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273021  ignatz: Yuh, saving the Tiny Rebel for elevenses..

273023  ignatz: Best. Gloryhole. Ever..

273021  runny999: Hottest mix tape in preschool

272999  Dr Awkward: [Gives High Five to bird]

272963  ignatz: @Spazstatic Haha I know a few Smoothbrains..

272993  Passive: To answer your question, baby, something like this.

273017  Dr Awkward: Thorough AF.

273010  Passive: You've heard of the go-pro? This is the leave-and-never-come-back pro

273015  El hefe: Biting one of those would cause a nuclear explosion

272922  KingTrebek: Nice belt

273029  Crim Tender: That pupper looks like someone mixed parts at the Build-a-Doggo workshop

272934  Passive: Typical reaction to your average Leslie Neilson movie.

273009  mammal883: stop taking pictures and give me a hand.

273015  mammal883: The next stage will be the duplication of the 'm' into each new candy, can't remember from 10th grade what that phase is called, maybe logophase?

273015  mammal883: Mitosis

273010  Side Boob: Nobody cares about the minutia of your life.

272968  Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

272960  Side Boob: @addend I fully intend to go and do my civic duty, I just hate travelling to the city. They should do it at my house :P

273019  Not A Bot: Well, the glass is clean, anyway.

273014  tib gubb: alas, harambe...

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1. tib gubb
2. Air Biscuit
3. dangerkeith3000
4. Dr Awkward
5. Side Boob
6. Not A Bot
7. addend
8. Teechur
9. MrBoffo
10. a robot

The top ten most commented-on images today:

272681 Passive: "So, how would you describe the intersex experience?"

272993 Passive: To answer your question, baby, something like this.

272734 Throwbot: I imagine regular flavor tastes like beige

272774 Dr Awkward: Nah, we have a lot of locally own restaruants, shops, etc... that are those people's livelihood. We'll see how this all shakes out in a few years, but even at 15 dollars an hour, you're not buying a house here (out of town 2nd home owners, vacation rentals, and student housing makes that housing market crazy).

272991 turtled: Trick question: the first letter in 'the English alphabet' is a T

272892 Hokie333: @Peter Pantsless I have absolutely zero reasons or incentives to be anywhere near there at 10pm any night, much less Wednesday. (in fact, I am blissfully unaware of any 10 PM Wed. antics)

272816 Air Biscuit: @Knice @dangerkeith3000 @Off Topic @Bob @Sadbot @Sage @John Blender anyone want to take a boat ride?

272683 White Rice: @Science damnit! I should have expected as much from a JC where an English teacher wouldn't answer to anything other than "Coach" and somehow marked me absent over 30 times in the first 2 weeks of class :-/ Well, leave it to @Science to set our misconceptions on science straight.

272659 Mr Bleak: Looks like she is regretting the vegetarian option.

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

The highest-scored images of the past 48 hours:

SomeCanadian uploaded 272521 (958 points)
not i spy uploaded 272641 (898 points)
Side Boob uploaded 272795 (872 points)
Wolfy21 uploaded 272685 (869 points)
oregon man uploaded 272572 (853 points)
nclaw uploaded 272634 (836 points)
Mr. Lizard uploaded 272627 (820 points)
brutal uploaded 272789 (799 points)
Remp Wulgus uploaded 272773 (784 points)
frenk uploaded 272924 (780 points)
daver uploaded 272808 (759 points)
spacedawg uploaded 272642 (742 points)
redpeepee uploaded 272760 (737 points)
Mexico uploaded 272595 (736 points)
Annoying Vegan uploaded 272577 (729 points)

These users have uploaded images which have received the most "rad" points in the past week:

 1. ChubbyBuddy: 8590 points
 2. Side Boob: 3969 points
 3. Annoying Vegan : 3930 points
 4. E. HONDA: 3367 points
 5. Mexico: 2894 points
 6. dangerkeith3000: 2786 points
 7. NoOneImportant: 2049 points
 8. grimes: 2022 points
 9. grizzly: 1772 points
10. Snow Plow: 1732 points
11. confession: 1643 points
12. daver: 1527 points
13. Never AFK: 1482 points
14. Clim Tinties: 1454 points
15. horny horn: 1438 points
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 piranharama: @duchaschmeremol Is there a problem here? :)
 duchaschmeremol: i dont get it - do all dog pics start with an extra 200 points?
 raditzu: and where is McCabe?
Image 174170   04-18-17   Uploaded by    Salvador Molly
 Heroin Bob: "My bad."
 sparename: "What you put a train on it for? that's my 'Lookin' At' Bridge"
 Ironass: I thought I could, I thought I could. I guess I can't!
 apoxia: toot toot!
 a robot: Whoopsie!
 tib gubb: "Do you think it will still work?"
 Peter Pantsless: "Crap, my lunch was in there."
 Sadbot: "At least we saved money on steel for extra supports"
 savvoy: "Gentlemen, I propose we find a new, less expensive way to test for structural integrity."
Image 174169   04-18-17   Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
 deathawaits: @enfanta So thats where the title for that comic came from!
 Bast Relief: I drew the bottom part on mushrooms, middle part on acid, and the top on DMT.
 enfanta: @Theta Zero I learned it as "exquisite corpse."
 iCEy: This is a fun art game. You segment a paper into three pieces and three different people draw the head, torso, and legs leaving only a little bit of lines for the next person, so they have to guess what the last part of the body was.
Image 174168   04-18-17   Uploaded by    CrookedCop
 potato: I'll go where I damn well please and I must tell you how much I enjoy your creative use of signs!
Image 174167   04-18-17   Uploaded by    flowers
 zodiacflash: Fuck you, Baltimore! Go buy a car from Big Bill Hell
 Bu7Z: Not as bad as the 'milk in your lungs' one
 Amy Housewine: Waterballoon hadouken.
 Peter Pantsless: Something wicked this way comes
 tears as lube: I'm not a Hogmap. YOU'RE a Hogmap.
Image 174166   04-18-17   Uploaded by    DJSnoopMike
 addend: Handling a taco is considered heavy petting.
 Amy Housewine: Carlos is my mainest man.
 Scoo: Fun Fact: Carlos IS a Mayan virgin
 tib gubb: carlos is cool though, so that's okay
 savvoy: Mayans from Mexico?
Image 174165   04-18-17   Uploaded by    CompletelyJoking
 SpaceCow: Kitty is going to make the same crawl as Bishop and in half the time.
 Side Boob: Gordon Freeman's cat
 sparename: "Assholes To Your Door" courtesy of "The Feline Pipeline"
 Dan Tagonistic: "I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid"
 enfanta: Kitteh fort no doggos allowed!
 Mexico: Hi there!
Image 174164   04-18-17   Uploaded by    bobby
 apoxia: Cute
 Borkf: Museum of capitalism is just a bunch of photos of bankers ignoring homeless people.
 Admiral Alan: Love me some Carmina Burana
 dobbiesdoogs: look for us above the most recognizable capitalist symbol in the world
Image 174163   04-18-17   Uploaded by    poetrysucks
Image 174162 is unbelievably bad (score -13) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by redrex. Boo, redrex.
 SpaceCow: This is clearly the villain from Kung Fu Panda 4
 BavidDowie: fake if real *throws pokeball just in case*
 apoxia: That's awesome. Is it a chimera?
 White Rice: Well, that's pretty neat.
 Derp Herpigan: Screwed up with the bleach load
 savvoy: It's like you're only half trying.
Image 174161   04-18-17   Uploaded by    Wort Mumpus
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