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268571  Amy Housewine: You're not my supervisor.

268567  San DoDo: This is how I picture Korrok, just chillin' climbing over a mountain in true form

268570  VoR: Is the joke that harry is now spent for the weekend. Wand is looking droopy.

268510  addend: "Do you have any /other/ pinatas?"

268514  addend: 1. Wallow in stupidity. 2. Cry.

268515  addend: This is a Dad photo.

268529  addend: # We don't need no education #

268532  addend: Hung the pic upside-down.

268538  addend: He should've jumped down from frame 3 into 7.

268550  tib gubb: or is it doge on a stoge

268550  tib gubb: dog on a stog

268554  tib gubb: i may be mistaken here but i'm pretty sure those guys aren't japanese

268578  twitter: Modern Warfare 2 was the best

268578  DJSnoopMike: Put me in your enemies and/or father!

268578  Dominus Umbrae: finally after finishing the lawn i can get back home to my family knifing me

268557  tib gubb: "I'm gonna skin you alive!"

268546  addend: Best homework assignment ever.

268549  addend: He never lets the leather lemon slip by.

268553  addend: See?! You were warned about socialism.

268556  addend: Upstairs Cat watches over you.

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268282 copunter: DDT is safe! Democracy works!

268233 Spazstatic: Hah, her shirt says "aero"

268323 alex: this made me vote rad @fanny

268477 Felicity: I remember this level of Space Harrier

268299 Side Boob: @sparenamelaptopdied Frasier has already left the building :P

268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268265 AlexDeLarge: @barfolomew just now saw that. But.... how does he get hired? This just raises more questions!

268264 ignatz: Apples scaling walls.


268224 Eleftheros: @Mexico ohhhh sweet I loved Paprika, I'll hafta see his other movies

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 Micro Jackson: I don't follow your logic
 Amy Housewine: Stole what they thought was a pic-a-nic basket, but turned out to be a delivery of protein supplements.
 WaffleIron: Bro, Bros
 Scoo: These are Swoler Bears
 sparename: Bodybuild-a-Bear Workshop
Image 178570   05-12-17   Uploaded by    sodamachine
 Bu7Z: Often in art of that era ghastly was depicted as boo.
 Dresdenkeogh: Don't... turn... around.
 wolfpk: This is total BS! He is holding up the torch and looking at Boo. Boo should be hiding his face and/or invisible!
Image 178569   05-12-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 inthrees: Maybe you just cant park during those specific four minutes, 7 AM, 8 AM, 5 PM, and 10 PM
 jochenau: Maybe I read it sideways? No, that doesn't work either...
 a robot: It means "up yours, kid."
 Ulillillia: Just "NO PARKING" would have sufficed.
Image 178568   05-12-17   Uploaded by    shark
 Mike Michael: @Knice hahah
 itskando: @Knice I call it a stranger
 Noremak: Hey, I'm not the only one out there! Hello my similarly double jointed friend!
 cenecia: Well this is awkward... I have the exact same keyboard.
 WaffleIron: Oh shit, I can almost do this.
 DrinkMixMan: A & WTF
 fakeusername: and that's why safety always comes first in shop class
 jochenau: Now you can slap people while holding a drink!
 Off Topic: I'm curious to see if I can do this too now.
 Zukero: Handing. You're doing it wrong.
 A duck: This is wrong. Just... wrong.
 sparename: "I'll scratch my back, if you scratch yours"
 Knice: That way it feels like someone else is doing it.
Image 178567   05-12-17   Uploaded by    some guy
 jochenau: A wild Lego Elemental attacks!
 Scoo: Stephen Blawking
 Meow: The foot stabber
Image 178566   05-12-17   Uploaded by    elahabdh
 Noremak: Acid for weeaboos?
 Skaalar: @SomeOtherCanadian I'm gonna with you're gross and I'm super, special, awesome correct.
 a robot: What am I looking at here? Sailor Jupiter acid tabs?
 SomeOtherCanadian: @Skaalar really? Looks pretty decent to me. I mean unless you're one of the manicured at all times types, I'd say this is pretty acceptable hygiene. Maybe I'm gross, I dunno.
 Skaalar: Clean your damn nails.
Image 178565   05-12-17   Uploaded by    namaste
 Bu7Z: You could make a religion from this
 bug: I'm just saiyan.
 Skaalar: He IS the hype...
 usernamee: Maybe blow up a planet or two if you think their residents are gross. Doesn't matter if you do, it isn't canon.
Image 178564   05-12-17   Uploaded by    whaleshark
 Ulillillia: *throws out insulin*
 Zampano: I take that as a challenge (grabs heroin pipe, lighter and Pokeball, goes outside)
 Fancy Clown: Challenge accepted...
 tritium: Like no one ever was!
 wolfpk: But if you are seeing Pokemon in real life, you are probably already doing drugs.
 DrinkMixMan: Yes, but on the other hand I'll be high.
 Zukero: Drugs! I choose you!
 Amy Housewine: You can master some other things if you knowhmsayin'.
 Science: But can I become a Master Baiter?
 annterland: ...and I do so much coffee
 annterland: Coffee is a drug...
 daisy picker: Rare candies and vitamins say otherwise.
Image 178563   05-12-17   Uploaded by    Frum Temps
 enfanta: English as she is spoke is easy!
 Ulillillia: Ali G School of Lingusitics
 WaffleIron: I called, it's a private residence. The person who answered the phone also spoke english well.
 KrazyKat: Audible, uncontrolled laughter.
 Mr. Butt: Shamed by English, motherfucker? You speak?
 Unstableton: Ahhhh...this one is a classic.
 ethernet: I does.
Image 178562   05-12-17   Uploaded by    Soviette
 Ulillillia: @EndlessVanity…
 EndlessVanity: what is that supposed to mean @Ulillillia
 Ulillillia: Uhhhhhhhhhh
 Sadbot: Patron saint of butts
 courtney: If you turn it upside down it's a little....NSFW
 Scoo: This is a bit... yonic
Image 178561   05-12-17   Uploaded by    brutal
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