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258225  MasterTwig: No you're not.

258230  bookcase: This may be a stupid question, but is this from a video game? If not, what is it? Looks like a render.

258177  dangerkeith3000: HAHAHA

258178  dangerkeith3000: How else do you fucking use a phone?

258179  dangerkeith3000: I can't will till I vote that sonuvabitch out of office. BEATO 2018!!!

258182  dangerkeith3000: He's about to fight King Hippo.

258190  dangerkeith3000: Somebody once told me that people taste a bit like pork, yet babies are more fishy tasting.

258217  Mr. Shine: @VoR @Solemn LOTS of pinkeye, though. Just lots.

258192  dangerkeith3000: Deadpool.

258194  dangerkeith3000: They should have eaten all the evidence.

258223  Mr. Shine: He can hear a bag of chips open from ten houses away!

258201  dangerkeith3000: I hate his politics, his a horrible actor, but his memes are GOLD.

258206  dangerkeith3000: Now you gotta wash your hands BEFORE using the bathroom!

258215  dangerkeith3000: NSFW

258218  dangerkeith3000: Both are doable.

258219  dangerkeith3000: Mission: Impossible

258221  dangerkeith3000: I blame chopsticks.

258224  dangerkeith3000: lololol

258226  dangerkeith3000: Oatmeal raisin cookies are sooooo good.

258233  hot hot dog: This girl let me hold her puppy today. The dog fell asleep in my arms and I about died from the cuteness!

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258106 Jaunty Shrimp: Worst. Font. Ever.

258009 Astanapan: wikiHow to run first because until you learn how to bend your knees you're getting nowhere fast.

258041 DrNinjaman: Tonight, we drink!

258089 DrNinjaman: Do the eagles have large talons?


258079 Robespierre: Team building exercises suck

258098 Robespierre: @Felicity I looked it up - it's "Fontius Pilate"

258006 tib gubb: he can powerwalk as fast or slow as he wants; he's already won.

