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262816  Felicity: @tib gubb Thanks!

263101  WTF: ...and 'Whacking Day' was born.

263103  WTF: With current changes by DeVos, education has been removed from schools in an effort to cut costs.

263081  sparename: "It's boiling in here"

263036  Theimposter: First of all, that dog looks metal af with a mane.

262916  Mr Bleak: @kimjongun OK, you Baron T. Feather?

263102  jochenau: De nada!

263107  ignatz: Still no miracle cure for Eminem's finger affliction

263109  ignatz: What's Thai for Blyat!

262929  Mr Bleak: Where is "Stranger Things"?

262934  Mr Bleak: @VeeKay And invading aliens. Or zombies. Hollywood doesn't mind which.

263102  ignatz: Say Thanks this autumn with a Cat

263085  Not A Bot: What the hell? We need Explain-o-matic in here

263098  Darmstadtium: They are eating Santa!

262874  Passive: Touretts Guy, third grade

262878  Passive: send that woman home for distracting the men

262891  Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

262896  Passive: Tide pods created the tide pods panic to sell more tide pods. No, really, look it up.

262965  Passive: Pardon me, sir. Are you planning on dying anytime soon?

262979  Passive: Your elected politicians

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263070 ThoughtlessGentleman: i love your wife too!!!

262756 weirduncle: @sparename rad for this

262806 Felicity: Or start every sentence with "So..."

263031 Not A Bot: I can attest that this guy still rides around also that sign is on the back of Dante's

263011 Fiveninety: you don't know me

262891 Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

262856 VeeKay: Always suspected this is what girls do when they go to the bathroom together.

262892 Felicity: The Arch Non Deluxe

262811 Felicity: @Felicity 20 plus plus, I meant

262885 Felicity: You'll have to speak up, I have a b@n@n@ in my nose

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 WaffleIron: @tokyopig : If you want to learn about electricity, robots and old toyotas I'm 100% your guy. Since I'm a field engineer I drink whatever coffee optimizes some ratio of caffiene*taste/distance (chuck in some weighting factors at your leisure), But that french press sounds rad. I once had coffee at the Fairmont in Jasper national park where they brought out the french press and brewed it at the table. 6$ well spent, and the view was spectacular.
 Never AFK: Styling in one's sleep can lead to danger
 tokyopig: @WaffleIron hahah, I am an engineer now too after getting a whole goddamn second degree. Turns out philology is tragically unemployable outside the puddle of a job pool they call academia. You could probably teach me a thing or four. I also have my own personal French press at my desk at work so cheers.
 WaffleIron: @jochenau @tokyopig : am engineer, usually grunt or say "coffee" loudly until get way. Word talk ABOUT word talk make confused engineer. Confused engineer angry engineer. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!
 tokyopig: @jochenau Ah well you're the expert. I gave up on philology a long time ago.
 jochenau: @tokyopig Nouns have declension instead of conjugation. I don't recall seeing a specific rule on it but my guess is that adjectives can both decline and conjugate, depending on what determines the different forms (plural-marking would be declension, tense-marking would be conjugation). In any case, the term "inflection" is general and covers both declension and conjugation.
 tokyopig: @WaffleIron you can't conjugate a noun, or an adjective in the case that brony is a substantive. I mean in Japanese adjectives conjugate but thats another story. Typically conjugation is affair for verbs only.
 WaffleIron: @Mexico : Now we all know. You get plus.
 Mexico: @WaffleIron Pegasister. I should not know these things, and yet I do.
 WaffleIron: What is the feminine conjugation of "brony"?
Image 164025   02-24-17   Uploaded by    edgarallendoh
 Skaalar: Feed these to my niece and nephew all the time, I add honey though.
 SpaceCow: Now deep fry that and add bacon and Elvis would be pleased.
 jochenau: mean my cat-and-buttered-toast infinite energy device won't actually work? CURSES
 enfanta: Peanut butter and bana-nah.
Image 164024   02-24-17   Uploaded by    falling
 Bu7Z: Dude, what if, like, we called the band self titled, that would fuck with people's heads. (Relevance to image optional)
Image 164023   02-24-17   Uploaded by    RogueLeader
 Ironass: 2 girls, 1 cake.
 raditzu: "Barbie can also be sad"
 petepuma: man those two girls really love cake
 A duck: Ahh, this is gonna be one of *those* porn videos.
 wolfpk: *little girl walks into room* Not a again!
 redmonkey3: Need for WRONG button intensifies
 Bu7Z: That's just wrong
 AverageJoe: this reminds me of a certain video with one cup. I thought I had repressed that memory
 Mexico: SWAP.avi: THE CAKE
Image 164022   02-24-17   Uploaded by    xylophone
 MacFoon: Ah, so Trump is writing his own speech for the Hall of Presidents at Disney World.
 mrwiffler: TDDR
 ottorongo: Kanye?
 anatolel: Tommy Wiseau writes his memoirs.
 redmonkey3: @Bu7Z - myself also + where & how found
 Bu7Z: Now I'm just super curios about the parts that were redacted
 Psymon: Trump counts the best of anyone you've ever met
 WaffleIron: This is the weirdest Nigerian prince letter I've ever received.
Image 164021   02-24-17   Uploaded by    Larp Belb
 SpaceCow: The art says the title should be "Fifty First Dates between Jack and Jill."
 WTF: "Starring Adam Sandler and Sloth from The Goonies"
 whiplash: Got to hand it to the Russian artist, he really captured the true Adam "Jersey Shore" Sandler and Drew "Two-Face" Barrymore there.
 Beef Supreme: This poster is better than the movie.
 WaffleIron: I hate adam sandler movies.
Image 164020   02-24-17   Uploaded by    TaintJuice
 redmonkey3: Madchester scene update ?
 WaffleIron: He looka lika man!
Image 164019   02-24-17   Uploaded by    brutal
 Lestrange: Is that a bed bug?
 carpwoman: Should send this to
 carpwoman: That is pretty amazing. I got to watch a goose lay an egg once. That was cool, too.
 Teechur: That's gonna make one tiny omelet.
 Beef Supreme: I need a Zippo and a can of Aqua Net, stat!
 Wet farts: Pbbbbbbbbbbt
 A duck: And now I've got that tingling "bugs crawling all over me" sensation. Thanks, not.
 WaffleIron: I have got a lovely bunch of coconuts, here they are all standing in a row.
 redmonkey3: Kill with (cute) fire
 SunWukong: A little privacy?
 Urn BooUrn: Stinkbug eggs are pretty.
Image 164018   02-23-17   Uploaded by    tears as lube
 redmonkey3: I would love to see what hatches from that fabulous egg!
 wolfpk: I would hate to see whay hatches from that giant egg
 Urn BooUrn: Just imagine the pearl in that monster.
 duchaschmeremol: irish summer?
Image 164017   02-23-17   Uploaded by    zoe
 funny in the wall: maybe he has no pants on
 a robot: @wolfpk Yeah I have some coworkers who are experts at that
 AverageJoe: you just adopted the laziness. I was born in it, molded by it
 wolfpk: Laziness= putting way more effort into getting out of doing work than it would take to actually do it.
 Peter Pantsless: That actually seems like it'd be more difficult
Image 164016   02-23-17   Uploaded by    PornoPedler
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