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249076  redmonkey3: What @fanny said - UNCOOL.

249078  redmonkey3: This really IS nice.

249079  redmonkey3: Got carried away @ "repeat until complete" did we ?

249084  WannaBee: Maybe if he had used the word please.

249085  redmonkey3: Born 2 Bung

249078  Not A Bot: Go back to Stormfront with this shite.

249086  redmonkey3: Getting a carton tomorrow - important he live forever

249087  redmonkey3: Bitch, i'm fabulously zen

249088  redmonkey3: Awful lack of ergo @ chair dates it for those of us not recognize console for Evil Overlord v3.7

248913  redmonkey3: Is this Dan Harmon and other creator of R&M ? (apology to other creator)

249084  kinggheedra: the only thing women like more than nude requests is being asked to read paragraph-long text messages

249053  E. HONDA: that's right, you probably won't see it before it attacks

248946  SuedeOxford: @Air Biscuit Dan, can't you see that big guhreen tuhree?

249073  Dr Awkward: Uncle Ricoh is living in the past, AND the future.

249093  Nope: Image bot, what the fuck? I see this like 6 times a week

249066  WannaBee: Love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again

249085  Nope: @glenalec thats the biebs!

249076  Dr Awkward: Chunk is the OG Neville Longbottom.

249079  Dr Awkward: This is BED

249081  Dr Awkward: Fatty?

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248965 glenalec: I'm always understandably relieved when my pee is clear thru yellow because it's like fuck year my kidneys aren't bleeding today.

248870 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy

248841 Science: I'd frame that, to be honest

248968 Christina: @raditzu rly!

248935 glenalec: @savvoy - Genuine LOL. Nice one!

249016 Ironass: I like someone with a little more enthusiasm than that.

248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248937 Micro Jackson: That's too bad

248999 Entertainmentalist: Stays mostly within the mammalian phylum!

248966 raditzu: still better than tidepods

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 Felicity: Do you get a strong jawline when you become a monk?
 Jabberwikket: Nice kite
 raditzu: @Wooden Spoon I'm not a sports' fan but i'd definitely watch professional football with spears being used. Guess THAT would be really interesting.
 Wooden Spoon: @raditzu: That statement could be applied to almost everything humans do that is not bodily function or employment related from painting to playing professional football.
 raditzu: OK... great... but what for?
 Beef Supreme: He is a master of the ancient discipline known as Iron Teat.
 wolfpk: Top two slip, he's dead. Middle one slip, he's a eunuch.
 Wooden Spoon: I can do that, but I don't want to.
 Knice: Beats the airlines.
 Mr. Butt: Is this the 37th Chamber?
 Derp Herpigan: That is the face of someone who realizes that a sneeze would prove fatal at that moment.
 Derp Herpigan: That is the face of someone who realizes that a sneeze would prove fatal at that moment.
Image 177864   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Skinr
 KrazyKat: Old book smell intensifies
 bug: OCD triggered
Image 177863   05-08-17   Uploaded by    chemical
 enfanta: Who spilled Wite-Out on my art project?!
 bug: OCD wrecked
 jochenau: The Magic School Bus Visits the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Image 177862   05-08-17   Uploaded by    140bpm
 Peach: Me when I turned purple.
 jochenau: His team won the Gratitude Olympics.
 Ulillillia: yw
 Derp Herpigan: yw
 Derp Herpigan: yw
 Ulillillia: no prob
Image 177861   05-08-17   Uploaded by    tritium
 Felicity: This reminds me of the episode of /WKRP/ where Johnny Fever became Rip Tide. He dyed his hair but only the part that showed below his beret
 BavidDowie: elephants invented snorkeling
 sparename: I hate people that go swimming without getting the top of their heads wet
Image 177860   05-08-17   Uploaded by    a robot
 Moe Burt: I love it. It's disgusting, but wonderful.
 a robot: Lady Gaga still isn't gonna go on a date with you, dude.
 Prostata: need a little horseradish on that hat
 DrinkMixMan: m'nella
 jochenau: m'loin
 sparename: @tritium ignore him, he's just a meathead
 BavidDowie: relative of Dr. Evil?
 Scoo: Well, that's fucking disgusting
 tritium: I'm sincerely too grossed out to think of any "meat hat" puns.
Image 177859   05-08-17   Uploaded by    realjon
 mrmaestro: i like to sing-a, bout the moon-a and a june-a and a spring-a, i like to sing-a
 TurkeyVulture: He would prefer #177859 hat.
 KrazyKat: Most would be humiliated but this doggo is down with this.
Image 177858   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 werterland: What will the frog do if I RAD or BAD it?
 Wooden Spoon: He's not a "Magic Frog" he's Bufo from Adventure Time.
 Skaalar: Meh, I already have several magical abilities. I can make alcohol disappear, I can sneeze during all awkward moments, I can make lists, I can eat peppers by the handful, and I know the secret to the secret sauce.
 AstoriaBum: @SgtScaredFrog This English teacher thanks you.
 Peach: Teach me, oh wondrous froggo *share*
 enfanta: @Scoo Yes, there's more than one. It's a *magical frog.* They always come in pairs. One's invisible, though.
 SgtScaredFrog: @Scoo English singular they is common, understood, and like 500 years older than bitching about English singular they.
 SgtScaredFrog: Fuck, how do I share? SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO SHARE, I NEED THIS
 a robot: I mean I don't hate the magic frog, but this "like and share" nonsense has no place here
 Scoo: Their? There's more than one?
Image 177857   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Admiral Alan
 glenalec: I'm saving this for my resignation notice (I work at an art school)
 Felicity: Wrong font
 ThoughtlessGentleman: kill shit!!!
 Wooden Spoon: The name of the man dying on the space ship... Every Modern Artist.
 Peach: @jochenau Goddammit, Tammy.
 yev: captain phughardt to be precise
 jochenau: We'd still be alive if SOMEONE hadn't used all the oxygen for their acetylene torch so they could make a giant sculpture. Isn't that right, TAMMY?
 Scoo: What did Linkletter ever do to you?
 Side Boob: Who the fuck is Art?
 a robot: @petepuma Took me a minute :D
 petepuma: "Paul Simon is ok"
Image 177856   05-08-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Horatio: @Mr. Butt I didn't know you had a doctorate.
 Entertainmentalist: He would have a rad name/profession combo if he was a proctologist.
 Mr. Butt: @Skaalar You're thinking of the Ghost Butts-ters
 Skaalar: @Mr. Butt I've heard he's the one to call.
 bobby: R. Stands for Richard.He is Dick Butt.
 bug: Diagnosis: Butt hurt
 DrinkMixMan: Dr. Radioactive Butt
 Mr. Butt: @Scoo He's the one that makes ya feel alright
 Scoo: Dr. Rad Butt
 Mr. Butt: Dr. Butt is my father.
 scribbs: vvv I'm an idiot. Richard is so much better than Robert in this context. I feel shame.
 scribbs: His friends call him Bob. Bob Butt.
Image 177855   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Bad Dad
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