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221257  jochenau: @ignatz…

221179  doggggggie: Which side did it defect to?

221253  Hosebag: I identify as a apple now, so stop oppressing me.

221261  Hosebag: I 3D printed my diploma. Fuck that shit.

221262  Not A Bot: Boom goes the dynamite!

221262  Hosebag: @superfudge They've got lots of sluts in Vegas.

221179  jokertothethief: I had no idea that inanimate objects could defect.

221290  bug: CLeaning BAd

221278  Hosebag: @trucker I drive through DC. I think about death every day.

221273  jochenau: Swan Lake

221180  pewdiepie: ...I'm not even trying anymore.

220766  Hosebag: @Flapdoodle That's gonna leave a mark.

221259  copunter: ... so they'll push back!

221180  sad face: What the fuck happened to the 70 and 80 degree readings?

221224  Robespierre: Northern Tier people: Soon...


221180  kensin: I absolutely do not get this reference.

221281  anonimos: $100 says they're from Calgary. Can't park or drive to save their life.

221287  Pizza: About the beer, I mean.

221287  Pizza: Well they have a point.

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221089 ignatz: @White Rice I have something vaguely similar on my snowboard boots but not powered..

221214 apoxia: Then on another page you see the pig family gathering for dinner with a ham on the table.

221076 BlarfyB: Wait is that pasta going in or coming out?

221169 Skaalar: Get in fuckin line

221163 kornisjon: @Nope That's disappointing.

221091 Dr Awkward: @Science Agreed. I'm obviously talking about the large, out of control fires. I live in an area that constantly has controlled burns, but 7 years ago there was a fire that burnt 40k acres and was a quarter mile from the neighborhood I live in (didn't live here at the time)

221072 grizzly: @Yurishiro Are you not aware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte?

221134 apoxia: Ah, the old therapist couch thing. I'm a clinical psychologist and have never had anyone lie down. Heck, I only have seats in the interview room. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just because I don't do psychodynamic therapy?

221114 tib gubb: metapod?

