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210500  WaffleIron: The busiest beaver.

210502  WaffleIron: I most certainly did!

210482  WaffleIron: Optiquest! Fuck yeah! If you guys have broken ones I know how to fix them with just a few new capacitors. I have 3 now on my computer, net cost was 20$

210462  berlin: It was a million to one shot doc!

210488  WaffleIron: LEB, light emitting bread.

210465  Bagels: That's not even close to legible

210490  a sedated moose: Who're you callin' a mook?

210462  Unstableton: Oh my god Becky look at Herr Assmann...

210485  Bagels: I can hardly read this

210488  Bagels: Techno bread

210459  Yurishiro: Let's go find your fucking parents Jess.

210468  saluted: I dont get it, someone please help me

210468  Murm Gungus: Jumps aboard the hype train. Pre-orders. Eagerly waits. Picks it up. Definitely not the golden Ferrari the reviews made it out to be. Hates car.

210497  Amiga 1000: Imagine that Nigeria is playing against Germany :

210487  Yurishiro: The ceiling is astonished!

210460  Teechur: Whoops. Looks like our home security camera started posting pics without our knowledge again.

210497  Fuzzpot: OP, pls. Like you haven't already seen the other posts.

210461  Teechur: Strabismus means never being able to do a Magic Eye. Speaking of Magic Eyes, I took a long look at Uranus last night.

210464  Teechur: You also need indefinite article.

210473  Teechur: After the parasite is separated from the host, it will continue to sap resources from the host for an additional 18-26 years. Perhaps more.

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210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

210334 Hosebag: @Side Boob Don't run! We are your friends!

210451 a robot: I prefer #194205

210313 zrj235: Reboot of Demolition Man is looking really weird

210320 Spazstatic: @funny in the wall I was given a book, forget what or was called exactly, something like the father's handbook. One of the important skills it mentioned was being able to fix a VCR. I got the book, new, about this time last year.

210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210258 Nope: @when so heat up crock pot, put butter in, wait till it melts, put lots of sliced onions in, cook for 6 hours. Stir every 2

210288 zrj235: CHAPTER 3: Robot gets a cup of coffee. *MASSIVE EXPLOSION IN BACKGROUND* Robot puts fuckin sunglasses on, and slowly walks away. *FIN*

210316 zrj235: The lion was dead when i got there. i was just about to return his large-calibre rifle that i borrowed a week ago.

210323 Ulillillia: @dangerkeith3000 Only the good die young

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 DrinkMixMan: Never once in my life has somebody expected me to use a toilet brush at a public bathroom.
 Mr. Shine: This is a very aggressive Arby's bathroom.
 ChubbyBuddy: no, i prefer toilet paper
 addend: Yes, but now I have to go again.
 WaffleIron: Not on my teeth.
Image 159270   01-30-17   Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
 raditzu: Seems legit.
 Mad Collager: Well, I guess owners don't always end up looking like their dogs.
 wolfpk: If you are going to photo shop their arms, the leastg you could do is adjust the leash.
 Teechur: Magical leash walks the dog for you.
 Lestrange: Nice pomeranian but outstanding steroid abuse. Sorry about his dick though.
 SunWukong: I'm thinking he didn't look especially normal in the original.
 tritium: Something something arm day.
Image 159269   01-30-17   Uploaded by    Wumph Morms
 wolfpk: Don't you just hate laundry day? The only thing you have clean is something you never want to wear.
 whiplash: Miley Cyrus incognito.
 Ironass: Looks like the walk of shame.
 Lestrange: 'Madonna among the douches'.
 square44: @archanon too sick to put on shoes properly
 tritium: "You would too, if you had legs like these."
 archanon: Oh God! She's gonna hurl!
Image 159268   01-30-17   Uploaded by    Cory Trevor
 VoR: Trick! You hit the 1st one and jump the rest! so less sad.
 jazzjunkie: Damned if you do; damned if you don't.
 Mexico: It'll be even sicker with the trail of blood and guts.
Image 159267   01-30-17   Uploaded by    Pop That Ponzi
 Radstarboom: For sale, babies foot. Never used.
 Dick Inspector: That's pretty cool.
 VoR: Where's the ring for your hand ring?
 tritium: (goth intensifies)
 Skinr: The Corpse Bride?
Image 159266   01-30-17   Uploaded by    skittles
 ignatz: @jazzjunkie must be the shrunken neck..
 Side Boob: Nice couple
 jazzjunkie: I'm sure they're perfectly RAD people, but not sure why they hitched a ride on the Friendly Spaceship...
 AutoDisaster: Is that David Byrne?
 Mexico: They seem nice.
Image 159265   01-30-17   Uploaded by    Drunk Orc
 thebiglutovsky: Probably the only way to read your book without anyone trying to talk to you.
 wolfpk: The conclusion to the test was very clear. Sitting near high amounts of losed electricity will get you electrocuted .
 grizzly: Nerd!
 WaffleIron: @Nope : He was really into pigeons, so maybe that's why he wont turn it off?
 Nope: Tesla! Tesla! You turn that off right now! You are going to scare the cats!
Image 159264   01-30-17   Uploaded by    kensin
 tritium: @Peter Pantsless M'Leena
 Peter Pantsless: Okay now show two dudes dressed as Kitana and Mileena
Image 159263   01-30-17   Uploaded by    daisy picker
 Science: The crime isss life.The sssentenssse isss death!
 Radstarboom: Death is coming! Death is here.
 addend: Looks more like decay.
 Kim: Momento mori.
Image 159262   01-30-17   Uploaded by    namename
 jazzjunkie: @Kim Asexuality is greatly misunderstood. It has nothing to do with body dysmorphia, cannibalism, nor sexual reassignment. Whatever that kid from japan had going on, asexuality isn't what caused him to sever his reproductive organs and feed them to strangers.
 Kim: @jazzjunkie psh, what do you know? Fact check me.
 Mad Collager: They get bigger as you spread the butter!
 CapitalismMeow: But are they organic and non GMO?
 addend: @Kim What?!
 jazzjunkie: @Kim I don't think that word means what you think it means.
 Kim: A bargain! An asexual Asian chef served his up for $500 a plate.
 Peter Pantsless: I'll take the 71 gallon box, please
 Mexico: High in protein, low in fat, and delicious!
Image 159261   01-29-17   Uploaded by    taiko
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