking forward to the day that i am no longer nursing baby fanny so i can enjoy a well earned victory bowl :-D
 wolfpk: Ok, have I held my treat long enough?
 Nope: @fanny Have you tried drugs?
 fanny: or this happy.
 Amy Housewine: Who, as the good ol' refrain goes, is the brains in this outfit?
Image 180506   05-22-17   Uploaded by    Prombom
 dangerkeith3000: "Three little maids from school are we..."
 Peach: @Science Dang, you beat me to it!
 Science: Kimmy Schmidt - Season 3
 Side Boob: WU TANG!!
 KrazyKat: That time Jenny went undercover at the polygamist cult.
 Cami: If your TV is worth more than your home you might be a redneck.
Image 180505   05-22-17   Uploaded by    nightmarez
Image 180504 is unbelievably bad (score -13) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by buds420. We'll pray for you, buds420.
 Noremak: Midori liqueur?
 jochenau: I'm not sure what it is but it looks really good.
 karmakat: Hulk fizz...FEEL THE POWER!
 dangerkeith3000: Bill Cosby's roofied drink of choice
 SpaceCow: The new, Ecto Cooler.
 KrazyKat: Lime jello? Paging professor jiggly.
Image 180503   05-22-17   Uploaded by    Muncharito Beanworld
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