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233929  Kaviri: New Wes Anderson movie looking good.

233926  Uncle Phil: HR just asked me to do last years self eval. I might crib this kid's notes.

233932  Kaviri: Doc, I've been having problems getting out of bed in the morning.

233935  Kaviri: @Scoo Or taking something

233936  Kaviri: I have seen the future, and it is rad my dudes.

233951  Robespierre: Slide a mile when it's only 25 feet long? Tow THAT's a neat trick!

233939  Kaviri: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 5, 4, 3, 2...

233920  Dreforian: @Robespierre I assumed it was okonomiyaki. Something I want to eat. Something that would probably come out like this image if I tried making it.

233941  Kaviri: So the guy liked his egg cream. What's the big deal?

233938  Robespierre: Ten'll get'cha a hundo the hoomin's name is Hal.

233941  Robespierre: @Jabberwikket From what I can tell it's about Milk Man "A". My ant says it's not worth your ant's time, so don't bother.

233938  Robespierre: Five'll get'cha fifty the cat's name is Dave.

233939  Robespierre: Laziness taken to a whole new level - and I'll bet it's loud as fuck, too

233941  Jabberwikket: Is this about Milkman Dan? Cause if its not about him, I'm not gonna get my ant to read it to me.

233926  trelyate: test taker: Donald Trump

233941  a robot: What the hell is the point of this

233922  WTF: So good you won't believe it's not Spam!

233940  Robespierre: Guess those Volvos really aren't all THAT safe after all

233944  sparename: This missile follows the little red dot

233924  WTF: Sleeps through the routine and Russia still gives her a 10.0

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233781 Science: Somebody stop me! Please.

233823 Beef Supreme: @dangerkeith3000 that's when you swing a leg over the back of a chair when sitting down. The sculpture is clearly airing out his wedding tackle on a warm day.

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233742 Teechur: @Robespierre Or Sammy Davis Jr.!

233880 FatTigerWoods: Cover up, your genius is showing

233762 Science: GIS results are inconclusive, but look like Track Cyclist. When I rode a bike, my calves were huge, but I never had thighs like these...

233783 hajjpodge: This is too much for me.

233819 Felicity: @Beef Supreme To paraphrase an old quote, Aspergers is Gods way of insuring that the truly gifted arent burdened with children

233737 Wooden Spoon: Louis CK quote in a less repugnant package.

233730 White Rice: @barfolomew @jochenau happy to be of service (but not as happy as the creator has been...ugh, I made myself a little sick thinking about that :-P)

