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215998  Relp: This traffic signal is cheating at "Red Light, Green Light".

215938  Yurishiro: Psssst...

215997  Derp Herpigan: Or even better is when you have to play a bootlegged game because the developers decided not to export out of their native country for whatever the reason.

215983  penguinslovebananas: Steam will trigger either type. Optical or ionization (ie. radioactive) since it effects both the optical clarity and the electric charge of the air around the detector.

215998  Derp Herpigan: Cuz you're stop and you're go, you're yes and you're no..

216003  dingding: My all time favorite caption for this picture has got to be 'Which episode of Breaking Bad is this from?'

215986  Korrok: Korrok approves...

216000  Derp Herpigan: @sports some stores like to change Black Friday into Blackout Friday. Especially if immediately following a strong ice storm.

216003  Derp Herpigan: @Pingu IRL so has Dobby it seems.

215989  Minnesotan: Dr Doom toots as he pleases!

216003  Pingu IRL: Harry has really let himself go.

215925  Prostata: lol dongs

215985  Derp Herpigan: TMW you find yourself in Sharks' territory and you are a Jets fan.

215936  Prostata: party hard

215989  bug: No doot.

215990  bug: @rockkstar I walk my dog in order to meet other dogs. People are generally disappointing.

216003  pirate: Why is dude BBQ'ing in a Boyz 2 Men outfit?

215991  bug: That's not how you wear knee pads.

215970  Prostata: he's the party Bard. Singing magical songs to give +1 THAC0

215998  Starry Lemon: I'm getting some mixed signals, guys.

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215731 WaffleIron: @Spazstatic : Almost. I was advising a coworker whose career aspirations were not being assisted by management.

215793 VeeKay: FFS Santa, just play skins or shirts.

215836 VeeKay: This is how you waste 82 course credits.

215938 Yurishiro: Psssst...

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

215782 Felicity: Id like to solve the puzzle

215746 cenecia: "I like money"

215785 Otterman: And you have the devil's curly hair!

215833 UltraBeverly: @Winterneuro TaintJuice (whom I love) tricked me!

215760 flatluigi: I think even Firefox has a minimum size requirement.

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 Science: So at age 15, she's bald and a guy?
 dangerkeith3000: this is b.a.n.a.n.a.s!
 chhumphrey: Somebody signed up to be a walking advertisement
 Meow: Mankind's only real goal is to become a pretty teenager.
 Otterman: Mission accomplished
 tib gubb: better than hoped
Image 176506   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Theta Zero
 Mr. Butt: @dangerkeith3000
 Mr. Butt: @dangerkeith3000 Do we know, is there a Calvin peeing on a stick family? There has to be, I'm going to find it....
 dangerkeith3000: Now all they need is one of Calvin peeing on the T-Rex.
 Otterman: Calvin grows up
 Mr. Butt: The only thing more obnoxious than stick families is ironic stick families.
Image 176505   05-01-17   Uploaded by    seahawks
 wolfpk: That would be a great practical joke.
 sparename: GMC not a Candyllac, then
 ThoughtlessGentleman: somewhere nearby woo girls are going crazy.
 chhumphrey: Not pictured - unicorns pooping
 itskando: @KrazyKat Description crystal clear: dick looks FABULOUS!
 KrazyKat: Instructions unclear: dick covered in sillystring.
 a robot: ART
Image 176504   05-01-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Robespierre: Pin'terest? Not really.
 Nope: @Thyming Maybe shes into it
 Thyming: I wouldn't even do this to my nemesis, let alone Mother Nature.
Image 176503   05-01-17   Uploaded by    gary
 dangerkeith3000: got a few dingleberries there, pal...
 chhumphrey: I'll take two
 itskando: This is rad. Immature and positively perfect
 dangerous dave: Because office life isn't spirit-crushing enough already.
Image 176502   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Sadbot: Seven six two...full metal Nokia
 Aemuli: @Spazstatic Both. The only thing that can harm a Nokia is another Nokia. There are only an odd number in existence, and some day there will be only One.
 Spazstatic: Anti-Nokia rounds, or rounds made from Nokias?
 Side Boob: Wrong number?
Image 176501   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Lizard
 Felicity: That would make a good 1980s B-movie
 Entertainmentalist: @WaffleIron Looks like they let it climb that Killer Tree a bit! Good on them for taking a prescribed burn seriously enough to be thorough, some crews don't bother to flag all the routes and hazards when the fire is on their terms.
 WaffleIron: @Entertainmentalist : nope, this was a proscribed fire recently set by rangers.
 Entertainmentalist: @WaffleIron Is that an artifact from the Rough Fire in 2015? I had to look that up, there's so much fire in the west, I can hardly remember all the ones of note here in Colorado.
 WaffleIron: @Entertainmentalist : right on! I took this photo two days ago on the trail to mist falls in kings canyon. You get plus.
 Entertainmentalist: Also, just FYI, this flagging is used by wildland firefighters to warn everyone to steer clear of a snag which might fall on someone's head. Dead trees are very patiently laying in wait for victims to break their fall.
 Entertainmentalist: Great. Now everytime I see this flagging in use, I'm probably going to start humming Killer Queen.
 Hokie333: It's the quiet ones you gotta watch...
 VoR: @SomeCanadian comment 1st read later is my motto
 VoR: Pine cone with a laser beam...
 SomeCanadian: @a robot Dynamite with the laser beam...
 a robot: Guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime
Image 176500   05-01-17   Uploaded by    WaffleIron
 GabrielFarage: Pizza hat
 Peter Pantsless: I went to a Christmas party with rich white people one time. I did NOT belong there. Just, all.
 mwoody: Wait, the deer on her sweater...
 Robespierre: When you catch yourself wearing something like that, it's time to retire.
 itskando: Timely
 Nope: they seem nice
Image 176499   05-01-17   Uploaded by    tacticaljay
 Darmstadtium: I'm surprised at the low incidence of cat videos... everybody should watch cat videos all the time!
 antipatterns: this is environ 232, these kids will be doing whatever Uber does to the prostitution industry
 chhumphrey: @bug as a former instructor (ITT Tech, though I didn't teach from the book) I can agree. I used to put the cost per hour (cost of the course divided by the total number of hours class met) to try and encourage students to stay awake.
 dangerkeith3000: "Photoshopping President Trump onto Muppets" hahahaha
 chhumphrey: Looks like a checklist to me.
 itskando: Playing mortal kombat and sex tapes
 bug: @dangerous dave I'm also a college professor and can confirm. -Also, now I'm wondering why so many college profs are on AG...
 tritium: And some people say professors don't care about their students.
 dangerous dave: @kinggheedra As a college professor myself I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with that.
 kinggheedra: Back in my day we daydreamed in class and were not ANY more productive.
 Ulillillia: A-G is too cool for school.
Image 176498   05-01-17   Uploaded by    Pizza
 Science: Wynonna's got a big brown beaver
 ThoughtlessGentleman: oye caballero!
 a robot: Stylish AND practical!
 KrazyKat: Lady gaga?
 addend: Bring on the wall, gringo.
 enfanta: I so desperately want to put bells on the ends of those.
Image 176497   05-01-17   Uploaded by    a spider plan
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