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227970  Aufziehvogel: I tried, I tried....

223177  Staida: Dogs might be worried about you getting roofied. Cats think you look vaguely like someone who fed them once.

227823  raditzu: Unhappy Meal.

227978  Robespierre: Burger DEATH

227972  San DoDo: Just

227976  San DoDo: This totes my goat

227972  Xeno: It's spelled "Doughnut".

227941  Bill Rye: wiggle ribbons!

227972  a robot: I accidentally the whole fence

227952  BavidDowie: Good luck serving a ticket to the guy with an axe.

227972  BavidDowie: Don't worry; I can't even

226839  Mr Bleak: Tiddles McTiddlesFace? Tiddles. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time.

227979  ignatz: Just the tip..

227981  ignatz: Tknkly krkt

227968  VeeKay: You could get 'em for false advertising, probly.

226849  Mr Bleak: Pissing level: expert and very, very sober.

227983  ignatz: Useless camo..

227969  Skaalar: @square44 Exactly right.

227974  Prostata: IN SPACE....

226856  Mr Bleak: @carpwoman You mean "who let the dogs in?"?

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227749 Amy Housewine: @Robespierre Alright, I'l confess. I'm not the new Official joke Explainer. I just wanted to feel important for a moment.

227742 wolfpk: Without the bread of life... your toast

227801 addend: (Adds hot sauce.)

227748 Felicity: MEAT. Its whats for dinner!

227760 Coach Teacher: @Amy Housewine i like it when you think angry thoughts about the english.

227834 Felicity: @apoxia Better than sandals with no socks. I dont want to see peoples feet

227731 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @jochenau HAL open pod bay doors

227743 kazzy94: Is this a Kropotkin reference?

227816 Wooden Spoon: @Yurishiro: A troll figurine who comes to life, and decides to roam the countryside eating garbage.

227741 apoxia: I guess if it's frozen it's easier to clean up.

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 square44: I am a handsome cat
Image 177542   05-06-17   Uploaded by    S R N
 Moe Burt: Apparently there's a special store out by the airport.
 WaffleIron: Well now that you mention it, yeah I did.
Image 177541   05-06-17   Uploaded by    Liar tuck
 tokyopig: 'BUT SOMETIMES THE' my butt. More like "...THE"
 scribbs: *reasons & *are. Now who's calling whom stupid?
 Theta Zero: But WHY am I stupid and bad at making decisions?
Image 177540   05-06-17   Uploaded by    madmax1
 Science: Than Flint water? You are absolutely correct.
 dangerkeith3000: why is there a tear next to the word 'water'?
 Mr. Butt: It's better than lots of things, but also worse than lots of things.
 Mad Collager: @square44 Only use square tubing for the pipes.
 square44: so good I want to get it piped to my house
 tokyopig: its always better, down where its wetter, unda da sea.
Image 177539   05-06-17   Uploaded by    male anon
 Felicity: @tokyopig Plus, it was not from the 1980s!
 Jabberwikket: Yet another unrealistic pet standard
 dangerkeith3000: THAT CAT IS FAKE!
 RiderFan: Sabrina the Teenage Witch had great costume designers for the first couple of seasons (i.e. miniskirts everywhere).
 scribbs: @Scoo Yep :-) That's the cat who voted to change the pronunciation from "Friday" to "Fridyah." The measure didn't pass.
 scribbs: @tokyopig Maybe they're just overreacting a little to the current obesity epidemic :-)
 Scoo: Ok, y'all do know this is from Sabrina, not Clarissa... right?
 tokyopig: @scribbs Then we checked on the internet and most of my students agreed that she WAS fat. I am still somewhat traumatized by this experience and what implied for the future of western civilization.
 tokyopig: @scribbs I grew up on Clarissa... or like I was too lazy to change the channels and it came on right after nick toons. The topic once came up in a class I taught a few years ago and some 19 year old asks "What's Clarissa Explains it all?" and this 19 year old girl answers knowingly "Its this show from the 80's about a fat chick." And I was like "Clarissa wasn't fat, what the fuck are talking about?"
 scribbs: @tokyopig I didn't see much of that, but what I recall was that it wasn't bad. I used to leave the TV on when I read and wound up leaving it on the Disney channel because there were no commercials about diseases or foreclosures to subliminally make me paranoid. I learned that kid's shows are an art form per se. Once I realized that, many of them are quite good. (Most are horrible, just like grown-up TV.) IMO, &c.
 tokyopig: @scribbs I actually enjoyed almost all of Clarissa Explains It All, except for maybe season 5.
 scribbs: Judge me if you must, but two or three seasons of that show were outstanding.
Image 177538   05-06-17   Uploaded by    wootman
 Suburbanmom: This is where you always hang out in a zombie apocalypse
 enfanta: Forget it, Jake.
 scribbs: @WaffleIron I guess some places define "detention basin" and "storm spill way" as "lake" and "river," respectively.
 Mad Collager: This is a place I could drive a Chevy to.
 WaffleIron: @scribbs : I once inspected a pipeline "under a lake" just south of San Diego. It was dry as a bone and had been for quite some time.
 scribbs: When I was little, we visited relatives living in LA. Their property abutted the river. I was so excited. Then I saw something like this.
Image 177537   05-06-17   Uploaded by    Religion X
 Spazstatic: @Xeno oxide jacking is my dancing name
 Xeno: Oxide jacking, to use the technical term.
 Dr. Bathroom: Oh, chemistry. You make things and you break things. Beautiful, really.
 XLY: finally something good
 drtofu: If its got rebar inside, itll last quite a bit longer.
 WaffleIron: Looks too big to fail to me.
 UseYourName: So as the iron corrodes, over time it destroys itself? Fuck that's rad.
 A duck: Concrete has really good compression strength but terrible shear/tensile strength.
 A duck: Gonna guess it won't be established very much longer.
Image 177536   05-06-17   Uploaded by    let it go
 cenecia: Okay we got OJ, purple stuff, a puppy - OOH SUNNY D!
 A duck: 13/10 would take doggo out of the fridge and pet
 WTF: That milk looks spoiled. It's all black and hairy!
 A duck: Chill out, dog!
 sparename: What a cool pupper
Image 177535   05-06-17   Uploaded by    androbot
 enfanta: So *that's* how you get ants!
 Dr. Bathroom: Unless you really need some coffee.
 mrdiron: Is this like ghost in the shell?
 Mr. Butt: Formica Ex Machina.
 A duck: Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!
 Judge Bread: So unplug it?
 UseYourName: They wont eat much
 WaffleIron: Protein and Caffiene, all in one!
Image 177534   05-06-17   Uploaded by    MabelSyrup
 Mr. Whiskers: @Ulillillia Wow...didn't even see that
 Ulillillia: @Mr. Whiskers jinx
 Mr. Whiskers: If it hadn't been for Sharp Hand Joe, I'd 'been married along time ago. Where did you come from where did you go? Where did you come from Sharp Hand Joe
 drtofu: Jai alai Fredrico
 Derp Herpigan: Copyright? What's that?
 WTF: "Boiler Room Dream Devil"
 A duck: When Sharp Hand Joe Met One-Eyed Willy: A Horrifying Tale
 Ulillillia: Where did you come from, where did you go?
 Coolguy: Joe mama!
 Sage: Who is TOTALLY NOT Freddy.
Image 177533   05-06-17   Uploaded by    Murm Gungus
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