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221345  BavidDowie: Chooby is just his nickname.

221373  kristy: Where did you get that cartoon? I recognize the style and really like them so if you could point me to the source of such awesomeness I would appreciate it, thanks!

221390  dobbiesdoogs: who is this man and what is the name of his song?

221358  BavidDowie: Nighty night!

221360  BavidDowie: this dessicates the fruit

221381  clayjar: FINALLY!

221386  angry: Nice, made my day!

221180  Cami: @kensin @Skaalar Do you want references? Because that's how you get references.

221368  Dr Awkward: You guys are really hamming it up.

221347  carpwoman: @ignatz - He's behind the tree.

221352  carpwoman: Yeah, just take that off.

221379  Side Boob: Are you gator bait? Only for the friendly spaceship, baby!

221386  topcity: What about Jurassic Parks and Rec

221359  carpwoman: As it melts away.

221305  trelyate: she was impregnated by a baguette?

221378  Prostata: yeah... i finally shaved the bush.

221330  Spazstatic: @Peter Pantsless this is us, waiting for spacelegs in Elite or Star Citizen to be finished.

221386  shadebane: Jurassic Clues

221340  trelyate: NO COMMENTING

221368  carpwoman: Nah, man, that's where she carries her bread, man.

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221165 Peter Pantsless: @fanny Same. I almost forgot that I told you guys about that Bubbles thing. I retroactively added some (+)'s myself. Thanks @Felicity! Although I think only @Knice remembers every image

221193 ThatGuy: This pleases me.

221169 Skaalar: Get in fuckin line

221357 Shay: If I had a choice between a brand spanking new iPhone/iPad or Apple II, I'm definitely picking Apple II.

221276 Shay: Just another day on the Metropolitan Transit Authority rail system.

221214 glenalec: @raditzu - it's like social media - you are the product

221163 VeeKay: @carpwoman Maple trees!

221352 carpwoman: Yeah, just take that off.

221182 WetWilly: How does it feel? How does it feel motherfucker?

221309 tib gubb: @grizzly not to quote a bad movie (star wars is a bad movie) but, who's the bigger fool? the fool, or the fool who follows him?

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 Rat-Butt: ...why would you want to make this cute dog hate you with the white hot intensity of the sun?
 Rat-Butt: ...why would you want to make this cute dog hate you with the white hot intensity of the sun?
 Rat-Butt: ...why would you want to make this cute dog hate you with the white hot intensity of the sun?
 EvilOtter: Awwwww! 3
 Teechur: I'm NOT smiling. This thing is too HOT!
Image 165352   03-03-17   Uploaded by    someguynameded
 Teechur: Shut down by Siri. Oh well. Off to Vaguebook to see how many sad faces I can get.
 isosceleswaffle: Rude.
 addend: 7:22 am, so the rough day is just getting started.
Image 165351   03-03-17   Uploaded by    catheter
 BavidDowie: "Who Farted" unknown artist. c. 3rd Dynasty
 whiplash: Artist's rendering of #165347
Image 165350   03-03-17   Uploaded by    9inchfails
 annterland: I thought A was chillie suit.
 Pizza: It's forest smock, I'm sure it is!
 tib gubb: heh... "ass"
 AverageJoe: Hairy ballsack
Image 165349   03-03-17   Uploaded by    sergeant
 BavidDowie: The General Lee can pull'er out
 Teechur: @tib gubb Could be my neighbor. I think she wore a camouflage dress.
 tib gubb: ah, prom.
 Wet farts: @Bu7Z I'd pay to watch either one of those lol
 Bu7Z: I'd watch a limo rally, or limo drifting
 WaffleIron: "zzzzhzhzhzhzhzhzhzhhhh"
Image 165348   03-03-17   Uploaded by    not i spy
Image 165347 is unbelievably bad (score -9) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Colbo Mundus. Boo, Colbo Mundus.
 LKoroton: Arthur was celtic. Confirmed at last!
 Lestrange: Iddly diddly diddly doo
Image 165346   03-03-17   Uploaded by    lebron
 Albatross: Why not Herzog Zwei
 fanny: @a robot that's one of my favorite pictures :)
 antipatterns: "Those damned infernal rings."
 hat thrab: @a robot I want him and Tom Waits to be my two scary dads.
 Skinr: the villainous plots of Dr. Grizzlyman tended to end very poorly
 duckfarts: I can hear the music in my head
 a robot: I love Werner Herzog #154063
 tokyopig: I told him that floating the sonic 2 logo down the Amazon was mad, but he did it anyway.
Image 165345   03-03-17   Uploaded by    skatermario
 Mr Bleak: Jobsworth!
 LKoroton: ZOOOM!
 Teechur: Nature finds a way.
 Skinr: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."
 Theta Zero: There was a DBZ fight here.
 jazzjunkie: Damn it Todd, I told you not to wave that blunderbuss around!
Image 165344   03-03-17   Uploaded by    Cheesecake
 raditzu: @jochenau @Mexico maybe they want to check how long does it take for the "comic" to land in the Red-Bad Zone?
 tokyopig: Australia maybe?
 jochenau: @Mexico It'd make more sense to me if they were all from the same user or a few different ones, especially red/orange types, but there's a herd of blue dots posting these and I am mystified.
 Mexico: There's been a spate of these plotless black and white comics with similar aesthetics on the Friendly Spaceship lately. I wonder why.
Image 165343   03-03-17   Uploaded by    kristy
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