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 SpaceCow: This ass is always blaring his music.
 scribbs: @Teechur lol :-)
 Teechur: @scribbs Ok, I had to check. Turns out, Amy Amy Chance played Aphrodesia, one of the first characters introduced in the cult television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
 Teechur: @Fancy Clown Yes, I am. Spanish/English. Full-time nerd in my spare time, however.
 scribbs: @Fancy Clown Amy Chance is the best teaching college in North America.
 drtofu: Kick Ass
 DoctorTwo: Surround Sound of the Ooooollllld West.
 Fancy Clown: Any*
 Fancy Clown: @Teechur I got it, don't worry. Are you an actual teacher by Amy chance?
 Teechur: Must be a 746 watt sound system.
 RalphyNoPants: Kick ass sound system.
 sparename: Ass of Bass
Image 159573   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 tritium: @blubbledubble hello!
 blubbledubble: I was so impressed by that empty cup on the left and the fact that nobody pointed it out that i had to sign up and comment. Hi.
 Cami: Remember to twirl your pencil while drawing long lines so you don't get a flat spor on your pencil lead....I think I may be old....
 Cami: @mwoody Slackerproof!
 tokyopig: One slide to rule them all.
 Teechur: @mwoody LibreOffice isn't bad.
 hearsegirl: At the Drafting Olympics
 Lestrange: I've learned so much from this remarkable site. I wonder what I can learn from this old timey draughtsman picture?
 mwoody: I hate open offices with a passion.
Image 159572   01-31-17   Uploaded by    JollyWell
 drtofu: BTW, that shirt is made completely of gold.
 Shay: 3ling 3ling
 tokyopig: psy trance dance brahmin, obviously.
 Starky15: He O-geed
 Fancy Clown: A money lender who bought a short made entirely out of gold in one of the poorest places on earth. I'm amazed he wasn't killed sooner tbh.
 whiplash: Last known photo of Swaggy McBlingerson.
 wolfpk: He must have lost a bet.
 El hefe: Mr. P
 Lestrange: He ded now.
Image 159571   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Mexico
 ninetailorochimaru: I saw the Eat sign too fast and thought it was the PEZ logo
 Mr. Whiskers: Steel? Eat 'n Park? Is this a Pittsburgh-themed apocalypse?
 AdaMan: Jet assisted hammer and Laura Croft? Why not?
 Lestrange: I love fighting the Brotherhood of Steel.
 Minnesotan: The Worst Fallout Game happened long before Bethesda got their incompetent mitts on the license.
Image 159570   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Skinr
 scribbs: Wonder Woman is going to be pissed when she sees what doggo is about to do to her plane.
 werterland: @AdaMan SPOOOOOONNN DANGERRRRR!!!!
 Lestrange: BOOOIIINNNGGG!!!
Image 159569   01-31-17   Uploaded by    chemical
 XLY: wood butter make wood better
 Teechur: @Peter Pantsless I know! I have started opening an anonymous window when I look at The Worst Things For
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny Amazon gets more clicks out of me than ever these days, mostly due to "Today's weirdo item." Naturally, the site's suggested items make me look like a lunatic
 Spazstatic: @fanny @Peter Pantsless Oh, let me help. *Clears throat* ahem, Amazon.
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless please use the AG affiliate link for Amazon ;)
 Kohapi: Do you realize how many trees you need to grind up to get just a few ounces of wood butter!?!..... like 4.... really big ones.... I think.
 Mr. Shine: It conceals if you are willing to leave the bottle on top of it from now on.
 Peter Pantsless: That reminds me, I need to get some more wood butter. With this high-speed Internet, I buy it by the 71-gallon box
Image 159568   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Nymphomania
 hajjpodge: Lucifer Our Lord
 cenecia: Everybody doin it
 Shay: @wolfpk Actually it's Jersey if you squint closely.
 DoctorTwo: Trump's To-Do list.
 wolfpk: Now entering Washington DC
 Lestrange: 4 out of 5 isn't too bad right?
 Kohapi: The 5 Rules of Politics
 Mr. Shine: I stole the sign.
 Elleander: Now, should i trust a sign that tells me to lie...
Image 159567   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 scribbs: @SunWukong Hi.
 SunWukong: Too many people.
Image 159566   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Lestrange
 Science: "Ma'am, I've been a State Trooper for over seventeen years now - I believe I know how to properly wear my headgear."
 SpaceCow: When ventriloquist dummies join state patrol.
 Cami: Hat shrank at the cleaners...
 Shay: Officer Jones depicts a woman being dragged (or a dead-on impersonation of his girlfriend when she's getting her gems)
 scribbs: @Peter Pantsless Hence the expression is "champing at the bit," not "chomping." If they were chomping, they'd destroy their teeth.
 Fancy Clown: "Omnomnom"
 Spazstatic: @Peter Pantsless can confirm, horseback riding is a lot of fun, one of friends in highschool had 3 horses (her parents ran a therapeutic riding business). But I was making a joke referencing the "is your girlfriend a horse" thing.
 Peter Pantsless: @Spazstatic Basic stuff. I learned how to groom them, clean their hooves, prepare the tack, and ride them up to gallop. It was a lot of fun, so I'm gonna go back eventually
 Spazstatic: @Peter Pantsless "horse lessons"? Like speed dating?
 sparename: That hat contains more than just a marmalade sandwich
 PushyWebsite: "Not the Mama"
 Peter Pantsless: @Scoo Bit. I took horse lessons recently. I always thought the bit was cruel, but it turns out it doesn't rest on their teeth and doesn't hurt them at all unless you're an asshole about it
 Scoo: I'm not much of a horse guy, so I can't remember if this is a 'bit' or a 'bridle'
 Lestrange: That's right Mike, it started by accident one time then I found I couldn't eat with it in there! I've lost 300 pounds since then.
Image 159565   01-31-17   Uploaded by    berlin
 Cami: Chow time a-hole.*claws nose*
 scribbs: "I dreamt I had thumbs."
 Elleander: You're up, right? FEED ME
 tritium: Morning honey. Whatcha thinkin bout?
 Scoo: Looks like my kitteh!
 Lestrange: I am the night
Image 159564   01-31-17   Uploaded by    werterland
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