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263011  AlexDeLarge: @Mr. Butt 2-4-6-8, homer's crime was really great! Great, meaning large or immense; we use it in the pejorative sense!

263013  a robot: @a robot You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies??

263013  a robot: I used to be a bank teller and we would collect and save money that was really old, beat up, drawn/written on or otherwise mutilated, and send it back to the government. I'm not saying that system is perfect but I just don't think it's very likely that this kind of bill would end up in an ATM

263004  Bluetocracy: Critical fail on your walk roll. It's definitely a Monday.

263005  Bluetocracy: I want some part of our planet to really be a steampunk culture, so we can go there to visit.

262993  FormerLurker: @Zarathustra youre right, totally gay. And thats why its rad.

263011  Bluetocracy: You are what you eat... Oh, so you ARE fingernails.

262994  FormerLurker: Healthy as a horse now.

262946  Whatever: Fact: theres sexual innuendo in every successful fast food franchise logo if you look at it right

262949  Whatever: On the bright side, you only have to buy one of these horrors, and it coordinates with Halloween

262997  Not A Bot: looks like the fence won a few, too

263011  Mr. Butt: Some words are both nouns and adjectives, depending on how you use them.

263009  FormerLurker: For the record, despite my criticisms, I still voted rad.

262956  Whatever: But is it kosher?

263009  FormerLurker: See, thats awesome that they literally ran out of everything... but as a former restaurant manager, I feel like what they shouldve done is go to the grocery store and pay full prices for more ingredients. Even the most unusual ingredients can typically be found at restaurant supply stores that are in even medium sized cities. As I always used to tell my staff, the customer is more valuable than the product. But hey, Im out of the restaurant industry now entirely, so its not my problem!

262959  Whatever: Obviously poaching from Chipotle

263008  Shay: And you see kids, this is why daddy drinks.

262901  Side Boob: Please state the nature of the fashion emergency.

262965  Whatever: Trumps new lawyer looks pretty darn sharp

262968  Whatever: And thats the last time anyone saw Santa alive

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262674 some guy : Well, butter my biscuit!

262811 Felicity: @Felicity 20 plus plus, I meant

262856 VeeKay: Always suspected this is what girls do when they go to the bathroom together.

262685 Felicity: How are them Duke boys going to get out of this one?

262891 Scoo: Number three, why they so damn hard to close back up without the other side popping out?

262731 tib gubb: @Robespierre I was fortunate enough to have a rich agriculture (relatively) locally, where anything seasonal could be delivered within 12 hours or so from harvest. We were food exporters, so we only had seasonal availability, and only B-grade picks. It did bring a lot to visiting a supermarket, when each season had its own distinct smell... Nowadays, it's farmers' markets that practice that, but they're not there year-round

262697 piranharama: Great band name

262806 Felicity: Or start every sentence with "So..."

262756 weirduncle: @sparename rad for this

262678 Science: Lighten up, Thanos

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 On Spec: Roll that beautiful bean footage...
 DrinkMixMan: Share a Coke with Bill Foster
 zennoo: @aemull yes!!!
 Aemuli: *concern*
 Peter Pantsless: @Albatross Me too *splashes water on face*
 wolfpk: Did they change the formula again! ?
 piranharama: Ew lemon!
 Albatross: I've got a drinking problem
 Peter Pantsless: Drinkin' about those beans
Image 164927   02-28-17   Uploaded by    Lestrange
 Dreforian: Are you going to get down here so we can start our barbershop quartet practice?
 Peter Pantsless: "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal!"
 Derp Herpigan: They;re thinking about thos beans.
 Scoo: I see a little silhouetto of a man, Borkfamouche, Borkfamouche, will you do the Fandoggo?!
 tokyopig: Spaceship Landing.
Image 164926   02-28-17   Uploaded by    agentpaint
 Skaalar: @tokyopig She was moving in with her troll boyfriend. Things didn't work out.
 tokyopig: Baba Yaga once spent several months living under a bridge.
Image 164925   02-28-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 jochenau: I was confused for so long that I didn't even notice the background making my eyes hurt.
 Peter Pantsless: That's the name of my punk band
 wolfpk: The reverse of #164929
 tritium: I have questions.
 a robot: Well Ok.
 dobbiesdoogs: the question is, if a cat wore pants, would he wea[gets murdered]
Image 164924   02-28-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 AverageJoe: it doesn't really matter: every country in the world belongs to america
 DrinkMixMan: Nice fan art.
 trelyate: original joke; do not steal
 tokyopig: Except for extraterritorial military bases, embassies, arguably all of Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands, and some islands in the north that were snatched by Russia.
 Teechur: Little-known fact: Most of Japan was actually made IN Japan.
 WaffleIron: How to know your students have facebook
Image 164923   02-28-17   Uploaded by    blue shoes
 Bast Relief: It's the 80s and I'm at my dentist's new waiting room.
 Smorlacks: I always thought of Memphis as the liquorice allsorts movement
Image 164922   02-28-17   Uploaded by    younglink
 petepuma: He's a real character
 whiplash: He's a Macaroni? I don't see no feather in his cap!
 Jaunty Shrimp: Dennis Reynolds, esq.
 Spazstatic: This seat? I'm sorry, it's reserved for my hair.
 BlarfyB: Warning: may lead to Dandies.
 tokyopig: Though it would later be eclipsed by the success of the macarena, the macaroni had a distinguished tenure as the go-to dance for generations of no-moves suburbanites at awkward, heavily chaperoned school dances.
 WaffleIron: Jazz hands, ohh ahh, jazz hands
Image 164921   02-28-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 E. HONDA: well, you want to be sure your dealer isn't shorting you on lego
 dobbiesdoogs: i now know why the astronaut in the movie seemed pretty hyper
 sparename: Don't forget your mirrors and razor-blades...
Image 164920   02-28-17   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 carpwoman: That's what I was thinking a couple weeks ago when I was riding my motorcycle in February in Minnesota.
 Beef Supreme: We've got five years, what a surprise...
 jazzjunkie: I never never never do a thing about the weather because the whether never never does a thing for me!
 Scoo: Concerns about the world getting warmer? People thought that they were just being rewarded for treating others as they'd like to be treated, for obeying stop signs and curing diseases, for mailing letters with the address of the sender. Now we can swim any day in November!
 tritium: Weather is happening
Image 164919   02-28-17   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 SpaceCow: Spiderman's attempt at going undercover didn't work that well.
 SomeCanadian: He's thinkin' 'bout thos beans
Image 164918   02-28-17   Uploaded by    anonimos
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