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249655  sparenamelaptopdied: Time to syphon the python. Almost

249660  redmonkey3: @redmonkey3 - *terrain

249660  redmonkey3: @Joseph - on closer exam that DOES look like surface features and terrIn... oh poop.

249670  a robot: username/upload weirdness

249663  Lantry: Dayman, save me!

249643  sparenamelaptopdied: Great Expectations

249670  Mr. Butt: BEWARE

249670  mrdiron: It's not just heat vision.

249668  redmonkey3: Won't bounce

249668  sparenamelaptopdied: "DEUCE!!"

249666  raditzu: where's the dent? it's a Death Star!

249619  Zochrot: straight from the 90's vampire the masquerade larp

249666  TurkeyVulture: This is essentially my current truck, except mine's the 3/4 ton. Same dent.

249667  TurkeyVulture: Amazing. I've seen this movie more times than anything except Star Wars. Ive cosplayed as Walter. I wrote a graduate-level post-Marxist analysis of the film. And somehow I rembered the can as a Ralph's store brand coffee. I'm going senile.

249621  Zochrot: I'm tripping balls!

249624  Zochrot: cat cloud city

249666  whcvgre78: Dude I used to drive this truck. I mean, the scuff was on the other side, it had a camper hood, and different hubcaps. But I still have a strong affinity for blue, beat-up chevrolet pickups.

249654  Captain Marsupial: And Lo, the lions shall lie down with the ham. (Wait, we're out of lions? Well how's this joke supposed to work?)

249661  Captain Marsupial: Honey badger always to rad.

249551  BavidDowie: This is fantastic

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249431 WTF: It's not text, there are no black bars nor is it crude or overly sexual... I'm cool with it reappearing.

249357 Passive: This was a transphobic "fake commercial" for repelling unwanted advances from men using a fake penis

249477 El hefe: How i think it will go.....reality

249509 Lunimeow: Be right back, gotta take a me.

249591 hajjpodge: Start with Cleveland.

249492 savvoy: From the days before cars had seatbelts

249608 Prostata: BRB...

249351 Knice: Paging @carpwoman!

249643 sparenamelaptopdied: Great Expectations

249488 tib gubb: yall done fucked up!

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 LKoroton: Mary Poppy?
 androbot: Nice mitre
Image 167866   03-16-17   Uploaded by    happier
 jochenau: Needs more mummies made of mums.
 Dick Inspector: I appreciate the skeletons.
 Telkwa: Temple of Lombo.
 fanny: @KrazyKat puns AND building? absolutely!!
 KrazyKat: @fanny dream job, amiright?
 fanny: @KrazyKat haha i was just about to write i'd be pretty happy if i were in charge of building store displays!!
 KrazyKat: When 15 yr old employees are put in charge of merchandising displays.
 Micro Jackson: We are all bloomed
Image 167865   03-16-17   Uploaded by    ppr4
Image 167864 is unbelievably bad (score -4) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Beerarchy. Your image was bad, Beerarchy.
 Felicity: This activates my barophobia
 apoxia: I'm so confused
 raditzu: that's so deep
 Scoo: Instructions unclear, dick stuck in optical illusion
 Micro Jackson: I told you: Don't put really massive objects on the carpet! Geez!
Image 167863   03-16-17   Uploaded by    Relp
 tib gubb: vv that's supposed to say 'credit' but i mistyped 'cred.dit' and well here we are vv
 tib gubb: not even half cstormfront? this is bullshit.
 Teechur: Same.
 SunWukong: @SunWukong is the o with the special character there when it's not being observed?
 SunWukong: Schrdinger's test failure.
 Fancy Clown: Nice attempt
 jochenau: For that amount of effort, just learn the material...
 enfanta: I feel so bad for this kid. School sucks.
 WaffleIron: It is dark here, you are likely to be eaten by a Frue.
Image 167862   03-16-17   Uploaded by    craftjunk
 Peach Toddler: Somebody done mixed bleach with ... ***cough***
 jochenau: # ' They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught / But we break loose and then vamoose and now you know the plot! ' #
 enfanta: @Lestrange Ha ha ha!
 Lestrange: We get it!
Image 167861   03-16-17   Uploaded by    bubbles
 Mr Bleak: And that was how I got the court order banning me from going within a mile of any school.
 LKoroton: Nice tonsils
 whiplash: The hot-air hand dryer was broken, so Tiffany volunteered to help out.
 CastleBravo: I Radded this just because the comments deserve to live.
 kinggheedra: She didn't like that you did this.
 Lestrange: Classic 2007.
 Prostata: then... Image 167853
 Knice: I just tossed a mini-pretzel at my screen. She got it. :-)
 chhumphrey: "Singin' in the Girls Room" just doesn't have the same ring to it
 Salvador Molly: Uvula Of The Year, 2007
 San DoDo: Hey!
 funny in the wall: 2007, amirite?
Image 167860   03-16-17   Uploaded by    Larp Belb
 Felicity: When I was growing up the girl next door to me used to do drawings like this. I liked them
 Otterman: Looks like The Magic Man from Adventure Time
 chhumphrey: This D&D map is vertical
 Gentleman: "We wanna be free... "We wanna be free to do what we wanna do... "And we wanna get loaded... "And we wanna have a good time "That's what we're gonna do. (No way, baby, let's go!) "We're gonna have a good time... "And we're gonna have a party."
Image 167859   03-16-17   Uploaded by    conner
 Peach: @KrazyKat At first I thought this was a butt chugging joke.
 kinggheedra: Best guess for this image: Gotham. I'm not very far in this show, when does the water pistol penis butthole plotline come in?
 Bob: nope
 EH: Ok where do I start from?
 fanny: @KrazyKat geeze, I'd recommend trying them all and finding the one that feels "right" for you
 KrazyKat: But what orafice do I drink the liquor from?
 itskando: Batplug
 ignatz: Batman centipede coming up..
Image 167858   03-16-17   Uploaded by    Paint Chips
 waaaaaat: From "Polaroid Art," Taschen Publishing. Not really, but could be.
Image 167857   03-16-17   Uploaded by    1979
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