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243541  Mad Collager: @jochenau Fun fact: In German, the same word is used for "White horse" and "mildew". I guess that makes for some confusion at your girlfriend's shower.

243537  wolfpk: This is meme is dumb as hell..... but yeah, I laughed.

243543  Mad Collager: @jochenau I read that the light patches are from goggles he wears in the tanning bed. He looks more natural when he's been outside golfing, because he doesn't wear the goggles then. The color being from a bad rub-on tan is a myth, at least according to a make-up guy who got a close look at his skin. The color is just too even not to be natural.

243487  Annoying Vegan : What about Naughty Multiverse?

243540  wolfpk: ELF on the Shelf demands "favors" for a good report.


243196  tib gubb: my personal rule about this kind of thing goes the same as with guns - i'll stop when everyone else does.

243537  WannaBee: @jochenau 8,001

243545  wolfpk: Which Harry Potter?

243199  tib gubb: safety regulations aren't for do-ers


243205  tib gubb: @Mr. Whiskers lmbo

243218  tib gubb: nobody likes emo sonic

243219  tib gubb: you saved 80 cents, but at what cost?

243542  Annoying Vegan : I chew it all day, except at mealtimes when I stick it behind my ear.

243526  Springbok: The only thing better than a pupper is a frosted pupper.

243544  Not A Bot: that's a long time to have an erection

243537  Springbok: @jochenau Literally 8,001

243539  Springbok: I bet he likes Oreos.

243540  Springbok: I always knew Elf on the Shelf had some crooked shit going on

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243466 dangerkeith3000: @Christina I agree. To have it make sense, use the subjuctive. Or add "the fact that" instead of just "that" and keep the indicative since now it's a fact. Either way works. Thanks!

243341 Mad Collager: Log is self-conscious about its weight. See? It won't even step on the scale.

243322 Shay: Ah lean left, lean left, lean leeefffffftttt.

243498 trelyate: also what was up with that duck with the inner tube with the little duck head is that thing alive or not?

243334 bug: Ah, the old Spicy Nachos, I see.

243411 antipatterns: Yikes, Scoob.

243474 raditzu: You've got to love these eyes.

243340 Xeno: An AT-MT?

243391 WannaBee: @dangerkeith3000 some pain yes, but that just seems excessive.

243485 copunter: i bite long waterdog

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 Teechur: Must have found a patch of Bitter Wood. (Is that dancing name taken already?)
 Otterman: Of course I radded this.
 scribbs: Yeah? Well right back at 'ya! Pbbbbbbbbt.
 Prostata: NYAH!
 Nopetology: Floofy river snek couldn't eat one more fish if he tried. Time for a nap!
Image 176123   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 Bluetocracy: @Bagels Good one! You've got to have a lot of backbone to come up with something like that.
 Bu7Z: @Bagels if only that was the story of my love life!
 Bagels: @Bu7Z I went for the lowest hanging fruit I could find
 Bu7Z: @Bagels you are ON FIRE my friend, who would have thought that adding an E would make something so much better...
 Bagels: This is spinal tape
Image 176122   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Extreme Locorito
 Teechur: *Free hugs
 Bluetocracy: As the story goes, the orange witch fell asleep there before they poured the concrete for the stairs. Now she's stuck there for all eternity.
 Scoo: Watch out for that last step, it's a doooooozie!
 Amy Housewine: It had been a long and difficult struggle, but Conio had nearly made it to the top of the stairs.
Image 176121   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Borkf
 Dan Tagonistic: @KrazyKat subtly puts pokeball in pocket like I never had one in the first place
 BavidDowie: Super Koalio
 Bluetocracy: Koality Koaraftsmanship
 Bu7Z: Be a part of the coolest club in hell. If you're aged between birth and death just wait untill death.
 SomeCanadian: This... this is not acceptable.
 sparename: Stitchio
 KrazyKat: Throws pokeball
 LurkedMoar: Koala-rio knows only pain
 Amy Housewine: It's-a me, feral reverting-to-beast Mario.
Image 176120   04-29-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Dan Tagonistic: @werterland Is there a war on somewhere @BILL DOOR? We miss you
 Bill Rye: zzzzzz
 Bluetocracy: hay hajimashite
 werterland: CATS ARE NICE.
 Scoo: Snoozoop
 Queen K: Boop.
Image 176119   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Red
 SomeCanadian: Something something Mexican border.
 SomeOtherCanadian: So we are the walls we need to break down the walls we're on? Geez, this art is hard
 jazzjunkie: All in all, you're just a... Wait, that's not right.
 jazzjunkie: All in all, you're just a... Wait, that's not right.
Image 176118   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Larp Belb
 Flarmie: How to EMPHASIZE certain WORDS on a book COVER
 Teechur: Everybody talks about Works of Art. What about works of Steve? Or Works of Emily, for cryin' out loud?
 Benana: I find it hard to care for any works of art.
 Mr. Butt: "1. Lovingly breathe in the mold spores."
Image 176117   04-29-17   Uploaded by    angry
 Dan Tagonistic: Mismatched buddy cop-shows are getting desperate
 Bluetocracy: Capy B and Crocy D, livin' in perfect harmony.
 Unbathed: "Please, you go into the water first." "No, I insist, after you."
 Prostata: always rad for capybaras
 tib gubb: best friends
Image 176116   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 Felicity: I DONT KNOW ?
 fanny: :-E
 Unbathed: @Dresdenkeogh a reach, but not a reach too far
 Dresdenkeogh: Benaked Cumolerat
 Thyming: That's an odd question to ask.
Image 176115   04-29-17   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 Dan Tagonistic: Who R U?
 Teechur: Just doing this to pay for college.
 jazzjunkie: Slimy yet satisfying!
 Benana: I haven't seen this Studio Ghibli movie yet.
 enfanta: @sparename "I thought you were a hookah guy?"
 Thyming: You will become a beautiful Butterfree someday.
 sparename: "Got any smokes?"
Image 176114   04-29-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
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