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257760  jazzjunkie: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

257915  tib gubb: "mittens, is it the nip, or are you seeing what i'm seeing?"

257885  Felicity: First, assume a spherical dog

257923  waterudoin: Amazon stop

257897  Felicity: And crawling on the planet's face

257913  tib gubb: that's not a human male's sex drive works

257825  werterland: This alligator is on a strict son-only diet. Please, no daughters.

257922  scribbs: Music on the go! Compact too!

257922  Watch Out: Apple to apple, WTF!

257908  jochenau: @well duh Well maybe those weird bluetooth earpieces count as being tiny cellphones? I do kind of wish we'd ended up with the tiny phones like in Zoolander though.

257911  jochenau: @a robot I didn't feel like squinting at pixels to figure out what was going on here but I saw your comment and now I am SAD.

257911  Solemn: People. The Spaceship is for fun, funny pictures, and a good time. You want creepy and sick, kindly take your trash back to Red.dit or Tum.blr and KEEP it there.

257921  catheter: Good pupperoni. The first NY police dog part confuses me though...

257910  Hyphae: @dangerkeith3000 "Big Fish" Aka- the long awaited remake of "Gladiator"

257911  Solemn: @a robot The product of a sick, twisted mind whose owner deserves to be dunked in an acid bath.

257912  Hyphae: Here we see Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson using deep method acting techniques to prepare for his upcoming role in "Junior Jr: Look Who's Junior Two!", the long awaited sequel to "Junior"

257912  Peter Pantsless: Chip off the ol' rock

257911  mexican: This is a pedophile's room.

257903  addend: Mmm... large knobs, gliding clockwise and back in my firm but gentle hold.

257775  robford: @Mr. Butt Dang

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257634 barfolomew: "Name us after friends and we will swallow their souls!"

257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

257622 UltraBeverly: @dangerkeith3000 New Coke is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!

257626 smusher: We all do the dew down here. You'll do the dew too.

257686 tib gubb: heck yes

257772 DrNinjaman: There's a survey on the back. If you fill it out you get $10 your next dress rental

257825 werterland: This alligator is on a strict son-only diet. Please, no daughters.

257724 addend: Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri? Asking for a friend.

257855 UltraBeverly: Aw, I remember the Insane Clown Posse bus parked in front right before it was torn down. Sniff...

257787 some guy : This image is upside-down.

