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262557  BavidDowie: Heh heh, "pairing"

262561  BavidDowie: For me and my Slenderman arm

262549  jazzjunkie: #175350 sees nothing wrong with this.

262554  WTF: I see the Grinch retired to Florida.

262569  Air Biscuit: @Barm Plopert or make friends with them. Depends on the spaceship.

262570  Air Biscuit: @Frang Dampombies im gonna miss that person.

262571  Air Biscuit: Quitting captive turkey?

262569  WTF: What you feel like after a night of drinking a case of Zima.

262567  Hyphae: @Crongo Rempumple haha, ballroom

262557  Bluetocracy: Lame. Survival Knife, Pocket Knife, and Chef Knife are the most used blades. I'd put a Katana on there too, but we're talking about knives. come on. Wait, Steak and Paring. Those are legit. But you have to be a master to know a Soup Knife.

262556  WTF: It looks as if you've got water on the cat and new cats are going to start popping off.

262560  WTF: "I'll have what she's having!"

262565  WTF: History? Ah, I almost forgot reading in school about the great Franco-Prussian window washer uprising of 1765.

262558  Bluetocracy: YOLO

262560  Bluetocracy: I am always positive... Positive that if I stop taking these meds, I will become a supervillain. Wait, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, since there aren't any heroes these days.

262571  WTF: If her cooking is anything like my wife's I bet he prefers her keep it locked, amirightguys?

262581  NotHuman: Here in Texas you'd need a pickup truck full of these just for your weekly trip to the grocery store.

262570  Mr. Shine: Sold his stake in MySpace for $580 million. In other news, this Red-pocalypse joke is breaking the site for me. I guess I'll see you guys when it's repaired. Be good to each other.

262566  Bluetocracy: you are adorable, but mommy said, "fetch my beer"

262567  Bluetocracy: 'corporate events'

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262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262318 Prefuse: I want to die........

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

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 Frown Grongo: Rub peanut butter on your window and this is what you get.
 Tholm Cremongo: Now I want shark fruit snacks
 Biwn Bruble: Less-than-secret-squirrel.
 Flirb Cremomple: once they get the taste for blood there's no stopping them
 Virbo Plupert: @NoRagrets Oh, that makes me sad! Poor little buggar has no *idea* what's on that windshield.
 Geng Flongus: The schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries!
 Flompo Drumoble: His sodium levels must be low.
 Frarbo Plomple: Window cleaner squirrel is slow but thorough
 Lewn Brumple: Every time I stop at a red light.
 Creld Horpungo: Window licker.
 Trelm Bropert: Mlem.
Image 177824   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Bump Drumongus
 Mawn Fluble: Lovely handwriting!
 Bump Cremungus: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 Rulm Flumombies: Same
 Vengo Albupert: @jochenau ...So -- married, then?
 Birbo Brumbies: Age: dead. Religion: dead. Address: dead. Single, married, widowed, DEAD.
 Rongo Horpongo: Same.
 Pingo Flomple: Damn, i put in an application for that, too. I didn't realise the position was already filled.
 Held Plungus: Name: Bernie Lomax
 Hald Rempopert: It's a living!
Image 177823   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Bulm Plomple
 Dart Plemupert: Did their mouths always look that weird, or did they retool the faces as the movies progressed?
 Fliple Flumopert: The aliens that find this after we're gone are going to be very confused
 Mung Cremumple: Only purple and blue ranked users get these sweet samurai suits
Image 177822   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Hold Plomple
 Mert Drumuble: Dead
 Thold Dampumbies: @Derp Herpigan Putting the derp in herpetology.
 Trawn Albombies: doesn't matter, slept in
 Lurbo Grungus: When I wake up late, I jerk off. I also jerk off when I wake up early.
 Jomp Grunumbies: I get up at 5 am every day and still no luck
 Trolm Dampongus: @tib gubb Netflixsssssss and chill?
 Lengo Horpuble: Oooh, you're going to need some ice for that sick burn. Oh, you have some, very well then.
 Crold Morpumbies: it's chill though
 Fluld Albongus: Same.
Image 177821   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Bong Flumombies
 Jemp Plemomple: @Scoo where are the snowdens of yesteryear?
 Crople Rempombies: The truth is out ... *there*!
 Trirbo Flombies: Thanks, Snowed-in
Image 177820   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Hople Brumbies
 Mawn Plemomple: Chicken dance, with croissantss.
 Lamp Drumungus: @jochenau This comment makes me very happy and is actually inspiring. Thank you.
 Gorb Grunumple: The public perception is that arcane rituals require a lot of candles, blood, grimoires, etc. The reality is decidedly more...goofy.
 Hawn Albumple: vegan cockfighting
 Mamp Brumple: A:Omg there's a chicken in the hallway! B:No worries, get me 25 croissantss and your problem will be solved.
 Jawn Cremongo: What is the artist trying to say?
 Frurt Ploble: I'm the cock of the walk, baby!
 Fliple Drumopert: Croissant Circle
 Baft Flumungus: As the melon circle tightens, their quarry grows more frantic to escape.
Image 177819   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Duple Flumungo
 Trurm Rempomple: Man. LobsterFest sucks this year.
 Paft Horpongo: A level 99 nope elemental.
Image 177818   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Juwn Brungus
 Rert Flungus: Wegmans!
 Flump Albumbies: 50% of the words on this package make no sense to me.
 Polm Cremongo: bigga peas!
 Frirbo Cremongus: If you'd asked me what marrowfats were, I would never in a thousand years have guessed peas.
 Laft Brongus: This must be the Batchelors Chow I've heard so much about
 Flerb Bropert: @Borkf It sounds repulsive by American standards, but then again, most British food does...
 Cruft Horpopert: Bigga Marrowfats is my jazz name.
 Pongo Drumomple: This is a regular product you can buy in most British supermarkets. I'm not sure what the joke is, other than they aren't very nice.
 Rald Cremombies: Only the finest marrowfats.
 Jert Rempongus: From which alternate universe is this?
 Cremp Albongo: Rich in green pea-ness. Wait that's trrrible
 Lirbo Flumupert: From Apple Cabin!
Image 177817   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Gompo Alboble
 Lerbo Drumongo: @Mr. Butt What are we saying instead, then? An Applor per Dor keeps LIBOR fraud awore?
 Miple Flungo: This is an honest to goodness haiku. 5-7-5. I wonder if it was intentional...
 Beng Flumoble: Meh. Rocks leave a better message. 'Specially if fired from a cannon.
 Varbo Plungus: Except when pronounced like "ay," as in "neighbor" and "weigh."
Image 177816   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Mirm Rempuble
 Perm Rempongo: @grizzly I lolled irl at this
 Frongo Albongus: The League of Raccoon Evil Geniuses has come up with their most nefarious plan yet
 Murbo Plopert: Teamwork makes the dream work.
 Gold Flungus: Cirque du Soleil: Trashique.
 Crown Plopert: Clever girls.
 Holm Albongus: It's raccoons all the way down.
Image 177815   05-08-17   Uploaded by    Dild Drumumbies
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