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262425  ChubbyBuddy: also blowing and tooting

262428  sparename: @Addend Gonna drink it in an attic?

262437  Clim Tinties: Cat loose in a car. You are brave.

262428  addend: Classic.

262326  addend: (Hurries to bathroom.)

262334  addend: Mmm... ham.

262353  addend: "Looks like I'd fits, but how to sits?"

262422  charlemagne: in fact, most monsters sleep on the top side of the bed

262423  charlemagne: who even cares this is the netherlands, let's go for a smoke and a handjob

262373  addend: Brontophauruth.

262374  addend: Come to temporary traffic sign in 15 minutes if...

262382  ignatz: @Trorbo Plumple the geek have inherited the earth

262394  mrwiffler: Mods are drunk ....again

262425  sparename: Can she play the pink flute?

262398  addend: "No, don't hold the apple, just balance it there."

262432  highdra: Serious question whats with the socks

262404  addend: Heh, "position".

262409  addend: Is is your serve again?

262412  addend: @Crarbo Albungo "Relax, it's only in dog years."

262413  addend: Congrats, Penelope!

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

262151 Mr Bleak: @Pawn Morpongus Because two nipples won't fit the same butthole.

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

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 Ringo Rempumbies: Err, Brown's offensive line. I was reading the chart upside-down.
 Giwn Dampuble: Good advice for the Steeler's offensive line.
 Fringo Pluble: Be VERY aware of Too Much safety - it can ruin the possibility of Big Fun (Yay Shriekback!)
 Gaple Flumongus: safety breeds complacence, and complacence is death.
 Vung Flupert: Safety first.
Image 167715   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Themp Morpongo
 Vaple Grunungo: Spoiler. Whale gets reincarnated as a potted plant
 Fromp Drumumple: @Dresdenkeogh What is this thing coming up at me so very quickly? I wonder if it will be my friend.
 Hople Drumuble: from the family album of JG Ballard
 Borb Plemoble: Whale... whale.. whale... what do we have here? @Peter Pantsless oh no, not again.
 Cralm Plungo: Where's the bowl of petunias?
 Gorm Drumongo: "DON'T DO IT, HANCOCK!!!"
 Germ Morpuble: st george was actually a veterinarian. this patient simply didi't make it
Image 167714   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Gilm Plongus
 Frort Dampungo: Modern art is so confusing
 Varm Plemumbies: That time of the month
 Crang Morpopert: The Kool Aid Man smashed through the wall, shattering, and ejecting his viscera all over the room.
 Mople Plemumbies: @Peter Pantsless are these both promo images for the next season of Game of thrones? bludsnowwwwww
 Buwn Horpungus: A mature #167712 specimen
Image 167713   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Vuft Albumbies
 Rold Plombies: This is someone's phobia and someone else's fetish
 Jewn Cremumbies: Do not scratch, even if it itchs
 Pift Brupert: Looks like a 1970's jello mold
 Frang Brongus: So, how does something like this move up the karma scale in subsequent lives? Because, I'm not sure I could pick out a virtuous one of these disgusting things in a crowd of immoral, depraved ones.
 Delm Flumoble: Hydnellum peckii is an inedible (though not toxic) fungus, and a member of the genus Hydnellum of the family Bankeraceae... aka "Bleeding Tooth" or Devil's Tooth" aka "EWWW!"
 Remp Drumupert: @Dresdenkeogh - the former
 Buld Plungus: It's that weird fungus again
 Jirm Morpuble: I don't know how to feel because I don't know what this is. Nature's mysterious beauty, or man's disregard for hygiene.
Image 167712   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Duple Albopert
 Jengo Grunumple: French kissin' in the USA
 Beple Cremungus: @Teechur For the porpoises of this joke, those are dolphins. Or tigers. I don't even know anymore!
 Veld Grunongus: Jamie Hyneman's successfully cloned himself, I see.
 Deng Morpungo: @Dresdenkeogh @Peter Pantsless How the heck could you two miss the obvious "porpoises" pun there?
 Thurbo Plombies: @Peter Pantsless then for the purposes of this continuation of the gag, you have my seal of approval.
 Jurbo Bromple: @Dresdenkeogh For the purposes of that joke, these are seals.
 Jimpo Grunungus: Wilford Brimley's gettin' it on