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 Mr Bleak: @enfanta It's the day after "Steak and a BJ Day" - so that's March 15th, and you just missed it.
 enfanta: @Teechur I-got-my-ass-out-of-bed-where's-make-cake-day's?THAT'S A THING?! Black Forest for me, please!
 Mr. Whiskers: Maybe it's short for "Wedding's an occasion, birthday's an occasion...
 Teechur: How about for bris's? Or funeral's? Or I-go-my-ass-out-of-bed-where's-make-cake-day's?
 Beef Supreme: That's a criminal level of wrongly used apostrophes. My inner Grammar Nazi is headed for the Polish border.
 addend: Wedding's cakes, birthday's cakes, ...every occasion's cakes.
 apoxia: Why not "Cake's for all occasion's". If you're going to be wrong you can at least try to be consistent.
Image 167045   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Oober
 Mr. Shine: This is the weirdest colonoscopy I've EVER seen.
 sparename: You should always change shocks in pairs..
 WTF: Ah yes, the mating of fuel cans produces premium unleaded.
 Teechur: Something was a shocking spill in the upper left, but it's been absorbed now.
 a sedated moose: @ch Got a nice socket set there, but no ratchets. That's ratchet.
 Lestrange: @ch For the glory of Satan of course.
 Mr. Shine: This is the weirdest colonoscopy I've EVER seen.
 apoxia: Socket to me!
 ch: I think I know why this photo was taken I'm just not sure why there's a continuous parade of these sorts of photos on here
Image 167044   03-12-17   Uploaded by    tane
 Kim: "We're keeping it. It's God's child."
 enfanta: @whiplash Yes, just like that.
 Mr. Whiskers: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 4
 whiplash: Now I wish my pregnant wife hadn't had that sonogram.
 apoxia: Why don't you smile darling.
 AutoDisaster: Cheer up!
 enfanta: I was trying to think of something clever to say but I just want to pitch M&Ms in her mouth.
 Amy Housewine: "This is my bunny rabbit impression."
Image 167043   03-12-17   Uploaded by    nerdhulk
 piranharama: The galaxy is on Orion's belt.
 addend: The cat that makes the Bond villain.
 enfanta: Every jewelry store needs a cat model.
 mrwiffler: Just...don''s...eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Amy Housewine: Ferocious guardian of the +1 Amulet Of Luck.
Image 167042   03-12-17   Uploaded by    140bpm
 Teechur: How boring to surf on immobile waves.
 Teechur: How boring to surf on the slowest waves ever.
 addend: Day of surfing ends when board is sanded down to veneer.
 jochenau: Board without rhythm and we won't attract the worm.
 Nope: When you wipe out its very good for your skin... the first time
Image 167041   03-12-17   Uploaded by    wolfpupy
 Prostata: step 1) learn how to write...
 werterland: JNCO jeans are the only acceptable pants for Juggalos. You can fit your 2 liter of Faygo in any of the pockets, with room to spare for your meth!
 Mr. Whiskers: Just wear whatever pants were slightly cool like 19 years ago, but now are just sad.
 antipatterns: God creates Man. Man destroys God. Man creates Juggalo. Juggalo rules the Earth.
 UseYourName: @jochenau maybe those five stars censor what they really meant?
 annterland: Don't wear pants with juggalo shirts. Just walk around like Donald Duck...shirt, no pants.
 Borkf: A Juggalo doesn't have to look a certain way, but DO NOT wear skinny jeans.
 Amy Housewine: Is a juggalo supposed to look 'good'? I thought they wanted to strike revulsion and panic into the normo noobs (or somesuch).
 jochenau: I'm mostly confused by choosing that as the best answer and rating it five stars, then writing "she didn't really give me that answer I was hoping for..."
 hajjpodge: Wicked poor life choices, fam.
 apoxia: First world problems
Image 167040   03-12-17   Uploaded by    morrissey
 Flarmie: At least it's a dry heat.
 XLY: Its already melting thru the floor!
 Shay: It's always 5 o' clock somewhere.
 addend: "This is fine".
 mrwiffler: That's only 567.7778 celsius.
 Mr Bleak: The Fox news reputation for accuracy in all things continues apace.
 jochenau: @DarkTeddy Where do you live that 86 is windbreaker weather?
 tokyopig: Fox finally accepts global warming, everyone is already dead.
 DarkTeddy: 7am: wear a light windbreaker to start the day. Noon: you should be quite fine removing that windbreaker. 5pm: A hot steamy death awaits us all
Image 167039   03-12-17   Uploaded by    caesar
 Kim: No cake until you get outhe of bed.
 tritium: Unfortunately, she is living her best life.
 mrwiffler: She died with a chip in her mouth.
 jochenau: Some days, hauling the bag of chips to my bed is about all I can manage.
 tokyopig: life is terrible and terrible food is the remedy.
 tib gubb: oh boy, cheps.
Image 167038   03-12-17   Uploaded by    140bpm
 Wookiee: Can't you see this man needs help? Call a doctor!
 FabricMan: Everybody hurts...
 addend: Hablablablablamos.
 tib gubb: thirsty for that crack.
 hajjpodge: Too many cinnamon rolls.
 Warrax: He forgot that he got milk.
 tokyopig: it's a sign!
 Mexico: Switch to me for rabid savings!
 Bu7Z: He has a drinking problem
Image 167037   03-12-17   Uploaded by    Sprinkles
 Felicity: @Capital Me too!
 Capital: I love /Scanners/!
 Shay: So Scanners, The Brood, and Rabid came from within?
 addend: (Walks outside. Highly-focused sunlight singes both eyes.)
 mrwiffler: @tokyopig Yep, Scanners was a boring piece of shit. ....had to get that off my chest.
Image 167036   03-12-17   Uploaded by    manlyman
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