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253971  White Rice: False. Fact: you can't get sick if you're dead.

253985  White Rice: @Sadbot @barfolomew people seem to think Star Wars was ever not campy & goofy, but that's a recent event (and only really in rogue one, which still had some humor tossed in with the war movie set in space). I also liked it, and am looking forward to everything else thats in the works (and even though the movie was less "origin" and more "here's a crazy thing that happened" Solo was alright)

253964  Scoo: Buckle up, Buttercup!

253968  Scoo: We need to talk about @Kevin II

253973  Scoo: Whert, whert in the Bert

253979  Scoo: Fuck off, Cis-th Lord!

253986  Scoo: Boop!

253987  Scoo: No, but I've left it on the top of my car and driven off...

253990  Scoo: Timely!

253992  Scoo: Well owl be damned

253961  tib gubb: this sign is positively spectacular

253971  tib gubb: no, no... without proof, that's an opinion

253973  tib gubb: lol-worthy

253978  tib gubb: statistics don't lie

253983  tib gubb: the cat is in charge, the soldier is just hired muscle

253985  Sadbot: @barfolomew I enjoyed it also. High five for not letting nostalgia create unrealistic expectations!

253969  Not A Bot: the cat not named Mint Rose. Pretty sure the cat's name is Mint Rose and the soap would smell as fishy as the packaging looks.

253988  sparename: "What do David Beckham and Ferrero Rocher have in common?" .. "They both come in posh boxes..."

253996  OldKentuckyShark: Oohhh, poor thing

253984  Sadbot: That is a belief, of sorts.

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253673 sporky: Don't look d.... too late

253831 Mad Collager: @a robot As others have said, protest. It may not seem like much, but it really can make a difference. Also, a fellow protestor told me to write letters to whatever shithead department is doing what angers you most. Not e-mails, but real, paper letters. She said they HAVE to respond to letters, and it slows them down, so they don't have as much time to do their shitty stuff.

253826 AlexDeLarge: Longcat's owner

253732 raditzu: What the hell do you want a virgin for? Have to teach her everything!

253899 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)

253709 FranzTrashka: Needs more coke

253751 redmonkey3: @dangerkeith3000 @DrNinjaman - yes! befuddle much much better... natures own pedo snuff film; great

253710 trelyate: well that's one way to prevent theft

253747 IKEA Lady: Improper handling aid

253792 Dick Inspector: Thanks for the dream candy

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 fanny: I can't even look at the color purple any more without thinking of the mascot!
 Butcherboy: Can we get a separate page for aggro fan art? Just like the top 50 page
 WaffleIron: @LaeMi : You have discovered the glitch in the matrix as well! You get plus.
 LaeMi: Don't tell me I have to go into work on my day off just to rad this again!
 Micro Jackson: Finally, a craft you can do with the whole family
 Mr. Butt: Samurai Mascot
 ignatz: Meshcot
Image 158604   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Spazstatic
 Thurb Grunombies: Except in the case of welding, impacts, clamping, rivets, me and your mom, etc...
 Micro Jackson: I am delicately connected to reality right now
Image 158603   01-26-17   Uploaded by    logan
 sparename: Apathy Ru
 Fancy Clown: @Peach He hit the reset button
 AverageJoe: @Peach the enemy died by himself. He was at jump distance trying to imput a fatality
 slurms: Certainly not high school.
 Peach: What about that time in Mortal Kombat, when the narrator yelled "FINISH HIM!", and you did?
 Micro Jackson: Meh, whatev
 ignatz: Well, you finished that spray can..
Image 158602   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 jochenau: Toxoplasmosis and salmonella: together at last
 Noremak: @Peach The Lusty Argonian
 Peach: My Khajiit married an Argonian too.
 mackdaddy: Cold-blooded killers of differing species, one literally and the other figuratively.
 PenguinBartender: Auto-rad for bearded dragon.
 Micro Jackson: Dreaming of little kitty alligator boots
 Lestrange: JubJub and MonMon
Image 158601   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 jochenau: @Spazstatic I thought Dougie-Chin's power was Congressman-level Jowltumors.
 Spazstatic: @Peach I thought Dougie-Chin's power was a butthole chin.
 Peach: Junior-Chin's "Iron-Chin" busts down walls, both figurative and literal.
 Peach: Dougie-Chin's "Sparkle-Chin" flashes bright lights to distract their foes.
 Peach: Mama-Chin's "Invisi-Chin" renders her chin invisible at will.
 Peach: Papa-Chin's "Bumper-Chin" bounces bullets back at their enemies.
 Peach: Each member of the Super-Chin family has a different chin-based super power that reflects their individual personality. From left to right:
 Micro Jackson: I wish my neighbourhood had tags this nice
Image 158600   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Father Goose
 funny in the wall: @I applaud your encyclopedic knowledge of TNG
 Sheikhjahbooty: @Warrax It was called a skint, and it was a perfectly acceptable uniform option for several species and genders.
 Warrax: @funny in the wall Man-skirts are the only thing anyone remembers from season 1.
 Scoo: @funny in the wall Season 1, episode is called "Conspiracy". Pretty gruesome all things considered, especially by Star Trek standards.
 funny in the wall: @Scoo I do not remember that episode. I guess it is time to watch it again
 Knice: Don't let the breadbugs bite!
 Scoo: These are the things that burst out of that one dude on ST:TNG when they exploded his chest with a phaser.
Image 158599   01-26-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 tritium: @fanny That's what makes this world wonderful -- our diversity of opinions regarding pumpkin tats.
 fanny: @tritium funny, i was thinking just the opposite!
 XLY: That's pretty okay, but i don't know its the most okay like, ever.
 WTF: This is okay.
 Mr. Butt: Better than my sister, tbh.
 tritium: Sweet pumpkin tat.
 Scoo: Mine is okayer
Image 158598   01-26-17   Uploaded by    boozer
 Dresdenkeogh: @Wooden Spoon they're vampires done so very right. Not safe for kids.
 Wooden Spoon: @Dresdenkeogh: thank you. I just bookmarked "Necroscope" I already have all of Butcher's books. If you like both I bet I'll like both.
 Wooden Spoon: He really looks like he's thinking about what he's done.
 Dresdenkeogh: @Fancy Clown they're my favorite literary Harrys. From Dresden files and the necroscope books
 Fancy Clown: @Dresdenkeogh Where did you get your username from by the way?
 Fancy Clown: @Dresdenkeogh I don't remember that from the Flintstones
 slurms: John Grisham looms contemplatively out of frame.
 petepuma: This is almost as bad as that episode of CHiPs with the chimpanzee
 Starky15: That's a hell of a stool pigeon
 Micro Jackson: But officer, I was only carrying the baby to its mommy!
 Lestrange: Pelican't any more
 Scoo: Peli-con
 Dresdenkeogh: Picked up for soliciting, suspect was read his rights and replied "BWAAAAAKK IT'S A LIVING"
Image 158597   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Sheikhjahbooty: Even hillbillies like to enclose the largest possible volume with a limited amount of building material.
 Micro Jackson: Hut de Jabba
 tritium: R. Buckminster Fullerhorn.
Image 158596   01-26-17   Uploaded by    RogueLeader
 Annoying Vegan : Nice thigh gap
 Warrax: DLC getting out of control.
 tritium: What the FUCK, James.
 Amy Housewine: They're never that old.
 Scoo: Never skip above-the-waist day
Image 158595   01-26-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
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