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262522  Felicity: INEWARHOL?

262536  Felicity: Dietary restrictions dictate you must eat six or more people? Add 20 percent

262538  Felicity: Ben Franklin's friendship bracelet

262581  Zarathustra: @Barm Albongo so that's why there's so many oversized pickups in Texas?

262549  AdaMan: I support this

262571  AdaMan: That wouldnt stop me

262525  jazzjunkie: I need dis

262577  Teechur: Captain Americorg

262578  tib gubb: nice kitty... look, i have salmon!

262539  jazzjunkie: Apparently it's a Swedish ad campaign for some amusement park, but man. This is some high-octane dream candy!

262558  tib gubb: it's actually because you're fat there, champ

262575  tib gubb: little hellraisers

262575  White Rice: So, my current game on here is "spot @Not a Bot" (which is only a game due to the shifting red names we all have currently). Anyway, Im officially guessing the first comment on this image (regarding hotdogs & being lady like) is Not a Bot.

262574  Sadbot: 4-door Jeeps are for people who think they're too cool for mini-vans. Spoiler: they are not.

262539  jazzjunkie: Download The Laughing app for your smartphone? This is some dark shit O.o

262493  Amy Housewine: @Beft Flumumple YES WE CAN

262550  lecj07: Don't think he can pull of pink Chanel though.

262560  lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262589  A duck: Is it me, or the dog to the right looks mutated?

262561  lecj07: The cure for all of life's blues.

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262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262560 lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

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 Puft Albumbies: At work today I got to put a hole in a wall with my FatMax Xtreme FUBAR III (tm). This accurately reflects my feelings at the time.
 Relm Flumombies: Hell fuckin yiss
Image 169042   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Flold Horpuble
 Gang Flopert: Oh is it march yet?
 Larb Grunongus: I love European 1s.
Image 169041   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Bingo Flumple
 Perm Morpumbies: that one space ship that smells like cat pee
 Jold Broble: Unfortunately, Kitty is looking at Yavin 4.
 Flampo Albongo: Rad everytime i see this.
 Rongo Plongus: "And when he saw the breadth of his domain, Mr Fluffypaws wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer."
Image 169040   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Gungo Albuble
 Flong Plemombies: @Eleftheros @a sedated moose @fanny Or maybe it's the hide of a failed contestant at a bee put on by a most harsh grade school.
 Berm Brupert: @a sedated moose it sounds like some kinda grain to me
 Flirm Flumple: @fanny also, "spelt" seems like an onomatopoeia for a semi-solid substance hitting a wall at high speeds.
 Frempo Flongo: @fanny Hey, if all the kids are getting "turnt" these days, why can't our words be spelt?
 Darm Flumumbies: @fanny We won't criticize you, but it's a dirty job, and I suppose someone has to do it!
 Mang Dampoble: @fanny I talk to myself sometimes, too. In private, usually, when I call myself a dumbass for something stupid I did.
 Frorbo Flomple: @fanny That was great. :-D
 Crort Brumbies: @fanny fannyhorn
 Veld Plemopert: @fanny spelled you idiot you're not british
 Frald Drumungus: you spelt douchiest wrong
Image 169039   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Porm Rempungo
 Gamp Brungo: Gahan Wilson after Moebius?
 Relm Grunumbies: Chowder and Mung really hit the experimental drugs once the show was cancelled
 Marm Grunumple: where can I get one of those penis hats?
 Vort Plemongus: Finally, something that makes sense
Image 169038   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Fluple Grunomple
 Theft Morpungus: At first, I thought it said "risp and swine". I was looking for a pig, saw the wings and thought risping was some sort of flying.
 Pirm Albongo: Profit
 Hamp Grupert: GET KILLING
Image 169037   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Vuple Albungo
 Rorb Rempumple: Those are rainbow windows, it's not a gray thing it's just for fun.
 Trorb Grungo: @Teechur It might just be a thin layer of grease or oil deposited on the inside of those windows, since they're machine room windows (heating/AC).
 Fraple Horpupert: @Mad Collager dayum.
 Lurb Grumbies: @Teechur The other ones do yoga.
 Gung Flumungus: If you look at windows through polarized sunglasses, you can see the stresses in the glass like this. But why only those three windows?
 Mirbo Flumopert: and I'm the drunk in a midnight choir
Image 169036   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Craft Rempongus
 Huwn Morpombies: What does this grub mature into?
 Thompo Grunuble: @a robot Cat loaf is the best one, in my opinion.
 Mople Albumple: Is your cat a cat bun?…
 Thuft Rempomple: I love when cats stick their feet out really far while sleeping
 Lert Grungus: Not to be confused with catalyst
 Rirt Horpoble: @enfanta the catilus?
 Bengo Cremongus: I wish.
 Pirbo Horpopert: The rare Nautilus cat!
 Crulm Horpongo: Ammognite
 Mort Albongo: His competitive diving days were over, but Marco still dreamt of the podium.
Image 169035   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Lift Cremungus
 Crelm Morpopert: i want this as a full-back jacket patch
 Jown Albomple: CHARWOMAN!
 Bold Plemopert: Warning: Hazardous Voltage Inside
Image 169034   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Crown Dampomple
 Gulm Dampungo: Psychedelic hermit crab is my band name
Image 169033   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Thople Flongus
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