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262521  Felicity: That's a tot ology

262522  Felicity: INEWARHOL?

262536  Felicity: Dietary restrictions dictate you must eat six or more people? Add 20 percent

262538  Felicity: Ben Franklin's friendship bracelet

262581  Zarathustra: @Barm Albongo so that's why there's so many oversized pickups in Texas?

262549  AdaMan: I support this

262571  AdaMan: That wouldnt stop me

262525  jazzjunkie: I need dis

262577  Teechur: Captain Americorg

262578  tib gubb: nice kitty... look, i have salmon!

262539  jazzjunkie: Apparently it's a Swedish ad campaign for some amusement park, but man. This is some high-octane dream candy!

262558  tib gubb: it's actually because you're fat there, champ

262575  tib gubb: little hellraisers

262575  White Rice: So, my current game on here is "spot @Not a Bot" (which is only a game due to the shifting red names we all have currently). Anyway, Im officially guessing the first comment on this image (regarding hotdogs & being lady like) is Not a Bot.

262574  Sadbot: 4-door Jeeps are for people who think they're too cool for mini-vans. Spoiler: they are not.

262539  jazzjunkie: Download The Laughing app for your smartphone? This is some dark shit O.o

262493  Amy Housewine: @Beft Flumumple YES WE CAN

262550  lecj07: Don't think he can pull of pink Chanel though.

262560  lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262589  A duck: Is it me, or the dog to the right looks mutated?

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262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262560 lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

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 Milm Grunombies: Alive
 Theng Grunungus: Roger Klotz?
 Thort Flumombies: WILSONNNNN
 Jaft Cremongo: Stop being so cilia! It's obviously a paramecium.
 Trirbo Dampupert: A moldy pea?
 Trurt Drumungo: A surprised skeleton?
 Pomp Cremombies: "BIGGER!"
 Pople Grongus: A conker with a Mohawk.
 Purbo Dampumbies: A power outlet.
 Crurb Horpopert: An anthropomorphic badminton ball upside-down.
 Frempo Plungus: A sprouty potato
 Dirt Flumomple: A cool grape
 Geld Cremupert: Fido Dido
Image 156067   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Flawn Drumupert
 Trarbo Grunomple: "I buried your keyboard plhbbbbbbp !"
 Jalm Albupert: The thousand-tundra stare.
 Dirm Flumongus: Husky has seen some shit.
 Mold Grungus: That does not look like a bright dog.
 Rort Albopert: Pull out the power cable and go for a coffee
 Relm Albungo: Constipated AF
 Hiple Dampungus: Give it a minute, and if nothing changes hit CTRL-ALT-DEL
 Hulm Drumumbies: derp
Image 156066   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Golm Plemopert
 Flingo Ploble: @Peter Pantsless "Whoaaa, I'm halfway there / whooaa-oh! my lower half is bare."
 Gump Horpungus: Yet all dictators wear clothes. Conclusion? Even despots aren't free in their own totalitarian state.
 Mewn Plomple: That's what I tried to explain to the cop, but she wasn't buying it
 Crongo Grunombies: He appeals to my core values.
 Flift Grupert: MUST RAD ZORAK.
 Dort Dampombies: My nudity levels just feel from 100% to 0%.
 Gurm Morpongus: But it takes some repression to make it so much fun.
 Flirb Brombies: I am halfway free
Image 156065   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Thirm Plemungo
 Flurt Groble: Me too, ugly little rat dog, me too
 Memp Morpungo: Damn right
 Thump Flongo: Aww, they cropped his little fedora out of the picture.
 Trang Grumple: Same.
 Lorbo Drumoble: Please pick up after your little apostate.
 Pelm Dampungus: my dog used to chase and bark at the holy spirits from the park
 Humpo Plumbies: @LaeMi But I thought that all dogs go to Heaven
 Vampo Horpuble: That's pretty easy when you don't have an immortal soul to worry about.
Image 156064   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Darm Flumumbies
 Hump Flongus: The new Lonely Island short is gonna be RAD!
 Dert Dampupert: Meanwhile, at Russian ski area in the summer...
 Rirb Dampuble: "Man, that thing's gotta weigh at least 5 ppbs." "Parts per billion?" "No, @Peter Pantsless butts."
 Hurbo Bromple: @LaeMi Frankly, the bird has a right to.
 Vung Plombies: @whiplash And a belt, while you're at it!
 Mungo Rempuble: Fly my noble bird, catch me some shoes this time!
 Juwn Flumple: Shiva Fucking Hephaestus that's a big bird. Its wings are longer than my arms and it probably weighs as much as five of my butts.
 Crango Flumongo: After the blinders were removed. the falcon savagely attacked his hat.
Image 156063   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Bumpo Cremungus
 Dampo Brupert: "Use the crossing, jerk!"
 Lango Horpupert: @whiplash Better send out the lions to bring it back.
 Volm Drumomple: Mom, the zebra's loose again!
 Perbo Drumopert: The continuing education program on the spaceship: "f/a/i/l" becomes not good my friend.
 Baple Plemopert: Total camouflage not good my friend.
 Trong Horpongo: Zebra crossing.
 Morbo Dampumbies: When you hear hoofbeats behind you, think horses, not zebras. Thanks a lot, Occam's razor.
Image 156062   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Himp Rempongus
 Juwn Flumumple: Kicked by a mule, eyes go crossed
 Flaft Albumple: "These people had sex. What's your problem?"
 Hango Brungus: The only photo Bubbles has of his parents.
 Cring Brongo: I bet they fark'n love kitty cats!
 Gild Rempopert: So hard nowadays to distinguish between inbreeding and rampant hipsterism...
 Rarbo Drumungo: It's sweet, they are so nearsighted they can only see the one they love. 3
 Traple Rempungo: I have the same corduroy jacket.
 Meng Floble: " # AAaaaaamm my owwn Granndpa! # "
 Flampo Horpumbies: I bet she's rather pretty without those glasses.
 Pople Grunongus: They met at the optometrist's office. It was love at first sight, in a manner of speaking.
 Dung Plemumple: Cruel.
Image 156061   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Thart Gropert
 Viple Grunupert: That I believe is a blue heron. Talk about throwbacks.
 Pirt Flumoble: Run for your lives, IT's coming!
 Lolm Brombies: @LaeMi I know you're joking but PSA time: don't do this. Your goddamn motorboat is causing enough trouble. Don't steal babies for your fucking facebook feed
 Raft Grunopert: @Peter Pantsless - we don't have a photo of it's mummy arriving as there were no human survivors.
 Reft Dampuble: Jurassic Park had to start somewhere. /joke. Now that that's over, that thing is clearly screaming for its mommy.
Image 156060   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Cruld Grombies
 Pungo Flumumbies: RIP Oscar The Grouch
 Thawn Dampumbies: AWW.
 Girb Drumopert: 4/10, 2skinny4me
 Vift Rempumple: I'm a little cutie, sweet but dull. Here is my femur, here is my skull. If I seem too spoopy, don't you shout. Just doot me over and throw me out.
 Bawn Flumupert: A cutie dootie.
Image 156059   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Hang Gropert
 Fralm Dampongus: The mandala of the Cadbury Lama.
 Mamp Broble: The colours of a diabetic coma
Image 156058   01-13-17   Uploaded by    Gengo Plemombies
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