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272611  Kaviri: She's a real beaut.

272614  Kaviri: Spok's dad.

272618  Kaviri: They only allow cat yoga at the dog park in Portland.

272622  Kaviri: Knowmsayin?

272626  Kaviri: Time for the Baja Men to make a comeback!

272632  Kaviri: Thank goodness they told us the original show Rainn was in, how else would we have known?

272630  sparename: Fuck your Roadkill Recipes, we have a Birdstrike Buffet Bar

272611  SuedeOxford: This road was renamed because they got tired of tourists goofing around. One can still go to Shepshed to visit Butthole Lane, though.

272621  Seven Eight Nine: Call my lawyer, I'm about to get paid.

272493  Spazstatic: @Fiveninety I've never seen a US hundred dollar bill with the number on the side like that and so I didn't think it was (all) USD.

272630  ignatz: Lightly overkilled on both sides please..

272630  SuedeOxford: Arby's freaked out when he made the RB211Burger, so he had to make the PW2000Burger instead.

272639  nanananana: You shouldn't bring prose to a poetry fight

272639  violentwrath: Force them into a sonnet-format. No one can escape.

272639  maura: Gonna punch you in the face, you big disgrace, gonna smear your face all over the place.

272639  Slickbrew: Use the element of surprose.

272539  Spazstatic: Purple.

272636  Knice: Nope.

272638  dorian: If only Siri remembered previous questions and answers to contextualise future answers.

272626  hajjpodge: @Prostata Well that's no good. I like to take jabs at furries and other internet fandoms but transphobia is absolutely unacceptable.

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272504 Shay: John Lee Hooker always sweat bullets wherever he was.

272425 Nope: @lecj07 thank you for your service

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny You'll do fine! If you have any trouble, reply here and I'll trouble-shoot. I just hope I see the reply in time to do you good!

272261 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob *Nobody* expects The Spanish Mikado!

272540 a sedated moose: @Science isn't that the critter what makes the shit-coffee?

272463 copunter: vvv (they're supposedly the red flowers, I guess)

272372 Side Boob: Always carry a spare.

272475 Uncle Phil: I guess a steak is a salad too. Cows are made of plants.

272539 Spazstatic: Purple.

272295 DrinkMixMan: Thanks, these injured animals really brightened my day!

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 scribbs: Dream. Nightmare #159530
 Teechur: Just one more lab across the pool.
 Mr. Butt: We're gonna need a bigger bark.
 Micro Jackson: Up pupperscope!
 Mark As Read: Sensory Dogrivation Chamber
Image 159545   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 hearsegirl: Magic Rocks!
 wolfpk: Wow, that is amazing!
 a robot: Mmm, rock candy
Image 159544   01-31-17   Uploaded by    CrookedCop
 Headoftheclass: I would like to know how that much pigeon shit got on the dashboard.
 scribbs: I suppose this is one way to discourage cops from wanting to search your car.
 Bob: Wow. Just wow.
 Spazstatic: @guest lol, I meant the size of the cigarette, not quantity of cartons though that may be true here. Normal smokes are 84 mm, longs are 100 mm (hence being called 100s), also come in shorties, 72 mm I think.
 guest: @Spazstatic savage af
 Warrax: I almost admire the dedication.
 Spazstatic: @guest yes. I think I see a couple. Can't quite tell from this angle, but probably 100s
 XLY: Get in
 guest: Is that a carton of menthol Pall Malls?
 annterland: Imagine the smell
 Teechur: This would be my car after the Cannonball Run. Oh, and "trucker bombs" in the back seat.
 whiplash: Give me a break, I'm on my way to the recycling centre!
 Wet farts: Toyota Prius for sale: Low miles, one owner, CLEAN non smoker!
 fanny: Well, if you were doing coke from your dashboard you wouldn't have time to clean! (energy to do it, yes)
 Peter Pantsless: As gross as this is, it's kinda impressive that it never caught fire
 Mister S: Reminds me of my late uncle.
 Micro Jackson: Hey, Mom I would have cleaned up if Iknew you were dropping by.......
 Sadbot: I'm just glad they're not just throwing the butts everywhere. Disgusting, but at least it's contained.
 mariofart: This reminds me, I need to clean my car tonight so I can never say it is 1/10 as bad as this.
 Meow: you found my car!
 Knice: brb; I have to go clean something. Anything. Fucking Jesus.
 yev: uber cab at its finest
Image 159543   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Zampano
 LKoroton: sputum on a window
 msmstud: Izit sekz?
Image 159542   01-31-17   Uploaded by    earl
 SpaceCow: "Hey doggo, we need a fourth to fill out the barbershop quartet if you're interested."
 scribbs: I need three dog treats and a plane ticket to wherever the hell this is STAT!
 Hosebag: I'm going to go with contestant number 3, Don.
 skylark: "Don't Feed the Akitas"
 tritium: 10/10 doggos delivered as described.
 wolfpk: Dog kissing booth.
 NonRhetorical: Japanese game shows are weird enough without getting the doggos involved
Image 159541   01-31-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 RalphyNoPants: Mistakes were made.
 Lestrange: This is sad. He is sad.
 Warrax: Hey, you with the thumbs... a little help here?
 Peter Pantsless: They send these guys out to rescue the rescue St. Bernards
Image 159540   01-31-17   Uploaded by    mission2mars
 jazzjunkie: I dig it
 scribbs: *BLOOT* *BLEET* *HOONNNK* "Sounds great, here's your genius grant!"
 tokyopig: Laboratory tests confirm, band instruments cause cancer.
 Ironass: I've heard mice are a little horny.
 a robot: Mousehorn.
 Sheikhjahbooty: Duke Ellington and the rats of NIMH.
Image 159539   01-31-17   Uploaded by    Wet farts
 scribbs: "Not now. They're home!"
 Lestrange: The username/uploaded image malarkey works for me too @hat thrab
 Lestrange: Miniature Shih Tzu with a teddy bear cut. Rad AF!
 tib gubb: phone home!
 tritium: @a robot I think it's one of those Whatever-E.T.-Was.
 Mr. Butt: @a robot @Scoo Waka waka wub nub!
 a robot: @Scoo Or possibly an Ewok
 violentwrath: This ain't a dog, this is a fuckin' Muppet.
Image 159538   01-31-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 night shift: this is why they hate us @WaffleIron...
 Wookiee: Everybody talk about pop music! Nah, Helsinki isn't quite right....
 WaffleIron: It's kinda of sad that the Toronto subway map looks more like Helsinki.
 redbranch: You can also use the Helsinki subway to tune a piano if you hit it REALLY hard
 Lestrange: Helsinki looks like it could be a bit fussy in the depths of midwinter/vodka.
 Mr. Butt: I'm on the...Subway to Hel!
 Snow Plow: My town: Blank
Image 159537   01-31-17   Uploaded by    zoso
 Ironass: @Micro Jackson I tought you might milk that joke.
 trelyate: this guy's ready for his Nintendo Switch
 Micro Jackson: Udderly disgusting
Image 159536   01-31-17   Uploaded by    scribbs
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