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234465  Dreforian: @a robot I still think of the sci-fi hero tv show before the Guardians of the Galaxy character when I see that name

234501  Ulillillia: Ouch

234477  Dreforian: @glenalec Everything's moving to the cloud these days

234483  Dreforian: Oh shi- did we leave the oven on when we left the cave?

234483  Dreforian: Quick! I heard someone has popcorn at the Vatican!

234483  Dreforian: SPRING BREAK!

234506  glenalec: I avoid tech that looks like a SciFi villain designed it - they always seem to contain one crucial flaw.

234504  glenalec: @WTF - But she can #234513 ! And #234510 is certainly trying!

234501  Dreforian: @Coolguy Must have been right after Red Alert as he never wore ties again!

234489  fanny: mods, please update my username to fanny fidler

234504  glenalec: Aliens are among us - more proof of non-humanoid tool-using lifeforms.

229496  fanny: return #234492

234492  fanny: haha @Peter Pantsless #229496

234503  Scoo: "They took mah ears!"

234502  Scoo: Ahhhh! Acid shin attack!

234493  Teechur: Just realized they got the leash, too!

234423  glenalec: All the bits are leaking out!

234428  glenalec: Don't upload me like potato.

234430  glenalec: @GoGo Robotto - I imagine at the moment the photo was taken he hadn't yet had time to react.

234488  grizzly: @looch nerd! No just kidding. I did the same thing.

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234265 kornisjon: @when so Someone must have had a nice time.

234321 glenalec: vv the technical term is a kidney calculus. So my kidney now officially has better maths skills than me.

234465 a robot: Mantis' long lost sister?

234430 glenalec: @GoGo Robotto - I imagine at the moment the photo was taken he hadn't yet had time to react.

234331 looch: Better be named Huginn or Muninn

234446 a robot: But....why?

234437 FatTigerWoods: The kid couldn't stop eating for a sec and take a picture? Rude.

234411 Peter Pantsless: Ah, they're probably going to shave it off and were just having a bit of fun. I give myself goofy facial hair whenever I shave my beard off

234423 glenalec: All the bits are leaking out!

234277 glenalec: Glenalec's mum approves.

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 shsquid: Oh, four fox sake.
 yev: paradise angels. brutal
 Radstarboom: @Peach Look like kit foxes.
 Peach: My dream is to make the whole universe a paradise for whatever these are.
Image 173219   04-13-17   Uploaded by    EndlessVanity
 shsquid: Not pictured: the screen shot saying "Barbara works at Whispering Pines Funeral Home."
 Scoo: @Derp Herpigan Sleeps; she's depressed
 Warrax: I'm at about 8ish, myself.
 Derp Herpigan: 4383 to be exact(365.25days to account for leap years). Though what does she do with the other 12 hours, I wonder...
 Mr. Butt: Amateur
 tib gubb: barbara knows what's up
 Peach: That's over 11 hours a day.
 dobbiesdoogs: lighten up, barbara
Image 173218   04-13-17   Uploaded by    Troll
 Skaalar: Where Bird Person WOULD have honeymooned.
 Robespierre: Time Tunnel needs a little tweaking.
 apoxia: That's not going to stop spiders getting in.
 WaffleIron: A nest. Needs more pillows.
 Nope: Ah yes the infamous neat naps series
Image 173217   04-13-17   Uploaded by    pewdiepie
 Science: I love Necromunda
 grizzly: Can you dig it?!
 Ratty: Some poor set designer had to spray paint that
 guest: Dirty, I keep shit stains in my drawers so I can get so fazunky for ya
 White Rice: @Dan Tagonistic one of the freakier bits of improv in any movie. He was just told: taunt them. Love it.
 Dan Tagonistic: Come out to play-ay
Image 173216   04-13-17   Uploaded by    cj22
 Felicity: I cant accept that the Rangers are wearing sneakers
 WaffleIron: @Spazstatic : It is now. You get plus.
 Spazstatic: @WaffleIron is... Is that a euphemism?
 Derp Herpigan: @tib gubb purple hat, behind green mario.
 tib gubb: where's waluigi?
 WaffleIron: No matter how big your zord gets, know that it only needs to be hopped on three times to be destroyed.
Image 173215   04-13-17   Uploaded by    Jalamunch Totorito
 Skaalar: @Meow I'm sick with a stuffed up nose and now my phone has snot screen from how hard I guffawed. I'll need you to provide cleaning service.
 Culex: Of course you can have all my calipers
 Robespierre: The Kitty Lama.
 a robot: Obi-Wan Catnobi
 Spazstatic: Pet or pet not, there is no bath.
 Scoo: You can't win, Red Dot. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
 Meow: Khajit has wares, if you have coin
 well duh: Come to the dark side. We have Friskies.
 WaffleIron: May the force be with mew.
Image 173214   04-13-17   Uploaded by    hapi papi
 Felicity: I can hear the crash replay music from Hard Drivin in my head now
 Side Boob: been there, done that
 tib gubb: this is fine
 Theta Zero: This car's been illegally parked for a while
Image 173213   04-13-17   Uploaded by    hot hot dog
 Felicity: @Felicity @a robot /The Next Mutation/! Now I remember the title. Im going to look up that Power Ranger crossover episode you mentioned :-)
 Felicity: @a robot I remember that show! I didnt like it at the time, but I suspect I would find it nostalgic now
 a robot: Did you know in the 90s there was a live-action Ninja Turtle TV show and they brought in a girl turtle? Her name was Venus and she had a light blue mask. They also had a crossover episode with the Power Rangers. It was all pretty stupid.
 wolfpk: 12 were good, 1 was total shit!!
 Peter Pantsless: Take one Raph and two Mikeys, switch them to a new Turtle with a green mask named Giorgione, and you've got AG as Ninja Turtles right there. Nice
Image 173212   04-13-17   Uploaded by    entropy
 Felicity: I like buttons
 DrinkMixMan: just relax have a dorite
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless :-D
 Gomi Day: random trivia: "you suffer, but why?" are the lyrics to the guinness book of world records holder of the world's shortest song. held by napalm death for the song "you suffer" clocking in at 1.316 seconds.
 WTF: I'm confused by the pic on the basic bitches button. Is that an acid rain thing?
 Peter Pantsless: buttonhorn
 Peach: "Frivolous? You don't know what you're talking about, Stacy. Just you wait, this button-maker is gonna pay for itself."
 WaffleIron: I think buttons are analog image macros.
Image 173211   04-13-17   Uploaded by    twisty
 Spazstatic: @Spazstatic iPhone dock!
 Spazstatic: Now I want to engineer an iPhone dick inside a tape deck
 Sandor: That's what she said
 Chest Rockwell: Somebody found out how to scratch the screen and camera lens at the same time.
 Bartleby: You have it in backwards, though
 Peter Pantsless: Twist: it worked
Image 173210   04-13-17   Uploaded by    grid
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