257995 Passive: The pain is real

258111 Annoying Vegan : This is wasteful.

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 chelseachels: Wow @Noremak
 DrinkMixMan: What a spooky spectrum!
 Jaunty Shrimp: *sings* Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple makes the rainbow bright bright BRIGHT (I used to teach kindergarten)
 SomeCanadian: Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaal...
 Noremak: Dooo-DOoo-DOOOOT!
 Albatross: *their
 Albatross: Not a bad show but the performers acted like they had a stick up there ass
 LKoroton: Gracias senor fabulous esqueletox
 Peter Pantsless: the friendly spaceship roadshow was a HUGE success!
 Shay: Us purples get a head.
 sparename: Gets Purple - loses head
Image 167735   03-15-17   Uploaded by    jackthesmack
 Science: We all know it's actually porn. It's always porn.
 Whatever: Of course you have the dual problem of finding a drive that reads 3.5 disks, and the problem of the decay of the magnetic media
 Dr Awkward: Thanks @Air Biscuit !
 Air Biscuit: @Dr Awkward happy birthday
 Peter Pantsless: @Snake Jesus that crap is hilarious, and anybody who is "on" the Internet should read it. Respect
 Peter Pantsless: @Dr Awkward Yeah that's weird. I was "Gen Y" for a minute, but I thought "Echo Boomer" was more accurate, and now I apparently count as a "Millenial." obviously the whole thing is stupid
 Jaunty Shrimp: I miss carefully folded junior high notes
 Dr Awkward: @Peter Pantsless haha, yes, I called it apps on purpose. I'm turning 34 this week, so hardly a kid, but by some accounts, I still qualify as a millennial, somehow (was still in HS during Y2K)
 Snake Jesus: @Peter Pantsless Oh man. I was way too young to understand how to use a lot of the chat programs -- anything more complex than MSN messenger was beyond me -- but in middle school and high school I read the bash dot org QDB like it was the bible.
 Peter Pantsless: @Dr Awkward Also we called them "programs" back then. Freaking kids! (I'm kidding, of course)
 Red: i have all the MSN chat logs from my high school days somewhere. god help me
 Peter Pantsless: @Dr Awkward Trillian worked with all the IM programs, and IRC ("Internet Relay Chat") was one of the first IM services. maintains a collection of "funniest" IRC chats and you can see a looooot of where modern Internet culture came from
 Dr Awkward: @Peter Pantsless I'm sorry to inform you that I'm unfamiliar with either of those apps
 Peter Pantsless: @Dr Awkward You think that's bad, I had Trillian. All that crap plus IRC. Those were the days...
 bug: Fuck, why didn't I save mine?
 WaffleIron: If this was mine I'd quietly crush the disk in my hand and throw it out where it would never be seen again.
 Dr Awkward: AIM 4 lyfe.
 Peter Pantsless: That's...that's freaking adorable.
Image 167734   03-15-17   Uploaded by    donhomero
 jazzjunkie: Cannonballlllll!
 Snake Jesus: Seems legit.
 enfanta: "You know if I could get through this glass I'd be snacking on him right? Still think I'm cute?"
Image 167733   03-15-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Suburbanmom: That skirt is cute
 brian greene: basket case
 raditzu: Wrong shoes for tennis.
 jazzjunkie: I feel this way too, some days.
 coffeeblack: When you just can't get enough of that smell that comes from a new tennis ball
 Wookiee: Something something face first into balls.
 WaffleIron: I'd be this depressed if I showed up for a match in those shoes too.
 XLY: I have this fetish now
 sparename: Extreme Teabagging
 scribbs: Same, only mine is a bunch of white cedar and in my hand is a work order that had been typed up incorrectly. Thank heavens the customer is cool.
 Scoo: Oh, balls
Image 167732   03-15-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 LKoroton: Welcome to disability awareness week
 Peter Pantsless: Man, that engine really purrs, don't it?
 Scoo: Are those actual wheels or rolls of vet tape?
 sparename: Where's Motor Mouse?
Image 167731   03-15-17   Uploaded by    fullofwind
 brian greene: no arriving leaving!
 Whatever: Didn't Trump ban illegal aliens?
 Borkf: Sure, but is it friendly?
 scribbs: "...and this is when we all got...Earl, what year was it we all got probed? Right after Mildred died, wasn't it? Mildred...yes, Mildred, Richard's sister-in-law. Oh, Lordy help us. Made the mistake of saying 'Richard' and now it's a two-hour tirade about Watergate...anywho, we was vacationing in Nebraska when out of the sky...."
 Shay: We have come from outer space and we can tell you: this is not the purest white corn.
 ignatz: So long, and thanks for all the corn
Image 167730   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Wookiee: Even I can see ham is the best!
 Scoo: It's like the regular Starfleet, but porkier
Image 167729   03-15-17   Uploaded by    sorghum
 DimwaldtThrockmorton: I refuse to put anything in my mouth unless it is full of flavory goodness
 Science: @a robot: I remember watching that with my parents, and the scene where the doctor manually, uh, "stimulates" the ladies came on...
 a robot: @Jaunty Shrimp @Snake Jesus "The Road To Wellville" was a pretty fucking weird movie
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Snake Jesus I love the movie
 Snake Jesus: Corn flakes! The breakfast cereal invented by an insane man who hated masturbation!
 WTF: The daintier the corn flakes the better.
 Scoo: I dig the Farmer's finger-gun
 Knice: Awe yiss motha-fokken flakes-a CORN! :-D
 KrazyKat: Full of flavory goodness is my dancing name.
 Peter Pantsless: Official breakfast food of the friendly spaceship, although the box was later changed to be purple
 Nope: "Woah Jim maybe after the whole Nazi thing we dont want to be referring anything to as purest white..." "Nahhhhhhhhhhh"
Image 167728   03-15-17   Uploaded by    a robot
 Shay: I don't remember teaching the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria like this in school...
Image 167727   03-15-17   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 jochenau: I don't think the other subway patrons will appreciate your wearing a bustle.
 LKoroton: Sub-menina-lisa
 Dr Awkward: @WTF unfortunately, you'll never be able to prove this. If you haven't heard, they've closed the Louvre #167629
 scribbs: Art thief trying to fit in.
 WTF: I think the real Mona Lisa is a lot smaller than that.
 KrazyKat: Lil'bitch gets around.
Image 167726   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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