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210097  Yurishiro: @Christina NERD. JK I love books too.

210112  Urn BooUrn: Dawwww, he needs a ramp to get in.

210109  Yurishiro: @chhumphrey In fact, my comment was about the sticker when it was put on. Written word stands there longer than us, who put that sticker might even be dead who knows. Almost everything marks a point in time, not a continuum.

210116  Christina: Instructions unclear: burger stuck in small round hole.

210123  Black Jesus: Shut UP, Dee!

210075  Christina: Brains...

210094  wolfpk: Culprit #210092

210071  Korrok: Kinky...

210123  Rembo Prundus: Who's that asshole that jumped on his back?

210087  Christina: I like this kind of buhnana.

210088  Christina: @Side Boob Horizontal is "across"; vertical is "down". You're welcome.

209988  funny in the wall: @DarkTeddy If you're interested, check out this book:…. It's a good middle of the road PChem text. If you want something more challenging, check out this one:…. There's no reason pchem should be easy

210057  Mr. Butt: ok.

210085  chhumphrey: @Knice and diabetes

210089  Christina: ( .)(. )

210089  chhumphrey: shouldn't it be "Redrah Eid"?

210095  Christina: None of those will happen.

210092  chhumphrey: Elton John's uncredited flop

210078  Mr. Butt: I didn't think the image was that funny, but its score was over 300 when I arrived and I just wanted to fit in.

210093  chhumphrey: Where are the 3D chess pieces?

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209988 funny in the wall: @DarkTeddy If you're interested, check out this book:…. It's a good middle of the road PChem text. If you want something more challenging, check out this one:…. There's no reason pchem should be easy

209943 Dr Awkward: @Felicity I had forgotten what Nader did before he fucked up the 2000 election :)

209965 Cami: ...She could not help everybody so she helped somebody.

210003 Mr Bleak: @KEKOEKEOEK "... but a shitload of insects got mashed to paste."

209934 El hefe: There better be a designer purse in there full of cheese puffs and malted milk balls

209961 Jabberwikket: @Ulillillia, I hear your sister is going out with SQUEAK !

209937 Ulillillia: Por favor

210015 Yurishiro: Eat pizza in Italy, after that you'll find anywhere else's pizza is gross or not even pizza at all.

210045 Yurishiro: Dickeyboard? No I do NOT want to hear the sounds it makes.

210026 Science: @Greek Fire: Yes, but stone does tend to be more resilient than composite materials, and especially tarmac. Roman roads also didn't have the tremendous weights and traffic flows that roads today do. Plus slavery makes it super cheap and easy to produce wonders that last throughout the ages.

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 Mr Bleak: Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour?
 Theimposter: Like the movie 'rubber', but sucks more.
 apoxia: "Honey, I'm home"
 DrinkMixMan: Door to door salesmen suck
 Turd Ferguson: The brave little toaster
 cenecia: The haunted vacuum cleaner? But I threw that in the dump a week ago!
 Zampano: The prodigal vacuum returns
 El Barto: He cleans and sucks and he's perfectly content to live in the closet....I should introduce him to my brother...
 Bu7Z: @Teechur I wish I had your class in high school.
 Teechur: @Bu7Z I KNEW you were going to say that! I knew that because I'm physics and just "know" things.
 Bu7Z: Sometimes it's better to have your wifi signal censor your comments... @Bu7Z
 Bu7Z: I had posted, and due to wireless signal being poor where I smoke.., 'I have come to clean your floors..' Like the flimsy excuse for a porn film 'plot'... But your comment is just so much better. Because physics is better than porn. @Teechur
 Teechur: It came home because nature abhors a vacuum.
 ping: Have you got a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour... [vacuum cleaner noises intensify].
 enfanta: Jeez! Everything outside *hates* me!
 Mexico: I've come for
 tokyopig: It sells itself.
Image 169106   03-23-17   Uploaded by    genius
 Robespierre: Greetings from Tonopah
 cenecia: @tokyopig Mars kind of fucked him enough, don't you think?
 tokyopig: sure it can rove mars, but can it fuck Matt Damon?
Image 169105   03-23-17   Uploaded by    MC Delta T
 Mr Bleak: Photobomb level: not sure I want to know...
 Albatross: See anything ya like?
 El Barto: @Dresdenkeogh I'm going to put that quote on my wall. That's rad. :D
 Dresdenkeogh: Don't run from your feelings. Walk resolutely towards them carrying an assault rifle
 enfanta: I gotta ask the doctor about mom's meds...
 Himesama: When bae doesn't know he's bae.
Image 169104   03-23-17   Uploaded by    Unstableton
 ch: jesus god i want to choke the jagoff what made this
 ping: It's a CAPTCHA. You can't shop there unless you can prove you are not a robot (sorry, @a robot)
 enfanta: @tokyopig That's how bad their typography is: even with the word displayed directly beneath their sign, I couldn't decipher it. Pfft. Thanks for the clarification.
 tokyopig: @enfanta I believe it is as the subtext reads, ie. "Centerfold"
 enfanta: CEMTEPG?OLD/B What am I looking at?
Image 169103   03-23-17   Uploaded by    Mark As Read
 Scoo: This cube is fine
 DrinkMixMan: It's too risky! There could be cubes in there the size of gorillas!
 rinaldi1337: show me a 4 dimensional hyper cube then we'll talk.
 Niels Bohr: My mind interprets this as a classy pigeon sword fight.
 Mad Collager: M. C. Escher was fired for drawing this.
 Amy Housewine: My mind does far more exciting things than that.
 tokyopig: whoops.
Image 169102   03-23-17   Uploaded by    nimbus
 Ironass: Here are sexier rocks, what this rock aspires to be #150177
 DrinkMixMan: I've heard of "butt rock" but this is ridiculous!
 Mominous: @Dick Inspector Thank you kindly :)
 Annoying Vegan : Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere
 Dick Inspector: @Mominous Winning comment right there!
 Mad Collager: Big dinosaur head comforts little dinosaur head.
 Mominous: Gneiss ass!
 Teechur: How big is the REST of the camel?
 piranharama: Does this butt make my rock look big?
 Theta Zero: This rock has a crack in it
Image 169101   03-23-17   Uploaded by    taiko
 Amy Housewine: You dump it, we pump it.
 Scoo: Congratulations?
 Mexico: And yet you didn't whack off your photo. For shame.
Image 169100   03-23-17   Uploaded by    Mern Trulbo
 addend: (Stops asking whether you floss.)
Image 169099   03-23-17   Uploaded by    BaconCake
 Niels Bohr: Eye of the tiger
 Minnesotan: impressive lifting that with one hand
Image 169098   03-23-17   Uploaded by    Handyman
 El Barto: I hope that later on somebody decided to inflate a condom and attach it accordingly.
 enfanta: I wonder if he's going to pop the question?
Image 169097   03-23-17   Uploaded by    wolfskin
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