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262454  antipatterns: W A T E R M A R K

262446  smusher: Shit, that's depressing

262440  antipatterns: If Americans don't eat more beautiful people soon, China will surpass us

262397  Korrok: I've seen worse....

262459  someguynameded: Put the D in her A and it's all ok

262449  Off Topic: I do. Does that really mean I'm a princess?

262377  Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262444  KyleisBobDole: Ooh watcha saaaaaay, ooh that you only meant well

262419  Not A Bot: Fuck you sign, I do what I want!

262445  Robespierre: On your marks ... get set ... FEED ME!

262447  Robespierre: Berber basking

262448  Robespierre: Wy yew flashing us, hoomin?

262439  Robespierre: In all those familiar places

262448  Yam: Man, that is adorable

262440  Robespierre: @Palm Flungo "Eat It Like a Man" doesn't include salad - it's an additional $2.98.

262442  Robespierre: Entering Heavy Rotation orbit

262443  Robespierre: Trumpenstine stomps the Texas terra

262444  Robespierre: WWE(tm): Where There's Always Room For More Bad Acting(c)

262425  Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262446  Robespierre: Sunrise of North Korea

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10. Not A Bot

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262151 Mr Bleak: @Pawn Morpongus Because two nipples won't fit the same butthole.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262425 Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262377 Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262195 Science: @Rart Brongo: It's not your job to police the highway - if someone wants to go 150, get the hell out of their way and let them pass.

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

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 Thaft Morpomple: Same
 Flerbo Flungo: I was an accident. I can do all those things, but that sounds boring.
 Jelm Rempombies: Yeah, I'm doing well, too, fuckyou very much.
 Jump Horpoble: Why? punctuate like that
 Fruld Pluble: Strange girls are the best
 Guld Groble: Stay out of my life random sign!
 Rown Horpombies: I'm doing fine thanks.
Image 167097   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Jarb Drumomple
 Frongo Cremombies: when you have two cakes in one go and have to wait to fit through the door
 Lort Cremopert: There's knot a hole lot of room in here.
 Dempo Grunungus: A LITTLE PRIVACY?!
 Fromp Drumuble: OH HAI!
 Frirb Horpongus: Nobody gets in to see the wizard! Not nobody not nohow!
 Flampo Albombies: Har Har, what a tiny pecker!
Image 167096   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Gewn Albomple
 Rirb Bruble: And make sure they're juicy this time, dammit! These pretzels are making me thirsty!
 Veple Grungo: I need to make a Kidz Bop video.
 Rong Rempongus: Joke's on you, goblin! I'm lethargic and stringy!
 Trong Albumbies: I see Rush Limbaugh hasn't changed much over the years.
Image 167095   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Hamp Drumungus
 Crorb Floble: Prepare Your Rectum!
 Rong Morpongo: This is a porn, right?
 Herb Grunumple: this ocean-polluting time travelling prick from the eighties has thankfully missid my inner space by six metres. too much pina collada
Image 167094   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Bongo Dampungo
 Thuld Albungo: Road signs in Knieval County
 Dorm Morpungus: Hope your corporate manslaughter case works out ok.
 Gurm Flumomple: Maybe if I still had my truck. There's no way my Kia can make that
 Rump Morpungo: Hyuck hyuck Those Duke boys done got themselves in a pickle now
Image 167093   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Crart Flongo
 Vumpo Cremungo: Penguin Wet Willy.
 Deple Grongo: Boop le poop
 Giple Morpongo: Show me on the seal where the bad penguin touched you.
 Germ Grunomple: @necronomicon badumTISH!
 Hift Rempombies: No no, it's just ice cream, I swear! @sparename
 Trurb Flumungo: Don't let your food play with you
 Gompo Cremoble: You've blown a seal!
 Lompo Floble: This is revenge for those seals that have aggressive relations with penguins
 Bulm Flupert: Who knew penguins were nature's proctologists?
 Gang Morpumple: Boop!
 Ring Plemumple: "Dude... DUDE... WTF!"
 Trulm Cremuble: Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!
 Horb Grungo: Hey, that seal just gave me the "fish eye".
Image 167092   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Hango Grumple
 Bango Ploble: #176289 return flight.
 Hawn Horpomple: Awww...the Satanist party is all tuckered out. Luckily for the goat, he can sneak out before the sacrifice.
 Jingo Flumomple: same
 Lorm Dampongo: It was the thrill of victory, and the agony of the sheep.
Image 167091   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Fringo Grunombies
 Huld Flungus: Hahaha isolating myself from my fellow man
 Creft Plemupert: I read your mug and when you weren't looking I stroked your pug.
 Flurm Albombies: Read the mug but now I am focused on looking for stuff in the reflection of the mug
Image 167090   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Mump Brupert
 Dirt Cremopert: Hurry, hummings, we must bustle!
 Crown Flumongo: @fanny Hell yeah!
 Flerb Morpongo: His super power is being able to sniff around corners.
 Ping Albungo: Hiding from mom cos she's taking him to the dentist
 Jengo Grongo: That nose cleared the trunk at least 30 seconds before he did.
 Purb Dampongo: Hee he he he he....
 Pelm Flongus: oh hi mark
 Jumpo Dampopert: that tapir is UP TO SOMETHING
 Florb Plemungo: ]: =oE
 Mold Flumumple: "Pull my nose."
Image 167089   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Flemp Morpopert
 Flirm Albombies: Nasty picture. I radded, tough
 Marm Flombies: It's been a while since I've seen ol' Bud. Beats the Goatman, I guess.
 Bempo Dampopert: the surreal episode
 Gorbo Rempopert: I feel dirty for both saving and giving a rad to this image.
 Lerbo Flumoble: @Mr. Whiskers Thanks!
 Mempo Plemoble: @scribbs I think one guy recanted his testimony that Dwyer directly took a bribe. But I'd imagine there was more evidence than just that. Those sorts of arrangements are rarely "would you like a bribe?" "Oh, yes please."
 Balm Horpungus: I wish I would have met you, but now it's a little late...
 Bingo Albumbies: i feel bad for laughing as much as i did, scrolling down to this. jesus christ.
 Reple Cremomple: I was going to make a remark about him being exonerated posthumously, but I can't find anything about that now. Weird, I'd have been willing to bet a paycheck I was right. Glad I didn't make that bet.
 Trorm Grunomple: Reporter: Why are you shooting yourself? Dwyer: I don't know. *SLIME TIME*
Image 167088   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Limp Flumongo
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