221193 ThatGuy: This pleases me.

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 DrinkMixMan: He does look like a master 'bator
 AverageJoe: Relatable...
 Dan Tagonistic: Busted
 dangerkeith3000: err.........bad
 VoR: Jesus:Dude my eyes are up here.
 SomeCanadian: Let those weirdos watch their damn cartoon in peace.
 raditzu: A FEMALE PENIS would be even more mastErbating?
 Peter Pantsless: Sorry, Jesus *jibbering intensifies*
Image 177390   05-06-17   Uploaded by    Oh Don Piano
 Bob: That's the face of a cat contemplating murder.
 duckfarts: you know I'm going to pee in this, right?
 TFChicken: "What is this cookie shit? C is for Catnip which is good enough for me!"
Image 177389   05-06-17   Uploaded by    mission2mars
 Amy Housewine: I hope everyone sees what I mean. "You can't get a specific temperature" and "you burn your hands" and "you have have to do a little dance", for all of which read "I'm not used to using them, so I'm going to invent some nonsense off the top of my head about how they outright don't work". I'm leaving this one now to stop it going on forever. I'll just not rise to any "It's nice to be able to wash a potato without the kitchen exploding" or whatever bullshit we end up with next.
 duckfarts: @SomeCanadian you came to the wrong neighborhood, aggronauter
 duckfarts: @Dan Tagonistic @Amy Housewine it's nice to be able to wash a bunch of greasy dishes using warm soapy water instead of doing a dance with the hot water tap
 Borkf: @Pizza @a robot Stop leaving toilet seat up!
 Pizza: @a robot The spaceship is just one big, mad household.
 a robot: @SomeCanadian @Pizza Hey, there's an argument about which way the toilet paper roll should be hung every few days around here, so
 Prostata: LIFEHACK!
 antipatterns: a good way to add Bisphenol-A to all your cooking
 Pizza: What @SomeCanadian said. Listen to yourselves, people.
 Amy Housewine: Yeah, it's obvious that whichever version you're used to will generally be the version you like the most. I just get annoyed (probably disproportionately annoyed) when people who like mixers try to play the "seperate taps don't work very well" game, because it's clearly utter rubbish.
 Borkf: @Dan Tagonistic @Amy Housewine @a robot Mixer taps aren't common in older British houses due to the use of water storage tanks for hot water. They're much more common now, but all British people have the ability to dart hands between hot and cold taps to get aggregate warm water.
 Dan Tagonistic: @duckfarts Now I completely understand
 Dan Tagonistic: All my American friends who've come to the UK complain about the lack of mixer taps. Are they a big thing in the States?
 dangerkeith3000: this is brilliant!
 apoxia: "Right housemates, the cutlery with the red tape on the handles is mine. Also, I've fixed the problem of not having a mixer tap. You're welcome."
 SomeCanadian: lol y'all are arguing about faucet configuration and water temperature. @duckfarts @TFChicken @a robot
 Amy Housewine: @duckfarts That is the sort of nonsense people come out with when they're pretending that a hot tap produces boiling water immediately, yes.
 duckfarts: @Amy Housewine it's nice to have choices other than cold or scalding
 Amy Housewine: Oh just use the taps. it isn't complicated.
 TFChicken: Intriguing but ultimately sad
 a robot: @Derp Herpigan Separate faucets for different temperatures is what's stupid here
 Derp Herpigan: If it's stupid, but it works, it ain't stupid.
Image 177388   05-06-17   Uploaded by    boomboomboom
 Prostata: Sometimes you wanna go, Where everybody knows you're a good boy. Yes you are.
 dangerkeith3000: Foreigners takin' our jobs!
 SomeCanadian: I hope that pupper gets a cut of tips.
 duckfarts: "What would you like?" "A salty dog, please." "Fuck you." "Thanks, keep the change!"
 enfanta: Dine and dash is a real problem because he's so good at "sit! Stay!"
 Amy Housewine: *Spits* *Wipes glass*
 TFChicken: "Some hair of the dog that bit you, sir?"
Image 177387   05-06-17   Uploaded by    thrilhouse
 PushyWebsite: The perspective is all jazzed up because the rim is only 10 feet from the ground.
 DrinkMixMan: That other player is like, "Do it! I believe in you!"
 dangerkeith3000: In basketball in the 80's you got to see more leg.
 VoR: The power of Nike compels me
 Peter Pantsless: @Ulillillia NBA Jam is legit one of my favorite video games of all time
 Amy Housewine: I love how camply excited the other player looks.
 TFChicken: Some say he still hangs in mid air to this day
 a robot: I believe I can FLYYYYYY
 Ulillillia: Boom shaka-laka!
 DarkTeddy: Dude we're not on the same team but thats a real cool jump there
Image 177386   05-06-17   Uploaded by    younglink
 Quackzy: Same. I hope this hits 1,000. :D@DrinkMixMan
 DrinkMixMan: @dangerkeith3000 Radded for this comment.
 dangerkeith3000: lame. I can't believe this has over 300 pts.
Image 177385   05-06-17   Uploaded by    Vladimir Puta
 Whatever: They think more than the President
 DrinkMixMan: In Soviet Union, thoughts plant you!
 Pizza: Do amoebas feel love?
 SomeCanadian: I take no responsibility for my posts made while plastered @Fancy Clown
 Fancy Clown: @SomeCanadian Publicly!
 SomeCanadian: No. they're publically educated.
 SomeCanadian: No. they're publically educated.
 TFChicken: Have you ever seen them fill out complex tax forms? Then no.
 Ulillillia: by Jaden Smith
Image 177384   05-06-17   Uploaded by    chemical
 dangerkeith3000: this looks so awesome whatever it is
 ThatGuy: decent band... unique album art to say the least
Image 177383   05-06-17   Uploaded by    kshoxx
 Suburbanmom: It is FASHION! Look it up!
 Side Boob: I hope this is the beginnings of a costume and not some device to keep CIA mind control out.
 Wooden Spoon: Chicken wire dummy from the valentines episode of Futurama.
 duckfarts: does the caged bird sing?
 TFChicken: Where is the SAD button?
 enfanta: Generally chicken wire pens the chickens *in,* not *out.*
 raditzu: @ThatGuy more like "personal space cage"
 ThatGuy: Personal Farraday cage?
 Skinr: Grimace costume in the making?
 WaffleIron: She's wired!
 Hokie333: Must one of those people who think they're allergic to wi-fi.
Image 177382   05-06-17   Uploaded by    ethernet
Image 177381 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by sue. You have brought shame on us, sue.
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