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216609  Dan Tagonistic: THERE'S NO LIMIT!

216615  SpaceCow: He was born in a puddle of gasoline.

216604  Shay: (DO NOT SHAKE)

216629  Knice: Saucy!

216621  SpaceCow: The Batboy goes to a costume party dressed as Pugsley.

216631  Knice: Looks like a rather loveless coupling there. :-(

216623  SpaceCow: For one, Fred, you clearly don't know know the difference between capital and lowercase letters. Also, because mommy needs time to polish off her wine.

216630  genius: Thats more depressing to look at than anything, funny wouldnt come as my first thought

216613  Shay: Tell me where it Hertz.

216436  FireBreathingMarmot: at the shooting range it's always my turn

216624  sparename: "Tap it, Unwrap it.."

216621  grizzly: @mom the rare username COMMENT combo!

216629  bobby: Mott's too thanks

216578  FireBreathingMarmot: In 20 years, bow hunting will still put you to sleep.

216620  grizzly: Has George Lucas gone too far?

216554  well duh: That kid will never make it into Congress now. Could still be President, tho.

216560  well duh: A drop or two of green food coloring and a little peppermint extract and you're good to go.

216617  Knice: @Dr. Bathroom Username/ comment win :-D

216627  trucker: Oh, man. Now I want to go play some animal crossing.

216568  well duh: @Joseph but, your other left, right?

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216573 dangerkeith3000: @fanny Me too. Exact same thing. I was in Kindergarten tho.

216537 UltraBeverly: This festival has EVERYTHING!

216495 Felicity: @sparename Keep going until you hear the crunch

216479 Yurishiro: Gay androids only.

216539 jochenau: Oil heaters are RAD. I have no idea why people bother with those stupid space heaters that sear a small patch in front of them and leave everything else freezing.

216356 glenalec: I see a crater with ejecta. Ewwwww.

216490 Yurishiro: HEY! How did you know I have "you reading this comic now." tattooed on my face?

216436 FireBreathingMarmot: at the shooting range it's always my turn

216395 Niels Bohr: Shout shout let it all out.

216475 raditzu: heavy breathing

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 A duck: The heat from the radiation would melt the snowman. Jeez, can't you guys at least TRY to be ACCURATE in your jokes? I mean COME ON! *puts on fedora* M'lady!
 werterland: RADiation research
 Darmstadtium: Makes me want to read more about radiation!
 Urn BooUrn: Makes me want to read Calvin and Hobbes.
Image 176579   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Schizoid
 dangerkeith3000: "Beaver Patrol" lol
 Higdec: Ed Roth's customs were so cool. Definitely one of the kings of custom cars.
 Ulillillia: That means two things.
Image 176578   05-01-17   Uploaded by    clueful
 FatTigerWoods: Now with car rental service
 itskando: And guns. And donuts. And a petting zoo. And obligatory sharks with lasers and trexes trained to use grabber claws. And the king of all cosmos. And occasional visits from the not yet forgotten FSM. And notary public. We do that too.
 dangerkeith3000: they expanded.
 Suburbanmom: Something tells me a protest from people who can't read good occurred on this site!
 werterland: @Urn BooUrn Maybe they have a Redbox.
 Urn BooUrn: One of those is still a thing.
 Nope: We may have gotten a little hasty and backed ourselves into a corner...
Image 176577   05-01-17   Uploaded by    celtic
 A duck: It's a trick: both creatures in this photo are dead.
 dangerkeith3000: Rocket from Guardians in human form.
 White Rice: @ChubbyBuddy that beard, attire & complexion tells me he did neither of those things (or if he did, or wasn't killing via hunting...that's from the eyes though)
 ChubbyBuddy: Bad unless he k1lled 1t h1mself and ate the meat
 Hyphae: Foxswap?
 tib gubb: woop de damn do!
 Scoo: Foxy!
Image 176576   05-01-17   Uploaded by    enfanta
 itskando: Makes me think of sad daft punk music video about dysmorphia
 wolfpk: CEO- We have all these zombie heads and we can't sell any of the. Marketer- Don't worry I have an idea!
 Hyphae: Put on the special decoder glasses that comes with the kit, and see that the image on the box just says: CONSUME. BUY. COMPLY.
 Borkf: @Hokie333 They're all out of bubblegum
 Hokie333: Bubblegum sold separately
 KrazyKat: The Curl Up and Dye Beauty Salon!
 tib gubb: the most well adjusted kid on the block
 WTF: This is the best thing ever.
Image 176575   05-01-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 DarkTeddy: I swear if you paint better than me...
 piranharama: Do you mind?
 Peter Pantsless: Who paints the painters?
 ignatz: Cool Mac book Pro
Image 176574   05-01-17   Uploaded by    kimjongun
 Peter Pantsless: @Himesama That's freaking adorable. Also rad for real life!
 Himesama: My sons left this at my parent's house for guarding the front door.
 ChubbyBuddy: Thanks. ! mean, Merry Chr1stmas. whatever
 Peter Pantsless: "Well, I got out of the book, but now I'm tiny...still gonna call it a win."
Image 176573   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Himesama
 dangerkeith3000: very colorful dinos. no feathers. C-
Image 176572   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Religion X
 A duck: @werterland: [subtle reference letter you know that I too have seen Supernatural]
 werterland: Im sorry, classic rock fans: that song is forever cemented in my brain now as being associated with Supernatural.
 cenecia: There'll be peace when this meme is gone.
 Hokie333: "Kansas was a big part of a big part of music where bands were often named after geographical locations, and let's hope that that never happens again, because quite frankly, THOSE BANDS SUCK." --Oderus Urungus
 Mr. Whiskers: You can't just put a thing in another thing, can you?
Image 176571   05-01-17   Uploaded by    enfanta
 wolfpk: But what I really wanted was some paper to roll a joint.
 werterland: Inaccurate username/upload combo.
 tib gubb: welcome to LA
 Peter Pantsless: Right off the bat I see a $1 coupon, so there's your gum right there
 dangerkeith3000: all the free toilet paper just for the price of gum!
 RainbowTornado: Cvs you rat! How could you give your own brother the ol spicy receipt?!
 ChubbyBuddy: roll 1t up l1ke a scroll and pretend youre g1v1ng out royal decrees
Image 176570   05-01-17   Uploaded by    twitter
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