 Guft Rempungus: @Peter Pantsless I guess I "waltrust" you not to be mad if I correct you on that. But to not know your aquatic mammals? Tusk tusk tusk.
 Limp Plemopert: Looks like somebody sealed the deal
 Burbo Drumongus: "SCHPLORP"
Image 167711   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Gift Horpupert
 Jawn Rempuble: Once I poo-pooed chocolate covered pretzels. I will not again discount anything chocolate covered until I have tried it.
 Parbo Bromple: @annterland chopsticks.
 Biple Plemongo: Also I've never seen these.
 Hompo Grunongo: 'Melty Cheetos' Cheetos 'Milk Chocolate Flavor''Melty Milk Chocolate on the Outside, Crunchy Cheetos Corn Batter on the Inside''Rich, melty recipe'
 Dewn Cremuble: This is the main course for the Tabasco chocolates appetizer.
 Hurm Plemongus: @ChubbyBuddy - The Delicious Kind!
 Gild Flumple: Until they are covering the Flaming Hot flavor with DARK chocolate i gotta pass.
 Jamp Plemoble: Man, fuck this noise.
 Trert Rempongo: Finally! A solution to my orange finger problem!
 Left Rempumbies: @Dresdenkeogh i like the ones with blue sprinkles
 Dumpo Grunumbies: For the snack that says "Cat Shits"
 Romp Morpongo: this madness is what global capitalism has wrought
Image 167710   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Truple Plemongus
 Frurm Horpuble: Just like carving a roast.
 Frimp Morpungo: I love how he's standing there having his arm sawed off, and he's just got this look on his face, like, "yep. How about those local sports peoples?"
 Jelm Dampumple: We should all saw with spirit, if just for a little, everyday.
 Huple Cremupert: Time for Brandy! and BBQ!
 Crong Flumopert: The important thing is the leeches.
 Crung Morpupert: now he swims circles around the rest!
 Flerm Horpongo: Frankly, I'd start with the brandy.
 Frarb Dampungo: do you want to lie down first?
 Thaple Drumuble: How dandy!
 Barbo Plumple: That's rather disarming.
 Jang Horpumple: Now you can do HIM, ooooh, sorry
Image 167709   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Hert Rempuble
 Rart Drumombies: And the bride is a Trill
 Trarb Dampungus: Addams Family variation
 Thirm Horpopert: They had to include the zombie head, so her tattoos wouldn't be the tackiest thing at the wedding.
 Viple Plemomple: I'm not sure which is better, the faux amy winehouse, the officiant in a cape, or the groom's ill fitting pants.
 Trompo Flumopert: What shat on her shoulder?
 Japle Drumumbies: weird I thought the groom was expected to dress up for a wedding
 Frurb Flumungus: your zombie head is still less tacky than the little reversible cape number your wedding-officiate is wearing. Never the less, congratulations.
 Trurb Grunombies: Wrong: the head is in fact the best man. Dude in blue was just hired to hold it
Image 167708   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Trulm Drumuble
 Mown Plemumbies: Thinking inside the box (metaphorically, or Mistoffeleesically)
 Flirt Cremungo: Mine just knock it over to get the innards out.
 Frumpo Flongus: @redmonkey3 with. But I blindfold them first.
 Jang Flumongus: Cutting out the middlemechanism means more gluttony for YOU!
 Creft Grunungo: @Dresdenkeogh - with or without swats from sticks ?
 Fraple Albombies: @Knice upvoted this comment both ironically and sincerely
 Vamp Drumongus: My room-mate's cats are so food obsessed, if we gave them this option they would explode like purina-filled piatas.
 Harm Flumomple: Fuck the police.
Image 167707   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Humpo Grunomple
 Gift Grunungo: Roses are reddy, violets are bluey, I spent ten pence, but got no chewy
 Varbo Morpuble: My beard grows to my toes./ I never wears no clothes./ I wrap my beard/ Around my bare/ and down the road I goes. -- Shel Silverstein.
 Pift Morpombies: Haikus sound pretty. But sometimes they don't make sense. Refrigerator.
 Craft Flombies: Here's one for free "Roses are red, violets are blue, here's an esoteric reference to the author's own life that you'd need to be a biographer to get, if you think that 'the author is dead' screw you"
 Crewn Floble: *pttooo* ugh these are terrible
 Fruld Flumomple: You don't necessarily need a lot of money to support the arts
Image 167706   03-15-17   Uploaded by    Hurt Grunungus
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